Artwork from the book - Studying Australia by Raffaella DellAgnese -
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Studying Australia

by Raffaella DellAgnese




Australian indigenous lived in the area before the European settlement in October 1824. They  moved about to take advantage of seasonal foods, such as bogong moths. The indigenous Ngunnuwal people are said to be the custodians of the city of Canberra.

The city has been home to the country’s Executive, Judiciary and legislature arms of government for 100 years.

Artwork from the book - Studying Australia by Raffaella DellAgnese -


⧫ Canberra is famous for the shopping. Every Sunday, for example, from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. there is the “Old Bus Depot Markets”.

⧫ In Canberra the most popular sport is rugby.

⧫”Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia” is a service for the people who live far to the city’s hospital.

⧫Joshua John Moore was the first European settler in ‘Canberra’ also he gave the name to the city.

⧫Canberra’s nickname is “Garden city” because there are a lot of parks.

Artwork from the book - Studying Australia by Raffaella DellAgnese -


In Canberra during the summer the temperature is around 12,6°C – 27°C with little humidity and mild nights.

January is the hottest month and the temperature is around 28°C.

In Autumn the temperatures get to 20°C with mild days and cool nights. The city’s parks and gardens have beautiful colours.

Winter in Canberra is cold between 1°C-12°C.

During Spring there are fresh mornings with average temperatures between 6°C-19°C.



burley lake

During your holiday in Canberra you can do a lot of things…

Visit the national museum of Australia.

Fly over Canberra with hot air balloon.

See the Burley lake.

Visit the national zoo & aquarium.

Go to the national gallery of Australia.




Quick facts

Population: 4 million

Surface: 1705 km²

Climate: Oceanic climate

Official language : English

State: Victoria






Artwork from the book - Studying Australia by Raffaella DellAgnese -



The Observation Deck – Rialto building of this skyscraper was started of Rialto in October in 1982, and it finished in October in 1986, with inauguration. The architects were Gerard de Preu and Perrott Lyon Mathienson. This building was opened to public only after 8 years, on 20th July in 1994. The skyscraper is 253 m tall. It became an important tourist destination.


Melbourne Exhibition Centre building opened for the first time on 14th February in 1996, today the Melbourne Exhibition Centre hosts big exhibition. It surface is 30.000m2 instead it is a biggest open space in Australia.


Flemington Racecourse is a meeting place and horse racing, and it is mansion of Melbourne Cup, it is a biggest and prestigious australian race horse. The first Melbourne Cup was assigned in 1861, today the racecourse has become wealth of national heritage.

Artwork from the book - Studying Australia by Raffaella DellAgnese -



Australia Day

It is celebrated on 26th January and it remembers the First Fleet landed in Sydney Harbour in 1788 when Arthur Phillip took possession of the New South Wales colony.

Grand Prix of Australia

From 1996 Melbourne hosts the Grand Prix of Australia of Formula 1 in the circuit built in Albert Park, a city park. Until 2006, the Grand Prix was the inaugural season race.

In Melbourne there are many sports facilities. The biggest and the most famous is the Melbourne Cricket Ground, its history began in the 1850s, it has 100.000 seats. Here you can see cricket and australian football matches. The Docklands Stadium and the new Melbourne rectangular Stadium are also very popular  and important.

Artwork from the book - Studying Australia by Raffaella DellAgnese -


Quick facts

Population: 2,04 million

Density: 317,74 pop/km2

Area: 6417.9 km2

Temp.max: 24,6 C°

Temp. min: 12,7 C°

It became state in 1829



Aboriginal people have inhabited the Perth area for 38,000 years

The city of Perth was named by Captain James Stirling in 1829. It started as a colony on the Swan River.

After a referendum in 1900, Western Australia joined the Federation of Australia in 1901. It was the last of the Australian colonies to join the federation, and did so only because the other colonies offered several concessions.

Artwork from the book - Studying Australia by Raffaella DellAgnese -



  • Perth is also known as the “City of Light”. The naming is the result of the fact that when astronaut John Glenn orbited above it back in 1962 he could identify Perth because everyone turned on all their lights, making Perth highly visible.
  • Perth has the honour of being the city with more sun hours in the world during a year. According to statistics, there are at least 8 sunny hours during 365 days each year. That’s why many Europeans decide to live here.
  • It is the second capital more isolated from the rest of capitals in the country: only overcome by Honolulu, which is located 3800 kilometres far from San Francisco. This city is about 2730 kilometres far from Adelaide, the next Australian city.
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Quick facts

Population: 4.291.000

Territory:  12.367 km2

Density:  397.89 population of km2

Time zone: +10

Climate: subtropical     



There was the first european settlement in 1788.

The Sydney Mint built between 1811 and 1816.

The Australia Day Regatta in Sydney conducted since 1837.

In 1842 Sydney officially became a city.

In1879 there is the International Exhibition.

In 1932 completions of the Harbour Bridge.

In 1973 completions of the Opera House.

Woolworths Carols is Australia’s largest free Christmas concert since 1892.

Cricket is the most popular summer sport in Sydney and the city will host games in the 2015 Cricket World Cup.




  • Harbour Bridge
  • Opera House is the best theater
  • Parramatta is the most important river
  • Sydney tower is the tallest tower
  • Darling Harbour
  • Bondi  beach
  • Olympic park
  • Cathedral
  • Hyde park is the oldest park



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