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I'm a writer, scientist, musician, inventor and lecturer. During the daytime I am advisor to the President of Shenkar College. In the evening I write children's books, satire, and "how to" manuals ("Mel's ten tips). I'm co-founder of Ourboox and married to Ourboox CEO Shuli Sapir-Nevo. אני סופר, ממציא, מרצה, מוזיקאי
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Taglit Innovation 2018 – The Catalogue

by Mel Rosenberg - מל רוזנברג


Our Golden Treasure Hunt!

100 years ago there were many here

Now there is only one.

100 years ago there was hard work here

Now they only work on games

and fun.

Seek the gold

So I am told,


Or ask the lady whose name is Spring-a

And she will help you find the thinga

And when you’ve found

That something round

Just say ‘knock knock’

I’ll stop the clock

Now go and run

The count’s begun.










What is chance anyway?










Birthright Israel (Taglit) is a program in which hundreds of thousands of young Jewish students come visit Israel, many for the very first time. I was surprised to learn that each group from abroad is accompanied by a smaller group of soldiers and students who volunteer to join the foreign groups, adding the local ingredient of Israelis their age who can share their lives, and enjoy the new friendship and experiences of their time together. Recently I have been asked to give two presentations on innovation in general and Ourboox in particular to two groups from overseas visiting Taglit. Each time, I prepared an e-book on our platform, with pictures of the participants and some text on my life, and innovation.
Last night I was invited to address the Israeli counterparts. Some 100 bright eyed young people, in the Israeli Exchange Building near bustling Rothschild avenue. I talked about my own life, how I came to Israel as a young person their age, and loved it so much that my first year here never really ended.  Of course I prepared a book as well.
In addition to talking a bit about my own story, about innovation in general (I shared my ideas on how to have a 100% successful startup), and our startup in particular, I made new friends and wonderful contacts. What a delightful way to start the weekend. So thank you Shay and Orel, to Oran for hosting me, to both Liors (male and female), and looking forward to the next time we get together!


More in the next pages!

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