Samuel’s Poetry Book :3 by Samuel Ayodeji Adio - Illustrated by Samuel Ayodeji Adio -
May 2017
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Samuel’s Poetry Book :3

by Samuel Ayodeji Adio

Artwork: Samuel Ayodeji Adio

Table o’ contents

Creature Alliteration Poem

Bio Poem

Haiku Poem

Acrostic Poem

Limerlick Poem

Color Poem


This is a Esqsuatshion!

An Esqsuatshion eerily lives in Elmer St. in a esquire band in England.

An Esqsuatshion unevenly eats ears of the especially evil corn in England that speak English.

An Esqsuatshion likes energetic emperor esquires that eat epic ears of corn.

An Esqsuatshion can email epic everyday envelopes in every font in the Epicenter.

An Esqsuatshion ate alot of my avacado and apples and apparently nicked my armadillo


Samuel’s Poetry Book :3 by Samuel Ayodeji Adio - Illustrated by Samuel Ayodeji Adio -

Le descriptive poem

I like eating food!

I love playing Roblox games

That describes myself

Samuel’s Poetry Book :3 by Samuel Ayodeji Adio - Illustrated by Samuel Ayodeji Adio -

Gaming is fun!

All with friends and maybe family

My man cave is filled with food

I died once in VH2

Nobody is better than me

Growing higher yet, they are


Matthew loves food!

Matthew loves food!

He can be nice about food, if otherwise, very rude.

He will give mice a hurtful hit

When it is food, he does not want mice stealing it

Matthew is not a very cool dude!



Red is the powerful yet containable fire

Red is the loyal color of the stripes of the American Flag

Red is rage when it happens


Red smells like apple juice with food coloring

Red tastes like watermelon if it got juicier

Red sounds like fire being lit a blaze

Red looks like a red window

Red feels like, well, red.

Red makes me play Roblox





More in the next pages!

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