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Social Issues: Types and Signs

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If you are writing an essay on social issues, it can be helpful to know some social issues topics to write about. There are many issues affecting most people in society today. Writing a social issue essay is not a simple task. However, to help you, here are social issues types to think about.

Social Media Issues

Today, social media forms an important part of human beings. However, some people take advantage of the internet and use it to harm others. Because of this, social platforms have been a significant source of social issues. Some essay topics on this issue include:

Internet safety; how to stay safe

Should children be allowed to have social media accounts?

What is identity theft, and how do I prevent it?


Health-Related Issues

Your health depends mainly on the social security system. If everyone can access good healthcare services, then it is hard for people to develop preventable diseases. Unfortunately, there are many issues in this sector. Some of the exciting health issues topics are:

What makes people start taking alcohol?

Compare and contrast projects that help people stop taking drugs

Elders; who should care for them?


Environmental Social Issues

Environment conservation is vital. A damaged environment affects humanity and its future negatively. Frequent natural disasters and changing weather affect people. Some people are forced to leave their homes. Some of the social issues on the environment are:

The impact of plastic on the environment

How to make sure everyone has access to clean water

Discuss the importance of waste reduction

If you cannot write an essay on social issues, check out examples on professional academic writers’ websites. In fact, companies like EduBirdie have some top-quality essays. They have published hundreds of essays on different topics. The site also offers writing services to students.


Society Issues 

Most people wonder whether violence is a part of human nature. Terrorism and war are dangerous events that traumatize millions of people. Also, during the war, people still suffer bullying, emotional neglect, and brutality in medical care. You can write an argumentative essay about social issues like:

Why do countries start a war?

Domestic violence: what is your opinion?

Effects of war on children


Slavery is not accepted anywhere in the world. Still, racism is felt. There are many racial biases caused by ignorance and insecurity. This has made ethnic minorities not enjoy equal rights. Some of the social issues essay topics you can write about include:

Has racism changed in the last decades?

Does racism affect social progress, discuss


Current Social Issues

There are many social issues in the modern world. Divided political views add fuel to the fire. Police brutality and African American rights form part of the most pressing issues in the US. Topics to write on this are:

Illegal immigrants: should they be deported when found?

Discuss the benefits of reducing medical costs


These are some of the social issues types you can write about in your social class. So, choose one and write about it. However, if you are facing essay writing challenges, consult academic writers.

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