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My holiday

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Hello my name is Belçim. Today I will talk about my favorite holiday.

My favorite holiday passed in 2022. First we went to Erzincan with my family. I met my friends. We spent time with my best friends Elif and Royem. My best day with them was the day we went to the amusement park. First we went to the cinema and we watched movies. Then we got very angry and we ate pizza.      Third, we went to amusemet park,we had so much fun. We walked a little more and went home.

Sometimes I jumped on the trampoline in the garden with my friend. We stayed in Erzincan for 1 weeks.


   I usually spent time with my cousins ​​in Erzincan. We had so much fun. I usually spent time with my cousins ​​in Erzincan.

Sometimes we used to light a fire outside and chat with my cousins. 

   In the evenings, we would meet my friends in the park, chat and play games. We usually used to chat. I used to skate and skateboard with Royem and Elif and sometimes we used to ride bikes but mostly we played volleyboll.

   My friend had a birthday and we had party. We had so much fun that day. My friend was very happy. I bought clothes and perfume for her. Because she loves clothes and parfume.



We made a zibline with my cousins. it was very fun but it was scary because very high. Water was running under it and the rope was too long. Our parents were with us. We had a lot of fun and a lot of pictures.

   I have a dog in erzincan. Dog’s name is Pasu. Feeding Pasu with my friend. But we feed outside. We feed Pasu and other dogs every day. We love dogs. Sometimes we used to dress the dogs in clothes. Sometimes we picnic with my friends and the dogs would come with us

My holiday by belçim -

Then I went to Balıkesir with my brother. I have cousins ​​in Balıkesir. We went to them. Vacationed with my cousins. We had a lot of fun and good days. We usually swam in the pool. We sometimes went to the sea. we often went out in the evening.

  We used to cook and eat after we got out of the pool. Me and my cousin always made dessert. 

  We went to Ayvalık with my cousins. We wandered around Ayvalık. We ate ayvalık toast and shopped. There were so many beautiful views. The weather was very hot. 

   Second, We went to Şeytan Sofrası. The view was beautiful.

But there were many people. We a lot of photos and saw a lot of animals. 

   And we visited many places in Balıkesir.

My holiday by belçim -

We camped one day with my cousins. That was so fun. I set up a tent with my brother. My cousins ​​cooked. Ate our food. Then we ate marshmallows over the fire. It was delicious. Then we went to the concert. We sang and came back to the tent. it’s time to go to bed. İt was a little scary because there were many spiders. We had breakfast in the morning. And we took a walk in the woods. Then we went home.

   When we got home, other cousins ​​had come. We had a chat with them. And we got in the pool together. We had so much fun with my cousins ​​that day. We entered the pool in the evening. It was so fun and different. 


My holiday by belçim -

   We stayed in Balikesir for 4 weeks. We went to Erzincan with my brother. I spent 1 week with my friends in Erzincan. Some days I was going for a walk with my family.

   Then my cousin came and we went to Izmir. We saw our uncle and stayed for 2 days. Our uncle showed us around Izmir. We saw many camels. And we returned to istanbul with my family, my holiday is over. 

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