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Margarita F.

I like music and my favorite style of music is rock. My favorite bands are  theArctic Monkeys , AСDС, Okean Elzy, Rolling Stones, Imagine Drahons and others.
My favorite film is “Forrest Gump”. Usually I watch it with my brother. Also I like movies: “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”, “Whiplash”, “A Beautiful Mind”, “Les Miserables”, “Love, Rosie” and much more.
My favorite subject is Biology. I think that biology is very interesting and useful science. I believe that everyone should have at least basic knowledge of biology, because this science is  about us.
My favorite dish is eclairs, they are very tasty and tender. I like not only to eat eclairs, I like cooking  them and many other desserts. Speaking about cakes, I adore  Kyiv cake, I think it is the most delicious one. As you see, I love cooking  and eating  sweet dishes.
My favorite city is Kyiv. I fell in love with  this city at first sight, and now I’m thinking about studying  there. I believe that my dream will come true.
But my favorite place in Ukraine – Carpathian Mountains. They are majestic and enigmatic. I was there only once, but I hope that I’ll return there again and again.



Luiba S.

My favourite season is autumn. It’s time when I can really enjoy my life. Because when you are surrounded by such wonderful scenery, golden leaves  that fall on  the ground circling unwittingly lead  the nerves in order. In this time of the year many people feel sadness and anxiety, but not me. For me it is the best time to watch movies under the  warm blanket with friends or read books with a cup of tasty coffee. At this time I really like to travel, because everything around me is very bright and sweet. Also Halloween is celebrated in autumn. Every 31st of October  I with my brother watch all parts of  Harry Potter and eat pumpkin porridge. I believe that this is the most comfortable time of the  year.

My favourite book is “Me before you” by Jojo Moyes. First on the advice of friend, I read the book and just could not wait to see the film, which was released in early summer. History, that was described  in books touched me to tears. Recently, when we were in Lviv, I went to a bookstore and saw this book. I was really happy, at least as I saw it with my own eyes and not electronically. But I couldn’t buy it, because it cost very expensive.

My favourite city in Ukraine is Lviv. I’m just going crazy from the beauty and atmosphere that prevails there. Coffee smells within  the city immerse you in the atmosphere of comfort and a feeling of  home. Old streets, many cafes and shops with bright  shop windows make this city even more beautiful. And how many architectural monuments that have adorned  the city for a long time. I’m just in love with this city. I would gladly stay here to live or study.

There is a good saying: “You are what you eat”. I think it means that we should be aware of what we are eating and choose healthy food only.

My most favourite dish is Ukrainian borshch. My mum cooks the best borshch in the world. It’s a special red cabbage soup, which is tastier to eat with sour cream. Borsch is a traditional Ukrainian dish and many foreigners want to try it while visiting Ukraine. However, there are products which I don’t like eating. There are peas and semolina. My mother knows about it and she tries not to use these products in dishes.

My absolute favorite drink in the world would be tea. There are so many styles and flavors, that I think there is a right tea for everybody. I prefer tea over coffee at any time. I drink tea when I have a lot of work to do. I drink tea to calm me down. I do it  to keep warm. I drink tea to stay awake. I drink tea after dinner. I do it  during dinner. I drink tea…. Well, pretty much all the time. I think I’m quite able to live somewhere in England, where tea is a great tradition. In general, it seems to me that the tea creates an atmosphere of friendliness and comfort. Perhaps because this is my favorite drink.


Roksolana F.

My favorite food is pizza , when I was a little girl I always liked to help my mother to cook pizza.

I really  like rock. My favorite groups are The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rammstein, Arctic Monkeys and Nirvana , My dream is to go to their concerts .

Dylan o’brien is my favorite actor, he became famous by the American TV series Teen Wolf .This year I read a book that turned my life, it is called ” Me Before you ”. This story will live forever in my heart .

My favorite film  is ” Love, Rosie” , the story of two best friends who do not realize they love each other.


Vitaliy D.

Hi! I want to say about my favourite things. First of all, I am crazy about music because it is cool. I like different music styles. I am a music lover. Secondly I am fond of science. I am interested in different scientific news and inventions. I enjoy sports special volleyball. It helps me to keep fit. By the way,I love travelling and recently I visited the Carpathians and Lviv with my classmates. And finally I want to add I like English very much. I prefer English because it is useful and I need it for my future profession.

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