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Old lost jobs

by doubleA

Artwork: student's of Solimena

Secondary school low grade Francesco and Angelo Solimena.Created by Penelope Smaldone,Mariaclaudia Ferri,Giovanna Nisi e Alessia Raucci.

The Activity is Building up our History.Model Enjoy your town.The teachers are :Nicoletta Despalj and Marica Benevento.P.O.N. conoscenza e comunicazione del patrimonio locale anche attraverso la lingua straniera



Old jobs in Nuceria were:



-Human alarm

-lighters of street lamp






…and many others…


First story of this book


once upon a time a child ,Lily, that every morning helps her father to distribute the milk house by house.Every citizen was her friends ,but she kept much more to Francesco and for her he his very special.As years go by their bond strengthened and they became like sister and brother.Unfortunately the father of the little milkman Lily got sick and her took his place.Every morning Lily ,around seven o clock, goes to Francesco and her took at his the best milk that she produced.After a lot of years,finally,arrived the 18th birthday of Lily and for this event Francesco give her a gift :there was a ring for prove his love and a letter, in this letter Francesco wrote:Dear Lily,I’m sorry,but we don’t meet again because now i’m going to Rome.

P.S.I love you




Old lost jobs by doubleA - Illustrated by student's of Solimena - Ourboox.com

Lily bust into lears and son she answear to her mother to go to Rome for visiting Francesco.Fortunately she is arrived in the right moment,she stopped Francesco


More in the next pages!

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