Stories from the world of work by Miss Doggett -
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Stories from the world of work

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Stories from the world of work by Miss Doggett -



The horror director was on his way back from filming a horror film.

He goes home to sleep in his house for a few hours because he was very tired.

KNOCK ! KNOCK ! KNOCK ! His sleep was disturbed by the sound of the doorbell.

He went to see who it was because he didn’t recognize the person.

It was a younger woman she had long black hair with intense black eyes and a white dress. With a big smile she asked the man : TRUTH OR DARE ! TRUTH OR

The man was afraid and he understood it was impossible to run away. He chose DARE. The woman was very excited, she started screaming HAAAAAAAAAAAAA !

With a big smile she gave an action « you have one hour to change your script or your life is finished ». The horror director ran to his car and missed the one hour deadline. Was it finished ? After ….

One day later the man woke up in his bed and he was very confused, he didn’t understand what had happened. He concluded that it was a nightmare.

He took a car and went to the studio but he had an accident, a big car hit him. But he survived and concluded that it was very weird.

One month later. The man lived the same day as yesterday once again. He concluded that he was in a loop for the rest of his life. For one month he didn’t sleep because he was afraid, very afraid. Who was this woman ? Why him ? Why did the man choose DARE and not TRUTH ? When would the story stop ?

It was a question to which nobody had the answer.


Kali Rossi

Stories from the world of work by Miss Doggett -

The murder of the CEO


This is Stephanie’s story. It’s about a young woman who worked in a communication agency . In this job there was a lot of competition but she got on well with everyone .

One day the CEO of this communication agency was killed . T

he main suspect was Stephanie because the clues always came back to Stephanie . For example , there were Stephanie’s fingerprints at the crime scene with her hair and the police discovered a dismissal letter addressed to Stephanie .

On learning that, Stephanie fled to conduct the investigation. She spent her days and nights on it .

One day, she discovered something on the computer of one of her colleagues . In this email , he criticised the CEO . She discovered another email , it was a dismissal letter to the same colleague . She decided to visit the apartment of this colleague and she discovered many clues like Stephanie’s hair and Stephanie’s fingerprints . And she understood , it was her colleagues who had killed the CEO. She was frightened and she fled .

When she arrived at the police station, Stephanie was exhausted but she said it’s not me , it’s not me, it’s my colleague who killed him . I have many clues .

After listening to Stephanie , the police decided to visit the apartment of Stephanie’s  colleague but in this apartment there was nothing. They clues had disappeared but on the table there was a photo of Stephanie and it was written a :”you are the second “ and, on learning that, the police wanted to protect Stephanie.  A few days later, she disappeared.

One year later the police discovered  Stephanie who had been killed with a knife . The police searched and searched for Stephanie’s colleague but they didn’t have clues at the crime scene to help with the investigation.

The day after, a policeman meet the fugitive in a shop , he caught him and he was put in prison .




The teacher and his robot


The cute robot isn’t always friendly.
Once upon a time, in a little city, in a very strange city, Lucas, the teacher had an idea for a project. The teacher liked the perfect student but he didn’t exist. One day, when he came home, the teacher bought material to do his project.
All night, Lucas worked on his project and said « one day the perfect student will live in all the world ».
Four days later, the project was finished and the teacher was very happy to use his creation. The teacher made seven different robots. They were very smart and they did their homework every time. They were very colorful and very cute.
So, in the night, the robots made by the teacher went in the streets to kill many people.




The explorer on a mission


Hello everybody. Today I’m going to tell you Petter’s story, my story ! My name is Petter I am twenty-six years old, I’m a very good explorer. I have already explored many countries : Mexico, the Sahara, Brazil and many others. But now I’m going to explore the jungle of Colombia. My mission is to explore the jungle and discover new species of animals and plants. I must also find the location of the largest waterfall in Colombia. The only problem is that I am not the only one to carry out this mission, there are other explorers who must also find this waterfall. I must therefore act quickly. During my adventure, I was confronted by many things : dangerous animals (spiders), carnivorous plants and many different things. And I was also confronted by the cold, the sun, the snow… At the end of my adventure, I found the waterfall the first. I was verry happy.



Stories from the world of work by Miss Doggett -

I saved the president’s life.


So, when I was young my goal was to use my body to save lives. So, when I grew up, I became a bodyguard. At first, I was a bodyguard in a little shop and company but over the time I became a bodyguard for a celebrity. But there was never a time when my celebrity almost got killed, but it finally happened one day.

One day I woke up and I saw that I had 20 missed calls from my boss. So, I called him and I learned the best news of my life: in one week I would have to protect the president. After the call I was so happy that I broke my phone but it didn’t matter. One day after, I met Barack Obama. I was so stressed at the time because many people wanted to hurt the president and I wasn’t sure if I was ready for this. So, the day finally came and it was complicated but it was nothing for me because I spent a day with Barack Obama.

 So, I took the president to his hotel room and left but when I was outside, I realized that I forgot my jacket in his hotel room so I went to his room and it was closed and he didn’t answer. So I unlocked the door with my key card and I saw that the president had a gun in his face and a man wanted to kill him. The guy didn’t see me so I ran to him and knocked him out and saved the president. He was so scared and thanked me a million times.

I saved the president’s life.



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