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I'm a writer, scientist, musician, inventor and lecturer. During the daytime I am advisor to the President of Shenkar College. In the evening I write children's books, satire, and "how to" manuals ("Mel's ten tips). I'm co-founder of Ourboox and married to Ourboox CEO Shuli Sapir-Nevo.
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Ourboox for Teachers and Teaching

by Mel Rosenberg - מל רוזנברג

Ourboox is the world’s simplest platform for creating and sharing page-flipping interactive ebooks.

The books are absolutely free to create, free to read and free to share with your class, other teachers, and the world. Students love preparing their own. We started in 2014 and already have over 120,000 titles!






“Ourboox provides a simple and friendly platform for uploading and sharing digital picture books of any genre, in any language, for free. Our page-flipping e-books are amazing! They are easy to create, easier to share.  The books can incorporate video, sound, maps and many other features.  Authors can edit their book at any time.”



Ourboox is used by eTwinning and is recommended by the Ministry of Education.


On any given page, you can have live text

in various sizes, colours

and in any language

  这是中国人     Это Русская    هذا هو الاسم العربي

          ועברית כמובן



You can add pictures and easily incorporate pictures from various sources, including Powerpoint.



Ourboox for Teachers and Teaching by Mel Rosenberg - מל רוזנברג - Ourboox.com

It’s easy to embed videos, sound, puzzles, quizzes, maps. All you do is open the <> function in the editor, and paste in the embed code.



You can add millions of embedable photos from Getty Image. Here’s a zoo, especially for you.


You can create a quiz with Google forms and embed it (example below)


Or how about a live Google map! Here is Honolulu!


You can embed a puzzle from Jigsaw Planet.


…and  a bulletin board from Padlet…



Teachers and students can write their own books or collaborate. Here is one book written and illustrated by children at summer camp. 

Each book has its own URL which you can share. And you can embed it anywhere. Even here!



Ourboox is easy to use. And it’s free. No matter how many pages or how many books you upload. Here is a basic tutorial.

Please contact me with any queries and comments you might have. We learn from teachers and improve our platform based on their suggestions.



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Create your own free book

Ourboox is the world's simplest free platform for creating, sharing and promoting digital picture e-books.

Join us now and make your books come true.


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