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It was May 12 1938 no one knew we were on the brink of war that Germany would invade Poland.But just a few months later they would the fighting in the area just a 2 years later December,7 1941 america would be bombed at pearl harbor by japan and that sent a thing out that made.all men 21-30 were told to enlist and that is ¬†when me Pvt.Thomas 3rd Battalion 42nd squad and my freind Pvt.Skeen we enlisted thinking we wouldn’t fight that much and we would see some sights but that was before 1944.’15 minutes till drop’ i was shaking were about to drop on the front lines even mama said we were not expected to come back alive and they were right but not for me. ’30 seconds’ ‘were screwed’ i said ‘no we are not’ Pvt.thomson said then 4 bullets came flying through the boat 3 of them hit thomson in the chest he was screaming ‘your ok’ are medic said i don’t remember his name but he was dying there and he did but little did I know the other bullet hit my friend in the stomach. He was on the boat with me and he was getting off with me

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