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Ran Away with the Prince

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To my friend, Emma Aird



In a castle at Bendova young Aiden was playing with a wooden sword.  His younger sister, Raven and his mother came out to the balcony that Aiden was play at.  Raven went to play with Aiden for about an hour.

“Well, looks like it’s getting dark,” said Aiden’s mother.

“Raven!  Aiden!  Wash up for supper!” shouted a maid.

Raven inside while Aiden went to his mother.

“Mother, why was Father talking about marriage?” ask Aiden.

“Aiden, don’t worry about that now,” said his mother.

“But I don’t want to get married!”

“Well, Aiden, you need to worry now. Now go wash up!”

“Thank you mother,”

Aiden ran inside to wash up.


Aiden doesn’t know yet thought Aiden’s mother as she walked inside.

“I hope so,”


Chapter 1

Marry Her?!?

It was a bright sunny day in the Bendova and Aiden was getting ready for something important his father told him about.  He pick up a picture of his mother.

“Mother.  You know Father better than me.  So, what is he up to?” ask Aiden talking to the picture of his mother.

“Mr. Aiden.  It’s time,” said his butler ouside of Aiden’s room.

Aiden put the picture down and started his way to the Great Hall when bump into Raven.

“What are you doing,” ask Aiden.

“Here to warn you.  The very important thing that Father said is that he’s planning your marriage!” shouted Raven.



“Really?  Father planning to get my planning my married.  Wow,” said Aiden sarcastically as he continue his way to the Great Hall.

When Aiden got to the Great Hall, he open the doors and made a great entrance, but once he seen that there was only his father, his butler, and the royal Luther’s.

“What’s going on here!” shouted Aiden.

“Aiden, this is planning for your wedding,” said Aiden’s father.

“What!  I not going to have a wedding!”

“Aiden!  Your having a wedding.  Now meet your future wife, Princess Hazel,”

Hazel had curly, peach hair, blue eyes, a weird dress, and a creepy smile, but that wasn’t the worse part of her at all.  It was what she said.

“Your a feisty one.  I going to make you the perfect husband,”

said Hazel.


The way she smiled say that made Aiden to his breaking point.

“Father.  Can I talk to you in private,”

“Yes son,”

Aiden and his father went outside of the Great Hall.

“I don’t want get married!  And marry her!  Are you crazy!”

“Aiden!  You will get married!  And you will marry her!” shouted Aiden’s father.

Aiden stormed off to his room.

“Aiden you come back into that room this instant!” shouted Aiden’s father.

“What would Mother think of this,”

There was a pause.  Then Aiden started his way to his room.  Then he stop from a mintue.

“That’s what I thought,” said Aiden.



Aiden open the door to his room and fell on his bed.

“Why!  Why!,” cried Aiden.

He shoved his pillow in his face.  His tears came down falling like rain.

Knock knock.

The door open.

“Are you ok?” ask Raven at the door.

“You were right,” said Aiden.

Raven went to Aiden’s bed.  She put her hand on his head.  She ran her hand in his hair.

“What’s wrong?” ask Raven.

“Father, that is what is wrong,” whine Aiden.


“I just don’t want to get married!”


“Fine.  I just live my life as the person I am right now,”


“There.  That’s the really Aiden,”

Raven got up and went out of Aiden’s room.

Aiden turned to make his back lay on the bed.  He imagine him married to Hazel.

I can’t live with that future, thought Aiden.

He thought of what to do.

“You know what.  I’m going to run away,” he told himself as he pack his things.


A Crazy Day

It was a bright sunny day in the Bendova and Emma was lay in a spot of her bed to get the glare of the sun.  Then Emma started feel that she was on fire.

“Ah,” said Emma as she hide from the sunlight.

She had burn mark on her.  She went downstairs to get some water on her burn spot.

“Oh.  I thought you were going go to barber with your father,” said Emma’s mother.

Emma stop putting water on the burn spot and turn around to see her mother.
“I thought that was tomorrow,” said Emma.



“I said that yesterday,” said Emma’s mother.

Emma ran upstairs to get dress and brush her teeth and zoom downstairs out the door.


Emma head her way to the barber.  All of a sudden, Emma slip on a puddle and land on her back with a thud.

“Ow!” cried Emma on her back.

She got up and ran watching out for puddles.  Then when she wasn’t looking up bumped into some one.

“Hey lady.  What’s your problem,” said the person Emma bumped into.

Emma look up and saw a man that buff, tall, tough man was was the person she bumped into.

“Sorry,” said Emma running inside the barber shop.

When Emma went into the barber shop, she saw her father in the last seat in the back.


“Miss take a seat in the back,” said a man.

“Ok,” said Emma heading to the back to take a seat.

Emma sat in a wooden chair.  Her father was the next seat to her with a gap.

“What to you so long!” shouted as a man cut his hair.

“Sorry,” said

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