Artwork from the book - Periodontal & Clear Braces Treatment in Gurgaon by Aspen Dental - Illustrated by Ankit Sharma -
Aspen Dentals brings you the first tri specialty dental clinic of Gurgaon. The three specialties that we cater to are Kids Dentistry (Pedodontics), Braces (Orthodontics) and Implants (Periodontics). The facility has been designed to make the setting cozy and comfortable for kids as well as adults and provides you a premium experience.
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Periodontal & Clear Braces Treatment in Gurgaon

by Aspen Dental

Artwork: Ankit Sharma

A periodontist is a dentist who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of  diseases that affect the gums, as well as other structures that support the teeth and also handles cases where dental implants are necessary. Aspen Dental is the first tri-specialty clinic which caters to the requirement of  kids (pedodontics), braces (orthodontics) and implants (periodontics). Dr. Abhinav Kathuria is considered as one of the Best Periodontist in Gurgaon at Aspen dental and offers the Best Periodontal Treatment in Gurgaon. A periodontist doctor is also trained in performing cosmetic periodontal procedures. The treatments offered include scaling and root planing or root surface debridement. Both cases involve cleaning the root canal and removing the damaged tissue. The patient should inform the dentist about his previous  medical history as well as medications if any. Aspen Dental caters to the requirement of the patient by providing suitable and effective treatment. For Periodontist Doctor in Gurgaon and for world-class Periodontal Treatment in Gurgaon, visit Aspen Dental today!


The Latest Options in Braces Treatment


Dental Braces are the devices which are used in orthodontics to align and straighten the teeth. It aims at improving dental health. Braces are also used to fix the gaps between the teeth.


So, the braces are generally used to correct crowded or crooked teeth or a misaligned jaw. There are a different variety of braces available nowadays. Braces are often used during adolescence but now more adults are also using dental braces for correcting the misaligned teeth. The reason is that adults do not like wearing braces as it may make them conscious about their looks and hamper their self-confidence. But this is not the case anymore with the arrival of  Clear Braces and Clear Aligners.

  1. Metal braces

Metal braces are the old traditional method for aligning the smile and improving dental health. Metals braces are the metal brackets made of high-grade stainless steel that is attached to the teeth and is held into the place with elastic bands. Metal braces are the most cost-effective option for tooth straightening treatments. They are the strongest type of braces and are harder to damage. The worse thing about metal braces is that they are unattractive and can make a person feel less confident. Metal braces may also cause irritation to the gums. Therefore, it is now a less preferred technique for teeth alignment. However, in some cases, metal braces are the best option to achieve the desired tooth alignment. For metal braces in Gurgaon at a very cost-effective rate consult the experts at Aspen Dental.


Ceramic braces


The ceramic braces are a perfect alternative to metal braces. These braces are also known as sapphire braces. In this, the braces blend in and disappear on the teeth. Therefore, these are also known as clear braces. These are one of the most advanced, safe and efficient techniques which helps in improving the smile and the structure without the wires and brackets. They are strong and do not chip or break easily. Aspen Dental has a team of a dentists who provide its patients with clear braces treatment in Gurgaon.


Invisalign or Clear Aligners


This is the latest and most preferred option for teeth alignment. Invisalign is used to straighten the crowded, spaced or misaligned teeth by creating a beautiful smile. The option of advanced invisible braces helps in removing the stigma and also the discomfort. Often this is the most preferred one due to the convenience and ease of the treatment. The different types of Invisalign are Invisalign full, Invisalign lite, Invisalign i7. The Invisalign cost in Gurgaon depends on the case and the type of Invisalign suggested by the orthodontist.


Lingual braces


Lingual braces are inside braces which are attached to the inside of the teeth rather than outside which makes them invisible when one smiles. In this, the orthodontist has to take an accurate impression or digital scan of the teeth which is then used to create wires accordingly. Often the visible braces make one conscious about their look. Lingual braces have replaced the old traditional methods and have made an effective advancement. The cost of lingual braces is more than metal braces.


Benefits of Braces

  • Braces help in straightening the misaligned teeth which means it focuses on improving oral health.
  • If the teeth are not in proper position then it will cause difficulty in chewing and it will take longer to digest the food. So, braces are very helpful in that aspect.
  • Misaligned teeth can result in jawbone erosion. Braces help in aligning the teeth and prevent jawbone erosion.
  • Braces play an important role in boosting confidence. Braces help in bringing the teeth in a better position and the facial proportion also becomes good.


Aspen Dental is the first multi-specialty dental clinic in the city which is helping all the patients of different age to attain a healthy oral health.




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Artwork from the book - Periodontal & Clear Braces Treatment in Gurgaon by Aspen Dental - Illustrated by Ankit Sharma -

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