My Family Tree by Sara Bronshtein Kuzi -
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My Family Tree

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Family dish- grandfather’s cake

In my mother’s family there is one dish that i love very much. It’s called “grandfather’s cake”. The recipe came from my great grandfather. We make this cake almost every holiday or birthday.

The cake made from two layers: one of chocolate, and the second of vanilla and between them vanilla foam.

I choose this cake because I like very much eat it in most of holidays and birthdays, since I was little child. Also I like to make this cake with my mother.

{the picture is’nt  “grandfather’s cake”, we don’t have a photo, so I look for one in the internet and this was the closer to  “grandfather’s cake”}

{the picture is

Special story- my first word

When I ask my mother about story that everybody remembers, she said, your first word:” One time, when Sara was almost 2 years and don’t knew to talk, she sat in the corner, and her grandmother came and start to talk to her, Sara said her “attain”, it was a twisted word to “achtain”, that maen in russian “leave me alone”. Grandmother tell the story to everyone from my side in the family, that don’t was present in the occasion, now everybody remember her first word. Also it was one sign for her independence.

My Family Tree by Sara Bronshtein Kuzi -

Family member- mother

I chose my mother, Anna, because I very attached to her since the childhood, and we have a lot in common, and I love to spend a lot time with her.  Some people say I look like my mother and act like her.

picture from our trip to finland



My mother was born on 5.4.1970, in Mogilov, The former Soviet Union.

For fun, she and her friends or her siblings went to the cinema. She also liked to be in the field and pick up flowers. Somtimes she went to the forest pick up mushrooms and berries.

In the winter she liked to do ski with her friends.

In her free time she also liked to read books, fish and play a violin, like in the picture.




My Family Tree by Sara Bronshtein Kuzi -

My mom told me that the world was very different in the past. There were no phones, if you wanted to call your friend you went to their home, also their parents can’t know exactly where are their children.

In Russia that time, my mom dosen’t knew what computer is, and they learn a little about it, and only when she came to Israel, she saw one. When she still was in Russia, there were not much cars, and today, much times more cars.

Also the food was different, the milk and other drink was in glass bottels. They made food at home like pickled vegetables and jam, that today we buy in the supermarket.


My Family Tree by Sara Bronshtein Kuzi -

Interview with my mom 

The first time she was at home alone:

-” I didn’t was at home alone much times. most of the time, I was with my brother at home, or went out with my parents. I was around 14 years old when I was at home alone, but I don’t really remember what happend”.

How it was to live at her home town, Mogilov:

-“It was very good and nice to live in Mogilov. I liked my school and my classmate. I liked a lot our summer house, where my family spend most of the summer.  I lived in Mogilov the most of my chidhood, and it is many memeries.

My Family Tree by Sara Bronshtein Kuzi -
My Family Tree by Sara Bronshtein Kuzi -
This free e-book was created with

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