Sticky Hair by Victoria Ottinger - Illustrated by Victoria Ottinger -
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Sticky Hair


Artwork: Victoria Ottinger

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I watched as the bubble expanded and expanded as I blew all the air I had left inside me. I wanted it to be the biggest bubble I could make it. My problem was that my hair was down and just before it popped (bubble still in it’s shape) I yelled “I blew a bubble!” to my mom. After I spoke I looked for the gum and it was in my hair! I was nervous really nervous my mom might see it in my hair. I thought to myself maybe she won’t see it? Then the thing I dreaded happened she saw it! My face was paralyzed with fear that she would punish me.


I stood strong like a soldier and tried to act natural. I was huffing and puffing trying to stay calm but inside my head chaos was going on like a tornado struck the town.

“What is in your hair?” she asked.

“Na…Na..Nothing” I started pulling my hair behind my head.

“I saw something in your hair”she angrily yelled pulling my hair out of my hand.

“Why were you lying? You now I hate liers! Also why do you have gum in your hair?”she asked.

“You were going to get mad at me and also from my bubble” I admitted.

She had to go supermarket shopping and I had to come even with the gum in my hair.


I left a trail of tears everywhere I walked, because it would not come out no matter how much we pulled at it. My brother Michael was laughing at me he sounded like a dolphin chirping.

At home after the gum was out I started twirling the piece of hair that had the gum in it .


I started thinking about the gum that was in my hair and its quenching taste. I also thought about the peanut butter that was put in my hair. I thought about my first bubble. I guess I should maybe be listen to what my mom says to me and not to blow bubbles with loose hair.


Victoria Ottinger


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