That is lost is found by Yahav Lifshits - Illustrated by DALL-E2 -
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That is lost is found


Artwork: DALL-E2

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In a quaint little town nestled amidst the rolling hills, there once existed a magical object known as the “Eternal Prism.” This Prism was said to possess the power to reflect the true essence of everything it encountered, revealing the deeper truths hidden beneath the surface. Legends spoke of its ability to illuminate the core of existence and inspire profound insights.

One fateful day, the Eternal Prism vanished from its resting place in the town’s ancient temple. The news of its disappearance spread like wildfire, and the townsfolk were consumed by despair. Among them was a young philosopher named Leo, who had spent years studying the teachings of the great philosopher Plato. Leo believed that the Eternal Prism held the key to understanding the essence of reality itself.


Driven by an insatiable curiosity and a deep longing to reconnect with the lost essence, Leo embarked on a relentless quest to find the Eternal Prism. He scoured the libraries, traveled to distant lands, and conversed with wise sages, hoping to gather clues that would lead him to his coveted object.

From the bustling markets of ancient cities to the serene monasteries atop mist-covered mountains, Leo explored every corner of the world in search of the Prism’s whereabouts. Yet, despite his tireless efforts, it eluded him at every turn. He began to question if his pursuit was in vain, if the object truly existed, or if it was nothing more than a mere figment of his imagination.


In his darkest moments, Leo pondered the philosophical ideas of Plato. He contemplated Plato’s theory of Forms, where the physical world is a mere shadow of the true realm of existence. Perhaps the Eternal Prism, like the Forms, transcended the material realm and resided in a higher state of being. If so, Leo mused, it was futile to search for it within the confines of the physical world.

Lost and disheartened, Leo decided to take a respite from his travels. He retreated to a secluded cabin nestled deep within a mystical forest, hoping to find solace amidst nature’s embrace. As he immersed himself in the tranquility of the surroundings, a realization slowly unfolded within him.


The lost object, the Eternal Prism, was more than just a physical artifact. It represented the pursuit of truth, wisdom, and self-discovery. Leo came to understand that while the Prism itself may be forever lost, its essence was forever imprinted upon his very being. The journey he had embarked upon was not one of finding an external object but rather of discovering the inner depths of his own soul.

Leo had been searching for something that was always within him, waiting to be recognized. The essence he sought was not confined to the Prism alone but permeated every aspect of existence. The external world was merely a reflection of the internal realm, and the answers he sought were not to be found in distant lands but in the depths of his own consciousness.


Armed with this newfound understanding, Leo returned to the town that had once been consumed by the loss of the Eternal Prism. He shared his revelation with the townsfolk, encouraging them to look within themselves for the wisdom they sought. The town, once filled with despair, began to blossom with a renewed sense of purpose and self-discovery.

Leo became a beacon of light, guiding others on a journey of inner exploration. He taught them to embrace their own potential for wisdom and to recognize that the essence they sought was not lost but ever-present within their own hearts. The loss of the Eternal Prism was no longer a tragedy but a catalyst for profound personal growth and enlightenment.

In the end, Leo’s quest for the lost object became a testament to the power of introspection, reminding us that what we seek is often closer than we realize. The Eternal Prism may have disappeared, but its essence lived on, forever intertwined with the human spirit and the eternal quest for truth. And so, the town flourished, forever transformed by the profound philosophical journey of one lost soul.

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