The Dolphin and The Eagle by Makenna - Illustrated by Anna Foss Moore -
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The Dolphin and The Eagle


Artwork: Anna Foss Moore

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Once upon a time, there was a dolphin and an eagle. They were good friends, but they got into fights from time to time.

One time, the eagle said to the dolphin, “I’m much faster than you, and I can go anywhere I want. Your speed, which isn’t that much, stays in the water. My speed is in the air, which is pretty much anywhere, and above the water,”

“You won’t be fast always,” The dolphin replied. “There will be a time when you will be slow, and you have no speed to rely on,”

The eagle gawed. “I will always have my speed. In fact, I’m so speedy, I don’t need you. Goodbye, old friend. I won’t be needing you anymore,”

“Wait!” The dolphin cried.


“Try and catch me!” The eagle said, zooming away from the ocean.

The dolphin swam and swam, but the eagle was too fast at the moment.

“I’m faster!” The eagle cried as he got out of view from the dolphin.

The eagle traveled all over the world, winning races for the fastest, becoming world famous. One time there was a gala, and he was allowed a plus one. He choose a random beautiful peacock.

When he was flying there, there was a terrible storm. He kept trying and trying to fly, but it was really difficult.

The eagle took a break for a minute, because


His wings were getting really tired. But the storm was too powerful, and it flung him backwards. He tried to fly, but he couldn’t.

He kept going backwards, and backwards until he reached the ocean, where the storm was going to drop him. Then he saw the dolphin, who was affected because the storm didn’t affect the water.

“Dolphin!” The eagle cried. “My old friend! Come rescue me!”

Suddenly, the storm dropped the eagle down into the water.

“I thought we wern’t friends,” The dolphin said. “You were bragging about your speed, and saying that you would never need me. Now, because of you’re foolish mistake, you’re going


To drown,”

And the eagle did drown, while the dolphin stayed alive.

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