Sports and games at Showgart by Welcome SHOWGART -
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Sports and games at Showgart

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Welcome to Showgart, the new school of witchcraft and wizardry!


Showgart is about magic and also about learning. And Showgart is renowned for its amazing sports and games. Dear student, you will find in this golden book our games and sports for this magical school year 2019-2020.

We hope you will have great fun choosing and practicing regularly one or two of them.

For further information about the schedules, contact Miss Delilah Soc or Miss Elen Travis, who are the coordinators of the sports schedules and who will send you to the sports teachers.



                                Purplus Bludgermore, Head of Showgart school


Sports and games at Showgart by Welcome SHOWGART -



1. The most popular magic sport at Showgart is definitely the “Smartflagert“. This sport can be played between 2 and 4 teams of 10 players each, it can be played in different places like in a forest or even in a village. There is a camp for each team where they will have to protect their flag and attack their opponents.

The goal is either to win with the most points or to win by eliminating all opposing teams.

Which stuff is needed?

Players must be equipped with their magic wand.

– How do players win points?

Players must use a freezing spell; indeed, they must target their opponents to immobilize them, this makes them earn 15 points. The immobilized opponent has to wait 1 minute to be free again or can be freed by one of his teammates.

– How does a team win the game?

The game lasts 3 hours. If this time is reached, then the team with the most points wins. But there is another way to win; the players must steal their opponents’ flag (it gives them 150 points, which leads to the elimination of the team that had their flag stolen. If all opposing teams are disqualified, then the team will have won.

– The restrictions:

– It is forbidden to use any magic other than freezing.

– It is forbidden to injure an opponent or his team.

– It is forbidden to steal a player’s wand or break it.

– It is forbidden to leave the pitch.

– It is forbidden to use any object other than your magic wand.

Each time a player does not respect one of these rules, there is one penalty point (at the 3rd penalty, there is an elimination) and there is a loss of 50 points for the team.

Good luck and be the smartest.

Sports and games at Showgart by Welcome SHOWGART -



2. “Spider race” is a sport where two wizards or witches ride a spider. 8 teams compete and any team is composed of two students of a Showgart house. Therefore, each house is represented, so all houses have 2 chances to win, since two teams are represented for any house in a race. We need a Magic wand and a spider (but it is given to the racer). The rules are easy, we must race on the spider, a team member rides it and the second member protects him. Furthermore, the second student must attack the other team, that’s why we must defend the spider, since the other team can hurt it with magic power. The scoring can be beneficial for everyone, given that the last one can also win the race. Indeed, when we hurt an opponent, we win 3 points, when we drop it 5 points and lastly, when we hurt the spider, 7points. When we win the race, we earn 10 points, but we can collect more than 10 points by attacking the opponents. So, we can win even when we are the last.
All year long, there is a Spider Race tournament in our Showgart school, and the houses who win the tournament win 50 points for the houses cup tournament. There is just one penalty, if we come to kill someone unintentionally, we are disqualified and expelled from Showgart but it will not happen … well, we hope. It’s a very funny but dangerous sport.


Sports and games at Showgart by Welcome SHOWGART -



3. “The fire maze” is a sport in a maze of fire which is alive. Indeed, the maze can change the position of its walls, traps,… The maze contains magical and dangerous creatures. For this sport, the pupils can’t use their broomstick or they would be eliminated. The goal of this game is to find the most powerful creature and kill it. Those who kill the creature win the game. There are five teams of four wizards, girls and boys, and one of each house. This sport is also nice to create relationships out of classical studies and to study how wizards kill creatures which attack them. The game is supervised by teachers to be sure that no one dies. The team that kills the “boss” also wins the game and the others teams are ranked according to their points. The points depend on the monster you killed. If the monster is powerful, you win more points than if it’s a harmless creature. The points per creature can vary between 1 and 5 points. The creatures are ranked in five categories : “harmless” (1 point), “offensive” (2 points), “very offensive” (3 points), “dangerous” (4 points) and “mad” (5 points). The creatures are already dead, they are reborn because of spells and they also can’t feel pain. We can’t kill people but we can cast spells to the others teams to slow them down.


Sports and games at Showgart by Welcome SHOWGART -



4. Another sport is “the flying balance”. There are two teams of 6 players. There are 3 positions : the setter, the striker and the receiver.  One position is played  by 2 players. All the players are on broomsticks. The pitch is 20m long and 10m wide. In the middle of the pitch there is a net which is 8 meters high. There is one ball. The goal is that the ball touches the ground of the other team. The team wins 1 point. To win the game the team should win 2 sets of 25 points. Each team should pass the ball over the net in 3 contacts maximum. And a player can touch the ball just one time during the 3 contacts. The players can just use their hands or their arms. So to start one team is serving: a player throws the ball in the opposite court. Then the receiver does the first contact, the setter the second and the striker the third. The players should stay on  their broomsticks. If one player falls, the point goes to the other team. If a player throws the ball out of the court or the ball touches the ground of the team’s court, the point goes to the other team. The players should master their balance and be very skillful. There is a World tournament between the schools every 2 years.


Sports and games at Showgart by Welcome SHOWGART -



5. You can also play the “magical jumping” at Showgart. In this sport there is a random magical obstacles race that must be crossed by all players of the 4 teams. These obstacles can be high walls, walls with a hole, lakes, mountains with storms, labyrinths, long straight lines. Every team has 5 players. Every player has a broomstick. The goal of this sport is to cross as many obstacles as possible in a limited time of 5 minutes. Every player who overcomes an obstacle wins 1 point. If a player reaches the end of the course on time, he makes his team win 100 points, but the team does not necessarily win. If one of the five players misses an obstacle, he has a penalty of 5 points, if a player uses a magic wand, all players on his team are eliminated. At the end of the limited time the referees count the points of each team. The team which has the most points wins.


Sports and games at Showgart by Welcome SHOWGART -



6. And why not play “ball time”? This sport is practiced in a large pitch. It can be practiced on dry land, nevertheless also in the air; indeed,”ball time” is practiced with the help of magic broomsticks. It is a choice that participants in this sport make before they play. There is a cross-shaped net, to position the four different teams. Each team has 5 players. So there are 20 players for each match. Each participant is provided with 3 balls that can only be thrown straight. Besides, they have a magic one. The magic ball is faster and can move in any direction it wants, making it harder for opponents to catch. The concept is to keep the opponents’ balls in the field as shortly as possible. Every second counts, the longer the opponent’s ball stays, the more chance you have to lose. At the end of the game, the referees compare each timing. To win, your team has to have the shortest time.

Sports and games at Showgart by Welcome SHOWGART -



7. Another popular sport at Showgart is the “magicathlon”, it’s a sport that is played in teams of 3 and each student must complete a test. The first test consists in doing an endurance race with the broom and at the end of this test the student receives an object that will be useful for the second test. The second test consists in creating a potion that the students will only know the name of on the day of the event and that will be used for the last event, it will be chosen by the teachers and revealed to the students only on the day of the event, the potion will be used to improve their performance in this last event. If the students who do the second test fail their potion, their team gets a penalty for the last event. The winners are those who have the best timings in the 3 events added together.


Sports and games at Showgart by Welcome SHOWGART -



8. You can equally play Broomling. There are 3 players and a magic ball. This sport is played on an ice rink. One of the players has to make the ball drag on the ice, with a magic wand. Then, he can’t touch the ball any more, as the two others have to make sure the ball goes in the goalpost by flying overhead with a broomstick in order to make wind. It’s forbidden to touch the ball. The first player just has to “throw” the ball but then, he is forbidden to do anything else. The ball has to go in the goalpost but if it goes out, they lose. The goal is to make the ball enter the goalpost as fast as possible given that the time is counted and the team who has the fastest timing wins.

Sports and games at Showgart by Welcome SHOWGART -



9. Another sport played in a maze is the “magic maze”. There are two teams of 5 players each. The teams enter the maze and their goal is to be the first to come out of it. They will need their wand as there are tons of monsters and obstacles in the maze. Some of the team members might get lost because of that and that is why they are 5.

Sports and games at Showgart by Welcome SHOWGART -



10. The “dodgus” is a sport inspired by dodge-ball. There are two teams and there must be 8 players per team. During the match, the two teams are face to face. Their goal is to touch the adversary team with the ball, while this other team must avoid the ball. The team member who has been hit by the ball is eliminated and has to fight against a dragon. If he or she manages to tame the dragon, he or she comes back in his/her team again. If he/she doesn’t manage, the player is eliminated once and for all. Careful: they don’t fight against the dragon until death occurs, they stop the fight when the player has too much difficulty. The fighting does generally not exceed 8 minutes. The stuff used for this game is a special ball called “yely”. The dodgus can be played in any pitch, only the pitch must be delimited with fluorescent chalk. The game stops when a team manages to eliminated a whole team.

Sports and games at Showgart by Welcome SHOWGART -



11. Another game is ”playing with fire”.  The goal is to have fun with friends, it’s just magic, you have to start with a spell: say “by the power of magic, I want to see fire coming out of my hands there” and then students can finally have fun, it’s gone. The game is very simple, you see monsters that are very awful creatures that must be eliminated. The game begins with two teams of seven at the start, then two other teams are added, no matter if the members are girls or boys, we have to mix both genders for even more laughter. Then the teams go to a dark room for even more fear and courage to eliminate the creatures which threaten their territory. But the most important moment to have a little suspense…If you follow the rules of this game well, you are in a dark place and when you cast your spell, flames come out of your hands and it’s beautiful. Of course, even if you have lost your magic powers, you can still play next time.


Sports and games at Showgart by Welcome SHOWGART -



12. To participate to the “1,500 meter magic broom hedge”, each player represents his or her house. All the participants must have their magic broom and go around the pitch 3 times, they can also use their magic wand to cast spells to slow down. They are entitled to cast three spells maximum. In the pitch there are transparent potions to collect. These potions can help or harm the participants. In the pitch there are 2 challenges; crossing a wall that is more than 1000 meter high, and flaming rings. The participants can push each other but not strike each other at the risk of being disqualified. Participants need physical skills.


Sports and games at Showgart by Welcome SHOWGART -



13. In this sport called the “magic creatures’ race”, the players need their magic wand as the target isn’t next to them. To start with, there are 4 players per team, there are also some people to bring the targets… The players shoot in a target with their wand while riding magical creatures from Showgart, they can use them like we can use horse for example the Merouge. The team that hits the most targets wins.


Sports and games at Showgart by Welcome SHOWGART -



14. The “Moon Hunt” is a game witch starts with the last sunbeams. The main goal of this game is to get five moon stones from the enemy’s team. This game needs 6 players on each side, the game ends if no one gets stones before sunrise. The rules are simple: no animagic is allowed, and only spell is allowed to disorientate the enemy. The play ground is a labyrinth that changes every hour. Each player can have a magic wand as long as it isn’t used to freeze the enemy or make him or her unable to play. Players can use  fireworks only if they are not too powerful.


Sports and games at Showgart by Welcome SHOWGART -



15. An amazing sport is the “triathlon of hypogriffs”. Students are riders when hypogriffs run – this is the first discipline, students fly on hypogriffs – the second discipline is flying with hypogriffs. And the third discipline is magic with magic wands, when students are hidden behind hypogriffs. There are 3 players in each team and 4 teams, one for each house, compete. They get points for each discipline and they are then counted. The team with the most points wins.


Sports and games at Showgart by Welcome SHOWGART -



16. “Dragon race” is a sport with great fun, in which students fly on dragons. But once in a while the dragons race among themselves and the students just watch. It’s weird but it looks like a horse race. Here are the rules: Only 3 competitors can complete for each team. Each team is marked with a different color. It is forbidden to use spells during the competition A competitor can disqualified for violating the rules. And the winner receive a golden statuette shaped like the school.


Sports and games at Showgart by Welcome SHOWGART -



17. Eventually, you can play “Magical Paintball”. This game looks like regular paintball, but there are lots of traps and the players in a big maze whose walls and is changed after a while.
4 teams of 4 players each are in competition. There is only one thing you need in this game and it is your magic wand. And also your skills too, if you want to win.
Of course there are rules, for instance you can not use other spells than normal light particle spell which is like a small laser and it is totally harmless and it would not hurt anybody, and if you get shot you are unharmed. Scoring is the easiest part, last team standing wins!


Sports and games at Showgart by Welcome SHOWGART -
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