Sixties woman Music: Cher & Dalida by Daniel Reiven -
Nov 2018
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Sixties woman Music: Cher & Dalida

by Daniel Reiven

In our modern time, theres a little amount of 60’s women singers who stood the test of time, and are still in the mainstream of the popular music around the world.

Cher who started 54 years ago in 1963 with her then husband Sonny Bono, she is a great example of surviving the music evolution throughout the decades, six, in each of this past decades she is the only artist to have a number 1 hit on the billboard charts, and a top ten hit from 1960”s till now with her ABBA cover version “Gimme Gimme Gimme” and for changing our modern culture throw each decades. And a lot of nonprofessional singers can “sing” now, because of the use of auto-tune in her biggest hit believe in 1998.

Sixties woman Music: Cher & Dalida by Daniel Reiven -

this is her first single in the 60’s as a solo artist, a cover of Bob Dylan, she is 19 years old, and with no work done to her face. you can see her Armenian roots in that cover photo.



this is her biggest solo single of the 60’s most of you know the more modern version, yet she is the original bang bang girl.

and Sonny Bono wrote the lyrics.



Here is another popular song that Cher done back in the 60’s.



Here’s another top ten hit by Cher back in the 60’s


but this is the most remembered songs of Cher are with her late husband Sonny Bono, these song started their carers.

the secret behind it that sonny wanted to Cher to sing it solo, but Cher was a stage fright, and she agreed to sing it only if sonny will be with her on the stage.




in the 70’s She had her first number one hit as a solo artist, with “Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves” in 71

“Half-Breed” in 1973

and “dark lady” in 1974

Cher had four number ones in the top 100 of the billboard charts as a solo artist, the forth is her most biggest hit in 1998/9 Believe. who sold more the 11 million copies world wide, and in the UK is the biggest selling single be a female artist ever, and she is the maturest female singer who reached number one in the US,UK, and other countries in the world.


Yet most of the people of our time probably know Cher by this track.


on the other side of the world. in France of the 60’s another pop icon has been popular from 1956.

Dalida a Italian born in Egypt who became popular across the globe, mainly in Europe and Arabic countries.

Dalida is considered the first Diva of the French Chanson and pop music. the first artist who done disco songs in the 70’s

and American pop influenced music in the 50’s and 60’s

and having a successful career for 4 decades, her personal life tragics cussed her to take her own life in 1987 at the age 54.

Her death considers on of the biggest tragedy of French modern Culture.


Sixties woman Music: Cher & Dalida by Daniel Reiven -

Dalida had a successful music career in France and Italy in the 60’s with her spacial vocal abilities with Italian Arabic accents that made her to stand out among the French artist of that time. her songs was written especially for her, unlike in chanson genre that has the singer is the one how sings, writes, and composes of the song. Dalida was one of the new generation artist how broke that tradition.


you know this song, yet i believe this is the best version for that song, how became popular in France and Italy in the 60’s.



this is another American influenced song by Dalida.

this song shows us on how American music influenced music around the world.


this song was one of her’s best known song in Italy, because of the tragic message behind it, after taking the 2 place in San Remo 67, her lover/boyfriend by that time. who participated in the competition took the second place and took his life and blaming the judges for not understanding real music.





This song by Dalida from the 60’s has a special Place in my heart. it’s reminds me my second homeland Russia/Soviet Union. Dalida also did a lot of covers, for some songs she isn’t the original artist. Like this one by Mary Hopkin.





This song was first done by Dalida, and Cher done her own version in the 70’s.

By the way, if you listen closely to the lyrics of Cher the text has a LGBT message, some claim that this song talks about a lesbian couple how one of them falls in love with a guy.





Here some honorable mention about Dalida’s songs back in the 60’s.


Sixties woman Music: Cher & Dalida by Daniel Reiven -
Sixties woman Music: Cher & Dalida by Daniel Reiven -

Bless you for your time, and passing the knowledge of LGBT Pop icons like Dalida and Cher.


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