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The Future of Software Development: Implementing Emerging Technologies

by Siya Carla

Artwork: Siya Carla

Now that emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and IoT are being put to use with a guarantee of assured results—software application development companies are now confident of providing advanced software solutions with data-driven strategies.


In the digital era, consumers have been already empowered by small chunks of emerging technologies. For example, Siri, Cortana, and Alexa are household names. They may not be aware of the technology behind it but are using the same for a range of purposes.


On the contrary, business owners are aware of how these technologies put customers at ease and can provide insightful data to them, and they are keen on investing in techs like Artificial Intelligence and IoT.


The problem with the business owners is that there are so many things available and they have to pick the one that not only fits their budget but also assure them to help thrive in competition.


To help them out, we have created a list of emerging technologies that they can try on but of course only after acutely mapping their requirements.


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Additionally, as these technologies also direct the course of software development, it is important that they select a software development company that has a talent pool of developers and other resources to provide high-end solutions.


Here are the four things that we believe need to be taken care of software development solution providers as well as business owners.


The Demand for AI-first Software


There is no quick formula to AI-success until now. So, if you are a business owner in need of AI-powered software, make sure to partner with a technology company that has relevant experience in capturing the massive potential of AI.


It means after the implementation, you could see the return on your huge AI investments.


The fuel to AI market is machine learning and deep learning technology, which has many discrete layers, as described by McKinsey&Company.


These layers include data types, methods, architecture, algorithm, framework, head node, and accelerator.


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Since AI is a highly disruptive technology, you need the support of a company that effectively experiment with different strategies, technologies, and opportunities.


Besides, you have to make sure that you select the company which keeps your business relevant in the disruptive market. As it requires large investments, companies that heed the given points will in a better position to win.


Low Code Development


A shift from traditional computer programming, Low Code Development Platform (LCDP) enables developers to create a software application using graphical user interface and configuration.


This type of development effectively addresses the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.


Low code development helps the business owners to analyze and optimize the software development process based on their requirements. The platform provides a range of templates, forms, objects, and drag-and-drop reusable elements.


It doesn’t mean that business owners will not need third-party custom software development company in future. What Low Code Software Development will change is the involvement of business owners.


Earlier, in traditional computer programming, business owners have little say when it comes to selecting technology stack, as they mostly rely on the tech company.


LCDP keeps the programming in the background and enable the business owners to overpass the development process of models, map database objects, and UI designs and simply use the one they like.


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Extensive Security Testing


As the software app development will become an integral part of business, security testing will gain tremendous attention in the development pipeline.


Since a wide spectrum of apps will be connected to devices, both application and device security will become critical for business and the software development company.


In the current scenario, security testing is a bottleneck for the delivery as many tech companies do not have the necessary talent and budget to slow down the development process until every element has cleared the required testing.


In the near future, as the demands for IoT apps will surge, companies will have little choice but to empower developers with relevant tools for real-time feedback on the security of the code to avoid delay and expenses.


Edge Computing for Data Processing


As the number of IoT devices will increase, the traffic on the network while device communication that depends on infrastructure, machine learning, and computer will also increase.


Edge computing streamlines this flow of traffic and provides real-time local data analysis.


With growing IoT and data market, we will witness a rise in companies that will be efficiently capturing data to eliminate processing workload from the server side.


It means more parties will be involved in the IoT application development processes.




In the near future, there is no stoppage in the evolution of emerging technologies, and so both software development companies and business owners have to be on toes to catch the pace of the evolution.


The much-needed effort is to keep planning for how you can effectively utilize emerging technologies and bring more talented people on the table.


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