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Jul 2016
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by Ines Shopi

Artwork: iamicer

One of the most important things in nowadays life is appearance, looking good and attracting the others. I totally agree with the fact that everyone should improve and make things to feel better, but sometimes we should not exaggerate doing this thing.

Today’s world is becoming more materialistic every day, everyone is trying to compete, earn money to have a better life for himself and his family. Today this is so important. It’s essential for everyone to look awesome, make awesome things and in the end everyone will love you.

I think that when we are paying so much attention to these things, why not to make people aware to try becoming themselves. Copying the others, acting fake and cheating will never be the way to become successful. If you become yourself, believe in yourself, be honest, be sure that everyone will like and love you, but on the contrary if you cheat, profit from damaging the others, you will always be hated and nobody will mind for you.

Life is different, strange and is changing every day. Weird  is that we see people ignoring the others, their relatives and making money without caring for anyone but just minding for themselves. Everyone of course has the right to enjoy the life, but enjoying the life but damaging the others is something unthinkable.

In my opinion important is becoming a good person, that everyone would love.

Appearance may be important because several people live their lives just to be gorgeous in the others’ eyes. The first thing we spot at a person is his outer appearance and with the passing of time we start knowing better his inner appearance.

The best advice I have is carrying on with confidence, self-esteem and ignore the others’ opinion, but sometimes their opinion is needed to improve yourself. Firstly, you have to feel comfortable with yourself and then comfortable with the others.


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