THE FALL OF ETHICA by Guy Dazin - Illustrated by Written and Illustrated by Guy Dazin -
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Artwork: Written and Illustrated by Guy Dazin

I was born in Tel Aviv in 1992 . I hold a BA in Art History, a BA in English Read More
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THE FALL OF ETHICA by Guy Dazin - Illustrated by Written and Illustrated by Guy Dazin -




The Fall of Ethica

Play Summary


My play “The Fall of Ethica” is a social satire of the upper class in a fictionalized
12th Century Europe.
The play moles over the big issues of civil strife and conquest leading to the
formation of the modern western, post- industrial revolution Globe.
My main inspiration came from 16th and 17th literary and social culture of
England, Ancient Greece dramas and Mythology. I was wholly invigorated by my
first plunge into the awesome intellect of William Shakespeare work – plays,
sonatas, prose and tales, earlier year.
The main characters of my play are Squire Abbot; a low gentry level of Heraldry
and Tom of Tyre a poor carpenter, who grew up in Syria in the Citadel of Tyre;
disgruntled after the master of their house threw him and his father John of
Tyre from his dominion.




There are several locations in the play- Ethica, Scania, Jerusalem, Venetia,
Constantinople; that serve the atmosphere of the play and its setting.
After I toke my first gander at the work of Shakespeare I was mesmerized by his
accomplishment -He’s the one who instructed me to take up the pen and write the
play. I wanted to shine a light on the set of indulgences and conquest the Roman
Republic/ Empire and the Byzantine / Holly Roman Empire the shaped the form of
the new world.
My comic drawings were inspired by the works of Egon Schiele.
Someday I would like to make the dream of showing the play come true.


Dramatis Personae- Characters of the Play 

King Darrow – The honorable ruler of Venetia.

Brunella – Princess of Venice, Darrow’s niece.

Count Ripley – Count of Bolognia, nephew of   King Darrow.

Squire Abbot – Page to Count Ripley.

Tom of Tyre – A carpenter’s son.

Page II – A servant of the court of Venetia.

Derek – A Roman centurion. Royal Physician – At the court of Venetia.

Motley the Scoundrel- A simple Peddler.

Guard I, Guard II- Sentinels of the court of Venetia.

Old Pindar – Prophet of old Roma.




Soothsayer – A man of the cloth and a psychic.

Friar Baron-A Priest of the old Pgaelic army.

Serveuse – Attendent and servent of Brunella.

Barbar of Scania -  A Viking - A grunt from the frozen North.

John of Tyre – A poor carpenter.

Page IV

A trickster of the woods of Akko.

Frederick of Elder - Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

Charlemagne- First of the Phrancks.

The demiurge.

Zaphir - King of Jerusalem.






Spade – King of Ethica.

Presbgterian-A noble knioght, Charlemagnes’s champion.

Gillia - Princess of Constantinople.

Guidea of Warwick – A noble Kinghtess.

Biatrice – Guidea’s Page.

Princess Lamia of Ethica



 Court of Venice
Outskirts of Old   Byzantine
The Golden House in Venice
Act II
Pantokrator Monastery in Constantinople
The Foyer of the Castle in Constantinople
King Zephier’s Castle in Jerusalem





Court of Venice

Enter Derek with a torch.
Derek: Ethica has burned to the ground!
Brunella: Oh Sir! Why speak you of ill, in such a festive time
Brunella grabs the centurion’s hand
Derek: O, gentle kind Lady! I orate such news on my own peril…
Brunella: Get rid of you! Any aliments you heed to voice, can    wait! We are
in   Holiday Mood!
Enter Count Ripley.
Count Ripley: Gentle cousin…
Derek: Gracious Lord…
Count Ripley: Sirrah, have your freedom to utter?! Stuff your mouth, with
Derek: Feathers?





Count Ripley: Feathers I say, Sirrah!
Brunella: Get you feathers lonely messanger!
Derek: I’ll fetch thee…
Count Ripley raises a finger
Count Ripley: Get you feather! You rounding lions…
Derek: I shall. But please…please
Count Ripley: Feathers!
Derek: Ay, feathers…
Derek exit
Count Ripley: Gentle Cousin, what ti’s rude peacock had to say of your condition?
Brunella: He speaks of nonsense…
Enter Page II
Page II: My Liege, Ethica has burn wholly to the sea and its inhabitants flee…
those who managed to get themselves to the boats.



Brunella: Good Willing, that most agreeable centurion’s stories were true! And now confirmed doubly!

Count Ripley kneeling before a Roman column

Count Ripley: Great Ethica, our morals standing questioned following your departure!

Brunella: O, Gentle cousin!

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