My Holiday Business by Sopriala  - Illustrated by Sopriala Benibo -
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My Holiday Business


Artwork: Sopriala Benibo

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Chapter 1: My Autobiography


Chapter 2: Biography of King Richard


Chapter 3: Habitat


              Chapter 1: My Autobiography

My title is ‘Sopriala Benibo!!! My nickname happens to be Sopie but I hate it when people call me that (except for my family and friends). I am ten (10) years old–I just turned ten this year! This is my autobiography….

I was born in Port Harcourt hospital. I was very cute when I was born if I do say so myself. I was exactly when I was born. I was the little girl who stole my parents’ hearts. They dreamed of me, imagined me, prayed for me and when I was born they were overjoyed. Especially when they found out about my voice!

“The moment a child is born the mother is also born. She never existed. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.” –Rajneesh

The first time I ever traveled was when I went to the UK; I didn’t know anything. I was just a baby of months.



I refused to take a picture with him and ran off but unfortunately, my mum caught up to me and brought me back! Did I mention that I saw Captain Hook and his crew in their ship in a really dark room?!! Not only them but hundreds of other pirates!!!

 My 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday dear me, Happy birthday to me!

Oh, it was a glorious day, the day when I turn 1 year old! How nice! On this day, my parents’, family friends and church friends celebrated the first year of my life! I had a delicious cake and lots of pictures were snapped. I was the center of attention!

My 2nd Birthday

My 2nd birthday, celebrated in Lagos, Nigeria, Accolade House. Even Grandma was there to celebrate it with me! I snapped with all my friends and had a lot of fun before it was time to go home!


1 week later….

I was overjoyed when I found out I was already enrolled in a school, ’British School of Houston’! The day before, I had received my school uniform and I was ready to go to school

Before I knew it, I was transferred to Chandler Park and I switched schools to FBA and I have to say that it was the best school ever. I loved America.

2 years later…

I was sad as I entered the airport. I was going to miss Houston but at the same time I was looking forward to going to Nigeria!

My 8th Birthday

2 months later, I found out that my mum was pregnant with my baby brother. I was overjoyed.

July 2015, Houston, Texas

In June, my brother was born and he was ever so cute. I loved him and he was a bundle of joy. I was a big sister. We stayed in Aunty AmyJ’s house.


Now I am in Nigeria and my brother is 15 -16 months old. He runs around and touches everything. His name is Dapriye – Tuvya. I am 10 years old and I go to CIS. My family is complete so far. I take my singing far and record videos of me singing in my iPad. I





           Chapter 2 : Biography of King John

King John ; His Life story                                             1166-1216

King John of England was born on December 24th 1166 and he died on 19th October 1216. He became king on 6th April 1199. He was the youngest son of King Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine. He was born in Beaumont Palace, Oxford.


Early Life

Shortly after his birth, John was passed from Eleanor into the care of a wet nurse, a traditional practice for medieval noble families. Eleanor then left for Poitiers—the capital of Aquitaine—and sent John and his sister (Joan) north to Fontevrault Abbey. This may have been done with the aim of steering her youngest son with no obvious inheritance (When Henry assigned provinces to his sons, John received no share, hence his nickname “Lackland”) towards a future of ecclesiastical career.

Eleanor spent the next few years conspiring against her husband (Henry) and neither parent played a part in John’s very early life. John was probably assigned a magister whilst he was at Fontevrault, a teacher charged with his early education and with managing the servants of his immediate household. John was then later taught by Ranulph Glanville.




John grew up to be around 5ft 5in (1.68m) tall, moderately short, with a” powerful, pigeon-breasted body ” and dark red hair; he looked to equals like an tenant of Poitou. John relished reading and, oddly for the period, constructed up a travelling library of books. He adored gambling—in particular at backgammon—and was an eager hunter even by feudal standards. He was fond of music, although not songs.

John would become an “expert of jewels”, to form up a large             collection, and became famous for his opulent clothes and also, according to French chroniclers, for his fondness of bad wine. As John grew up, he became known for sometimes being “genial, witty, generous, and hospitable,” at other moments he would be envious, over-sensitive and liable to fits of rage, “biting, gnawing his fingers in anger.

My Holiday Business by Sopriala  - Illustrated by Sopriala Benibo -

Signing of the Magna Carta

John seemed to have been playing for time until Pontiff Innocent II (what a hilarious name!) could send him letters giving him explicit papal provision. This was particularly important for John as a way for pressuring the barons but also a way of controlling Stephen Langton. In the meantime, John becan to recruit fresh mercenary forces from Poitou, although some were later sent back to avoid giving the imression that the king was escalating the conflict. John announced his intent to become a crusader, a move which gave him additional political protection under church law.

Langton’s effort at meditation created a charter capturing the proposed peace agreement;it was later renamed “Magna Carta “or “Great Charter”. The charter went beyond simply addressing the specific baronial complaints, and formed a wider proposal for political reform albeit one focusing on the rights of free men , not serfs and unfree labour.

My Holiday Business by Sopriala  - Illustrated by Sopriala Benibo -

People’s and my opinion about him

People thought King John was not ruling well. He was constantly in the mood for violence and he was a bit wine thirsty.He commited many offences and was treacherous.  He was also lecherous: several nobles are reported to have taken up arms against him because he had forced himself on their wives and daughters. Most of all, John was shockingly cruel. In a chivalrous age, when aristocrats spared their enemies, capturing them rather than killing them, John preferred to do away with people by grisly means. On one occasion, for example, he ordered 22 captive knights to be taken to Corfe Castle in Dorset and starved to death. Another time he starved to death the wife and son of his former friend, William de Briouze.

King John had terrible leadership skills and he was a bad example.

“Leaders lead by example”. He was not able to balance his kingdom and he didn’t care for many people. Many people had bad comments about him.

My Holiday Business by Sopriala  - Illustrated by Sopriala Benibo -

Chapter 3: Habitat

The Arctic

S: A habitat is a topic in science and I made one. I used all the facts known from science and put them together to create this habitat.

T: I went on the internet to decide which habitat I would make and I researched on 3D habitats that other children made so I could get ideas for mine.

E: Writing about how the polar bear and the arctic fox, as well as plants, adapt to the arctic.

A:Using paints and cotton balls to design my habitat so it looks like the arctic. 

M: Calculating the size of my habitat;A3 size.


The animals inside my habitat are: Snowy Owl, Arctic Poppy, Arctic Wolf, Polar Bear, Seal, Red Algae, and penguins.


My Holiday Business by Sopriala  - Illustrated by Sopriala Benibo -

These are all the things I did and worked on during my holiday!

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