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Frozen In Time


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“Where am I? What happened to me?” I asked. I could hear people talking around me and then, I could only see darkness….

The next time I opened my eyes was a couple of days later.

A man came in and gave me a glass of water. I denied it. “What have you done to me”? I shouted. He pressed a button. A couple of minutes later there was darkness again.


The next time I opened my eyes it was night time. I slowly got out of bed and tried to walk but I couldn’t. My legs didn’t respond. I started to crawl. I didn’t know where I was going. I wanted to search the building but suddenly heard footsteps. I quickly crawled back to my bed just in time before a man entered the room. The man stood there quietly not moving an inch and suddenly said “I know that you’re awake.” Then left the room. How did he know I was awake? I was too tired to think and the next thing I knew it was morning.



The man was waiting for me in the room. “Do you remember what happened in the war?”

“What war?” I asked.

“You were there, said the man. Sixty years ago. Somebody froze you in time. All we know is that it must have been important. So I’ll ask you again what happened?”

“I don’t remember anything I said.” He pulled out a laser and  pointed it at my head.

I couldn’t remember anything and instinctively said “bomb” and then fainted.


The next time I woke up it was night time. The man was still sitting there. “I remember everything now.”, I said. “We don’t have time! We have to detonate the bomb!”

” Where is it?” he asked.

“Under this building” I answered. “The code is 549653.” When we got to underground compartment we found a bomb with a minute left until it exploded. We detonated the bomb with the code with half a minute to spare. But then the door behind us locked automatically and we were stuck inside. “Nobody can save us now,” the man said. “We have saved many people but we will die here” the man continued. “There is one option,” he said, “but only you will survive. I can freeze you again. Do you agree?”

“Yes,” I answered. “Thank you.” I said. It only took a few seconds and then there was darkness around me, again.


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