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Qualities of a Good Lawyer


Artwork: Jilli Rose

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Every profession requires a unique skill and trait. If you don’t have them,you will have a hard time keeping abreast. And that works with your law profession, too. Law is not easy. You need to have the qualities of a good lawyer to help your client and the firm you are working for to be one of the best in your area. Do you want to become a lawyer someday? Keep reading below.


Patience is a virtue as what they always say. And you need to have it especiallyif you want to become a lawyer. Why? Because you will always need to meet your clients and attend endless of court hearings, and this can take longer than usual. Some may take only a few hours but more often than not, it will take weeks and even months.


Not only artists need to be creative, but lawyers, too. Lawyers have to find ways to solve a problem. And remember, each client has his or her own needs that needs to be addressed with caution. Do it by listening compassionately, which allows you to really understand his or her issues when it comes to asbestos claims, birth injury or workers’ compensation. Be one of the WorkCover lawyers to help injured workers claim weekly payments for lost wages, and get a lump sum impairment benefit to name a few. And the best thing about WorkCover, it applies to casual, full time and part-time employers.


Your success as a lawyer is achieved with perseverance. Giving up is not an option. If all else fails, just keep going. Take a break, come back fresh, and fight again.

Research Skills

Understand more of your client by researching about his or her issues. By doing it, you will be able to prepare all the legal strategies which include a great amount of information that can help him or her win the case.

Good Communication Skills

Good communication skills require both oral and written. Lawyers should be orally articulate, should have the ability to write well and listen carefully. You have to argue conclusively in the courtroom before the judges and juries. It can be developed all throughout your studies like joining a debate or public speaking forum.


As a lawyer, you don’t need to be aggressive to prove a point. You can still do it and be respectful of other people. If you are overly aggressive, chances are, you won’t hear the other side of the story and you will just keep attacking for your own benefit. It will make you ineffective in understanding the issue. Moreover, it can affect your relationships with other people.


Compassion is yet another important trait of a lawyer. You have to put yourself in the shoes of your client so you can understand his or her issues more. And without compassion, you won’t be able to provide the best solutions for him or her.

Apart from this list, you need to have excellent judgment and analytical skills to become a good lawyer.


Author Bio:


I am Jilli Rose having 3+ years of experience in technical content writing. A blogger by passion and interest. I work as a freelancer for many clients and companies and also maintaining my travel blog blocktradetech.com a lover of technology and gloomy concepts.




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