MIT 822: Augmented Reality by Sam Nelson -
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MIT 822: Augmented Reality

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What is Augmented Reality?


According to the article “What is Augmented Reality?” the definition is “Augmented Reality is defined as the technology and methods that allow overlaying of real-world objects and environments with 3D virtual objects using an AR device, and allow the virtual to interact with the real-world objects to create intended meanings” (2022).

MIT 822: Augmented Reality by Sam Nelson -

What Does Augmented Reality Do?


Augmented reality enhances one’s experience in what they are doing. It delivers visual, sound, and sensory elements to the user through the chosen device (phone, tablet, etc.). This gives the user an experience where the elements come together to alter the user’s perception of the real world.

MIT 822: Augmented Reality by Sam Nelson -

Benefits of AR in the Classroom


  1. Student Engagement and Interest – AR is very hands on and very cool to experience, which causes students to be more engaged and interested in what they are learning.
  2. Content Understanding – AR provides opportunities to immerse and engage students in their learning, which therefore helps students with overall content understanding.
  3. Collaboration – AR provides a lot of opportunities to collaborate in groups as it is digital and easily shared.
  4. Cost Effective – AR is starting to pop up more and more on smartphones and tablets, which is making the use of it much more cost effective and easily accessible in the classroom.
MIT 822: Augmented Reality by Sam Nelson -



Assemblr has content from various fields and provides the opportunity for students to learn through fun and engaging visuals. It is also an app on the phone, which provides easy access in the classroom.


Google Lens


Google Lens does a lot. Google Lens can be downloaded on your smartphone and can be used to help with homework answers, identify plants and animals, etc. Particularly in the classroom, Google Lens could be beneficial in a science lesson where students are learning about plants and animals.




JigSpace is a 3D knowledge sharing platform that makes it easy to create things. Like many others, JigSpace is available to download as an app on the phone or tablet, which makes it easy to use in the classroom. One way this could be used in the classroom is to have students create something on their own or in a group related to content that is being taught.


Math Ninja AR


Math Ninja AR has students practice math facts while guiding them through an different reality where they must physically move around to find the answer. While my students may be a little old for this, I get many kids who do not know their basic math facts. I think this would be a great way to get younger kids to practice math in a fun and engaging way.


Augmented Classroom


Augmented Classroom can be used to facilitate interactive lessons in a 3D augmented environment. It is available on mobile devices, laptops, Chromebooks, and touchboards. There are plenty of fun immersive activities and games that students can work on that are also aligned to curriculum standards.


ISTE Standards


Since I have never seen any of the teachers at my school use augmented reality, I think it would be a cool thing for me to try out. Then, I could share my findings with others and show my colleagues how to use AR in their classrooms as well (ISTE, 2.2.c, 2017).


Using technology like the various AR apps creates personal learning experiences where students can learn independently or with others (ISTE, 2.5.a, 2017).




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