Artwork from the book - My Time at C.I.S by Oluwafemi Art Alade - Illustrated by Oluwafemi Art Alade -
Jun 2019
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My Time at C.I.S

by Oluwafemi Art Alade

Artwork: Oluwafemi Art Alade


My time at C.I.S has been a blast. I’ve made a lot of friends and I’ve met a lot of people. When I first came to C.I.S, I thought, ”What if no one likes me? What if I don’t fit in?” But when I got used to C.I.S, I knew that I was home away from home. The first few weeks, I got that feeling again that I don’t belong here. Then, my best friend, Keneolisa Okafor, walked up to me and said:”Don’t be sad. School is nothing to worry about.” And that was the time that I knew he was instantly my best friend. Of course, I met other people like Hisham, Kabir, Tani, Amir, Daniel, Ayomide A, etc.


Year 4

Year 4 was amazing. I had two teachers, Mrs. Ibrahim and Miss Amaka. Of course at the time I didn’t know my way around the school, so my best friend Kene showed me around. It was time for break so Kene showed me where the playground and the cafeteria were. That same day, I was bullied by some senior students. They made fun of me because I had no hair. So Kene stood up for me and told them to leave me alone so the seniors walked away. Since Kene helped me, I hugged him and said: thank you so much, best friend! And we’ve been best friends ever since.


Year 5

Once again, Year 5 was a year to remember. I met my new teachers, Mrs. Obadele and Miss Ibukun. And also, Kene was in my class along with my second best friend, Tanitolorun Roberts. Immediately I entered the class I knew that I would love it there. People I knew from year 4 were also in my class like Kene, Ademola, Amir, Tani, Selena, etc. We also had a new classmate, Tega Okoro. She is really kind. Sooner than later, I progressed and moved on to a higher Year. We celebrated with a class party. Sadly, Amir left the school. We all wished him good luck to where he was traveling (America).


Year 6

Finally, Year 6 came. Once again, people I knew from previous years were here. Then, I met my Year 6 teacher, Mr. Fasanmoye ans Mr. Umoru. They are both really kind teachers. Of course every teacher is kind, but these two are kind on a whole other level. My first few days in Year 6 were bewildering. I had more friends than ever! Sure I got into some fights with my friends, but at the end of the day, friendship ended up being stronger than anger. And current;y, I’m still home away from home.


Year 6 is coming to an end. I have had a moment to remember. Unfortunately, I won’t be continuing in C.I.S. My escapade her has been unforgettable


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