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Modernised Fairytales 2°9

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Once upon a time, there was a girl who was called the Big Red Riding Hood. This young girl was the biggest and the tallest girl anyone ever saw. What a tall she was ! Every day, this girl wore a beautiful red coat.

One day, like all other sundays, her mother asked her to visit her grandmother. The girl was unhappy to be forced to go out, she wanted to watch Netflix on her phone.

On the way, the girl was listening music on her phone when, suddenly, she saw a wolf who was crying and went to speak with him.

“- Why are you crying ?! You make so much noise ! said the Big Red Riding Hood.

– I’m lost ! I don’t know where my parents are… answered the little wolf.

– Oh… What’s your name, honey ?

– My name is Bryan. smiled the young wolf.

– Ok, come with me Bryan, I will help you find your parents.”

The Big Red Riding Hood took the little boy’s hand and went to her grandmother’s house. She said to the little wolf to sleep and she went in her grandmother’s bedroom.

“- Hi grandma’ ! said the girl.

– Oh ! Darling ! How are you ? How pretty you look !

– I’m fine, what about you ? Smiled the Big Red Riding Hood.

– Me too… I’m so happy to see you again !

– I’m too… and… I have a surprise !

– What is your surprise ? I hate when you spent your money for me !

– Don’t worry about that ! Wolf is your favorite food, no ?.. asked the Big Red Riding Hood.

– Yes, Why ?”

The Big Red Riding Hood smiled and went in the other bedroom, where the young wolf was sleeping on the Red Coat? She took a knife and killed the wolf.

For lunch, the Big Red Riding Hood and her grandmother ate the wolf. Nowyou know why the Big Red Riding Hood’s coat is red.

Moral : You shouldn’t follow a stranger, even if it’s an adult.

Modernised Fairytales 2°9 by Mrs English -

Little Red Riding Hood and the nice Wolf


Once upon a time, there lived the prettiest girl but also the wickest, named Little Red Riding Hood. With her beautiful blue eyes and her long hair, she inspired trust. In the woods lived a wolf. He was ugly, like a villain , but in reality it’s was a nice wolf.

One day, Little Red Riding Hood want to see her grandmother who lived in the woods. Suddenly, she saw a wolf who was lying against a rock. He was hungry and sad. The young girl decided to go see the beast.
« -Hello the wolf. What a little body you are!
-Yes I know, replied the wolf, I trying to become vegetarian.
-But it’s good, so how sad you are!, asked Little Red Riding Hood.
-Because I can’t to eat vegetables or fruits.
-Do you want my help? Asked the girl.
-Of course!, said the wolf. »
The young girl searched, in her basket, diferents vegetables like the carrots, onions… but also fruits like apple or raspberry. The wolf ate the food but he hated that. Little Red Riding Hood proposed to the wolf, to go in her grandmother to eat the real small dishes.

When they arrived in the house, the grandmother was, already, preparing the diner. Little Red Riding Hood showed the home of the wolf and she asked him to wait on the sofa, just the time that she said to her grandmother that she camed prepare another dishes, with the vegetables in her basket. Little Red Riding Hood and her grand mother ate the steacks and the wolf ate a gratin of potatos. The diner was good with the smile to all and the wolf maneshed to eat vegetables.
But suddenly, the wolf was sick, and he went to sleep on a sofa, where he doesn’t woke up. The wolf was dead, Little Red Ridding Hood had given poison to the wolf, who was nice.

Moral : You shouldn’t trust anyone, someone you are betrayed


Modernised Fairytales 2°9 by Mrs English -


Little Fish

Once upon a time, there lived le most courageous mermaid of the sea, the seventh princess of the sea, Ariel. She was very curious about the earth and the human world, she was always exploring the deep sea to find human stuff.

One day; she was approaching the beach of Miami when she saw a surfer. The wave was too dangerous and the fell in the water. Ariel saved him and took him to a wild bay. She was starting to sing when the surfer open his eyes. Ariel returned fast as she could to the water and escaped.

She was always thinking about the surfer, she wanted to be with him, but she was a mermaid and him a human…

Suddenly, the scariest witch of the sea, Ursula, introduced herself to Ariel. She said to her that she could make her a human for 3 days. Ariel accepted to sign a contract with the witch : Ariel gave her voice to receive legs and feet.

Ariel heard a male voice, she woke up instantly and hit the boy with her head. She wanted to apologize, but no sound, she didn’t have voice. The surfer was here, in the wild bay. He took Ariel out and made her visit the city. Ariel was enjoyed that moment, and took care about her felt, she was in love.

They spend two days together, to surf, shop, and more. But, the third day, the last in a human body for Ariel, she forgot she must return to the sea. She was at the surfer flat, she was making a hairdress with a fork when the Ursula’s curse took end : Ariel became a little red fish.

The surfer said “What a cute girl you were ! But I can’t marry a fish…”. He put her in his aquarium and thought “How poor she is ! You were better in the sea…”

MORAL : You shouldn’t forget important things, you may have problem.

Modernised Fairytales 2°9 by Mrs English -

               Little red riding hood in New York.


Once upon a time, there was the cutest wolf of New York, indeed there wasn’t many wolves in New York but he was really cute, generous and always happy. One day, during this nice year of 2016, our wolf was walking to saw his grandmother who lived on the other side of Central Park than our wolf lived. When he was walking the wolf said: “How beautiful is this place during this amazing season!”. It was true that this autumn was really nice. But when he was thought, a strange little who was hidden under a tree arrived in front of our wolf. She asked “How cute you are! Where did you go my friend?”. The wolf replied “I’m going to see my grandmother, but a little girl habitually does not speak to wolves… and your clothes hurt my eyes, why all red?”. And the little girl laughed “I’m so sorry, I’m leaving now.”. After this interruption, the wolf arrived fastly to his grandmother’s house. But the thing he does not know was that the little was faster. He entered and saw his grandmother in her bedroom. She called him with a strange shrill voice “Come on my lovely child. Come on near me.”. He approached and said surprised “What a strange voice you have grandma! Are you sick?”. And she replied “Yes a little, thank you for your concern”. And the wolf, without any mistrust said “It’s normal grandma but, with all the respect I have for you, what horrible red clothes you have!”. On this word, he saw the little girl’s basket on the nightstand. But it was too late, the grandma, or more the little girl took the gun she had hidden after killing the wolf’s real grandma and she killed our cute wolf. After she gave the two wolves’ heads to the gardener of the park who gave her 200$. The moral is to always remind that the people’s first appearance is not their real personality, so be careful.


the little thief
Once upon a time, there lived the most beautiful girl of the United States. Her name was Monica, she lived in New-York City.

One day, like every week, she went to the grandmother’s house, in Manhattan. Monica brought a cake. Her grandmother was the oldest and the richest woman of the city. She lived lonely with her dog. the women talked for many hours but Monica was not kind with the old woman:

“ What an old woman you are ! “

“ Yes Monica” replied the grandmother “ I will be dead in this year”.

At this time Monica smiled.

When, Monica went to the kitchen the old woman was lonely, she was beginning to fall asleep.

Suddenly, Monica came in the living room with a knife in her left hand.

When, she was next to her grandmother, to kill her for her money, the kind dog began to eat the Monica’s leg.

Monica cried, so she woke up her grandmother .

The dog saved the life of the woman : “ what a great dog you are !”

After this day Monica never saw her grandmother again.

The dog and the old woman lived happily ever after.

moral : You shouldn’t be interested by someone for their money .


Modernised Fairytales 2°9 by Mrs English -
  1. Jai The Little Mermaid and the Wicked Mother


Once upon a time, in San Francisco, there lived the most marvellous man named Eric. He lived with his mother, Ursula, and his dog. Ursula was the most wicked woman of all time.

One day, Eric was going on the beach with his dog because he was afraid of his mother. His dog went in the water too far for Eric to search it.

Suddenly, Ursula came and put the head of the dog under water. Eric couldn’t do anything. But a young mermaid took the dog and fought Ursula. The young mermaid let the dog go to Eric :

– « Hello ! I give you your pretty dog, said the mermaid.

-Oh, thank you so much … ?

-My name is Ariel and you ? asked Ariel.

-I’m Eric. How fast and strong you are !

-Oh ! Thank you Eric. And you ! What a beautiful voice        you have ! laughted Ariel. »

The two young peoples spoke for a long time and they kissed. They were don’t hearing speak of Ursula and they lived happily for ever after.


You shouldn’t be bad with your son because it can backfire against you.

Modernised Fairytales 2°9 by Mrs English -

Little Red Riding Hood and the Gingerbread House


Once upon a time, there was a little girl who had a red cap. She lived in a little village near the wood with her parents, the little was kind, a bit naive, and the prettiest in the village. She was always wearing a red cap that everyone called her Little Red Riding Hood (LRRH). One day, her mother said :

« Darling ?

– Yes mom ?

– Your grandma is sick so, please, go visit her and bring those biscuits and this pot of butter, you have to go into the woods and tto be there before the night.

-Yes mom, I will do it.

-Oh, a last thing, don’t forget to take the phone and be careful of whitches !

-O.K. »

So, LRRH went into the woods with her basket and some food without forgetting her phone. She was walking for ten minutes when she saw a pretty house made of candies, LRRH were taking candy when she saw a wolf. The wolf came to her and said : «

«Hi girl ! What a nice cap you’ve here !

-Thanks, that’s my grandma who made that.

-Ow ?! Really ? And where is your grandma’s house ?

– Well, in the woods, near a lake.

-Ow ! Cool. »

The two people were eating the gingerbread house when a wihtch came and said :

« Hey !!! Do not eat my house !!!

-We’re sorry, what a nice house you have here !

-I will give you a curse !!!


-It’s done !!! I swatch your personnalities ! »

After crying, the new LRRH who had a new appearance, so, she said goodbye to the wolf and went with the basket into the grandma’s house. Arrived there, she saw, threw the window, the wolf who was talking with her grandma and pretending that she saw a wolf, she decide to called the police with her phone to break the curse and to ask some help. A few weeks later, she learnt that the wolf were gonna eat her grandma, the police finally arrested the wolf, the curse was broken, a month later after this story, she was the most popular girl of the village. She never went back in the woods, even if there are pretty houses and flowers. She lived with her parents happily ever after.

You should never eat a gingerbread house, that’s very important.

Modernised Fairytales 2°9 by Mrs English -

Little Red Riding Hood

and the last ray of sun.



Once upon a time there lived most prettiest girl of the city, her name, The Little Red Riding Hood.

One day, she went to her grand mama’s house. On the road, on Time Square in New-York, she met the most beautiful wolf of the wood. He was on his car but the car stopped. Little Red Riding Hood stopped her car to go see the Wolf. He told his story:

“-I have a curse, each people that I love, I eat them. I ate your grand mama because I loved her. What eyes wonderful you have! Like your grand mama.

-You know, I affected by a curse too. If you want to free me of my curse, you will dance with me a waltz the night of the 31 July before midnight.

-I would do my best to free you because I ate your grand mama. But before, I want to invite you to a restaurant.

-How great soul you are!”


Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf went to the greatest restaurant of the United States of America: MacDonald in Time Square. The evening was extraordinary when the last ray of the sun disappeared. Little Red Riding screamed. She transformed into a horrible yellow monster. The wolf understood that it was urgent to break the curse. So he ran at an underground to go to a school of dance because he didn’t knew how to dance.


At the end of a week, the wolf knew how to dance, so he I invited Little Red Riding Hood on a ball the 31 July. The ball was in the greatest bar of New-York: The chicken bar. Little Red Riding hood was the yellow monster because it was night. They danced until midnight. When the cloke struck twelve, Little Red Riding Hood in the monster flew in the air and she transformed in Little Red Riding Hood for ever. But the wolf was in love, so he ran and ate her.

He lived unhappily ever after.


You should not ask a help to a stranger because you don’t know who he is.


Once upon a time, in a forest of Scotland, there was a clan of wolves. They was strong and brave, but, the strongest was the chief, his name was BigB the wolf : the big bad wolf. All of his life, he protected his family from the human lords. Each years, the human lords came for hunt and kill with theres dogs and theres rifles. And this day was the day. All the wolves were afraid. The females ran away with the children. The males were prepared to fight. No noise, no breath… only fear.

Suddenly, a bullet was shoted, a shout was pushed, a dog ran.

BigB gave the order for the attack. All the wolves were running to the lords when a bullrt youched rhe head of an old wolf. That was the first blood but not the last.

A young wolf smelt the fear into his body. He had bo courage to fight, he was thinking « I can’t survive this battle, I wan’t to live more ». He ran away.

For one hour he ran in the woods. He heard the hunter and the dogs behind him. He found a house. He entered into it and he saw an old lady who didn’t saw him. He cut her throat and took her dress. He hid the body and entered in her bed.

He was. Suddenly, a waoman entered, she had a red hood and a hunting rifle.

“Hello grandma, I was next to at your house, well, i’ll say to me: I can make a visite to my grandma.

Ho! Well… hello my… grand daughter. What are you doing here?”

The wolfe was afraid.

“Well, said the lady, I was hunting wolves, but too many escaped.. and they killed all of our dogs. I’m disgust.

But? Whar great big eyes you have grandma!


Oh! It’s… It’s for better see you any.


And what great big fur you have!


When the lady killed the wolf, he understood he should not run away his group. He die with shame and pain.

You should always follow your friends when you are in danger.

Modernised Fairytales 2°9 by Mrs English -

Little Thumb of San Francisco


Once upon a time, there lived in San Francisco, a poor fmily. The parents had six boys. The youngest boy was the smartest and littlest boy, his name was Little Thumb.

One night, Little Thumb was hiding under a chair when he heard his prents speak.
“Oh darling,how very poor we were!” exclaimed the mother.

“Yes I know, we can’t feed boys” replied the father.

“We will bring the boys in Golden Gates Park and lost them”.

When Little Thumb heard his mother sid, he was scaring. His parents went to bed and Little Thumb was thinking about a idea for his brothers and him. Three days later the parents brought their children in Golden Gates Park. The boys were very happy and played football with an old ball during the afternoon. Little Thumb who didn’t know anything about San Francisco, he had brought a GPS. He hid this under his t-shirt. When the night came, the parents went back home without their children. The boys were staying in Goden Gates Park when they realized their parents weren’t here and they began to cry. LIttle Thumb stayed calm and was thinking about a plan. He took the GPS and turned on. He write a parents address and called his brothers. The boys followed Little Thumb and the children began to come back home.

Suddenly an Ogre appared  to front of them and called them.

“Oh! How pretties children I have! I can ate them”, said the Ogre to himself. “Hello”, exclaimed the Ogre.

The boys thought it was the most horrible and the ugliest age they ever saw.
“Hello sir”, spoke Little Thumb ” We are lost and we need help please”.
“Oh,I can help you if you want”, repleid the Ogre.
“Thank you, we are searching this address”, Little Thumb showed th GPS.
“I know, where is it, I can bring you here”.
“Very thank sir, very thank you”.

But the Ogre didn’t bring the boys to their parent’s home. He brought the boys to Alcatraz.


You should never trust strangers.







Modernised Fairytales 2°9 by Mrs English -

Once upon a time, there was in a wonderful kingdom the birthday of little girl, she wasn’t just a little girl, she was the new princess. Her name was Aurora and for this special, her parents ask all the fairies of the country to come give their gifts to the princess. But one fairie had been forgot and she promised to took her revenge, she said that for the seventen birthday of Aurora she would fall asleep for an eternity. Aurora grow up and learnt so much things, she was the bravest and nicest princess we had ever seen.

One day, he mom explained to her, that a spell had been throught on her when she was young. The princess tried everything but all the fairies that she met explaines to her that it was impossible for them to help her. Not everybody born princess or fairie. Aurora was born princess, not fairie, so she learnt everything about secret potion and spell. Instead the bad fairie who had been forgot for Aurora bitrthday’s trie every year to delete the spell that she had trought because she realized that she had been wicked.n Maleficient was her name, she watched Aurora grow up and took care of her secretly, she saw the princess leanr about her spell and tried to took her revenge. When Maleficient trought her spell, she had said that only a true loved kiss will make the princess wake up. At this moment Maleficient doesn’t believe in true love. She spent her time trying to choose the right moment to talk to Aurora. One month after Aurora discoverd about the spell, she went to the forest on her horse trying to find a solution. She had tried everything but maybe she was the bravest princess, Aurora was not the smartest. She decided to found Malficient by herself. It was a beautiful day of October, the sky was shining and the green trees turned to orange. Tomorrow, it would be Aurora birthday. In the afternoon, Aurora finally found Maleficient house’s, it was a cute cottage hided by four big trees. She knocked to the door but nobody answered. After a long time, the princess came in, she just found a kitchen, a bed and a bathroom. Maleficient was gone for the afternoon, she left the after she gived a message. The next day, when Maleficient came back, she found on her mirror a litlle message wrote with red jellylike blood : « I will find you and I will kill you ! »

Todya, it was the birthday of the princess, Maleficient put a spell on her physical apparence and went to the castle. Everybody was celebrything this wonderful day. She found the princess in the garden, and in her real apparence, she came to her.

« You asked for me, I’m here ! »

« Maleficient is it you ? »

« Yes it’s me my dear, I’ve put a spell on you, few years ago, and I’m really… »

« How can you do that to me ? »

«I’m sorry, I can save you, you just have to… »

And before she can explain, Aurora took her little weapon, gived by her dad when she was young and kill’s Maleficient. The body of the fairie turned into a beautiful rose, the princess took the flower in her hands and hurt herself with the torns, she fall asleep for a eternity and no one came to save the princess and the castle.

« Sometime you should let people talk before acting, it can save lives »


Modernised Fairytales 2°9 by Mrs English -

Snow White and the 3 Drawfs

Once upon a time, a young girl was called, Snow White. She lived with her 3 drawfs : Sneezy, Doc and Grumpy in a forest.

One day Snow White went in the forest . She met an old girl and said :

« Hello Miss, are you ok ? Why are you here ? You are lost ? »

« No, thanks you ! I was looking you ! »

« Oh, ok and ? »

« Do you want a bagel ? It’s very delicious and sweet ! »

« Hmmm…Yes why not ? »

Suddenly Snow White fell an the apples and a old girl went to the forest.

But a few minutes later the 3 drawfs were upset ! With chance ! Snow White had taken a phone and the 3 drawfs could localise Snow White.

When the 3 drawfs arrived, they looked at the Earth and watching Snow White. Doc took the medical objects.After a few hours Snow White woke up and explicated the 3 drawfs that sh was sleeping.After a few months Snow White and the 3 drawfs were happily.

There lived happily ever after this story.

You should never think at the first impression !

Modernised Fairytales 2°9 by Mrs English -
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