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My book report

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Percy Jackson is almost six-teen and when he will have six-teen, he will make a decision that will save or destroy the world. Percy is a demigod, his father is Poseidon the God of sea, and his mother is Sally Jackson she is humen.

When the evil Titan Kronos is trying to destroy Olympos, Percy and his demigod friends from the Half-Blood camp will have to go to war. They are not strong enough because all of the gods are fighting against Typhon so Percy will have to swim in River Styx, like Acilles did, to make his body invulnerable except one small chosen part of his body. will Percy will save the world? Or will he destroy it?


Percy Jackson is the son of Posiedon and the main character in the story.The powers he inherited from his father are controlling water, making hurricanes, breathing underwater and talking to horses and sea monsters. He is also a very good swordsman.Percy is very brave and a loyal friend.

Annabeth Chase is Percy’s closest friend and the daughter of the goddes Athena.Her fatal flaw is habris. Annabeth runs away from her father and stepfamily at the age of seven and meet two other demigods, Luke Castellan and Thalia Grace.

Grover Underwood is the best friend of Percy and a satyr. Grover is a very sensitive person, concerned about the safety of nature and nature spirits, and like all satyrs he can sense the emotions of others around him and smell monsters and demigods.


 The most interesting part of the book was when Luke died:”When I opened my eyes, I saw Luke sprawled at the hearth.”

I liked the ending very mach Because every time Percy is leaving the Half-Blood camp, he miss it. This time he was completely happy and didn’t look back.


Dear Rick Riordan,

I would like to tell you that your book “Percy Jackson and the last olympian” was one of the best books that I have ever read. In the book there is a lot of mystery and action but there are love and humor as well.

when they are all combined a wonderful book is created. Thank to this book I have learned a lot about the Greek mythology, and what I havn’t learned, I have searched on the internet. I have read all of your books on the Greek mythology and then all of the books on the Egyptian mythology. I also read all your childrens books that I could get. Because of your books I started reading at all. Therefore, I want to thank you  for making my childhood wonderful and I hope you will continue writing books that teenagers will love to read.

Ido Srulovitch


I have really enjoyed reading this book because it was very interesting and cool. it is the first time I read a full book in English.

I didn’t enjoyed working on the digital book because much of my work has deleted a lot of times and I had to start it over and over again.



In the song “Waiting for love” of Avicii, the ditty tells us that somone leaved the “hero” of the song, and this is connected to Orpheus because his wife died and leaved him to.



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