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dragons and unicorns


Artwork: Unicorn girl 8

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Dragons  are amazing aren’t they.  Unicorns are amazing aren’t they. Wait why did I say dragons and unicorns, they are opposites. Well we will see about that. Maybe they are enemies maybe they are friends, who knows? Well I do, that is why I wrote this book. It is actually the only reason I wrote this book because think about it,imajine I wrote a book that wasn’t true, that would be stupid. Now back to unicorns and dragons. I  am not sure if u know but dragons can be pets. Example you could have a bearded dragon. Now that was a cool fact wasn’t it? I also have a fact about unicorns. They do not have magic coming out of there horn, there body parts are magical instead. Example their tears could heal anything, even the FLU. That was another amazing fact wasn’t it?                                                                                                                                                      By the way I don’t think any of this is true, lets just ignore that and continue this not true book.




I am using up a page for this….


This book is VERY weird so you will probably be saying after you read this, THIS BOOK IS SO WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





thank you for reading



Unicorns are magical creatures. They aren’t magical the way we think they are but that is fine. Instead they are magical with body parts. There hair if plaited  together is as strong as iron. If given from the unicorn instead of being stolen, it would be even stronger. Also there horn is magical(and no it’s  not magic shooting out of its horn)It is just well expensive VERY EXPENSIVE, long ago kings and queens would drink out of unicorn goblets at party’s. A unicorns main colours are pink and white. 







Dragons are dangerous creatures, usually people think they are  mythical but they aren’t. Actually they are absolutely real. These creatures are quite like dinosaurs. Some people get mixed up with the two. Here is how you wont get mixed up. Dragons have wings, dinosaurs do not. Now here is something you may think is cool. As you know dragons can fly BUT did you know they breathe fire! You probably did as everyone should know. A dragons main colour is green.         



Unicorns and dragons are actually family! I know its nuts!

Here is how…..


Dragons and unicorns are said to be enemies.(well according to me)That is a great reason for them to be family. Don’t believe me ok then here is another reason…


Dragons and unicorns are often seen together in movies, books and more! So doesn’t that make them family? Still no! ok fine here is ONE more.


Dragons are like a unicorns, well BFF!!!So they could be family. If you STILL don’t believe me then I have no more ideas for you.



Yes unicorns and dragons have opposites😥. As you know Unicorns and dragons ARE opposites, so that’s one. Also dragons are scary and unicorns aren’t. Unicorns are girly dragons are not. Dragons are green and unicorns are pink. Unicorns are fluffy and dragons are scaly. Unicorns dance on rainbows DRAGONS DONT EVEN DANCE!!! I like capital letters they are cool. Anyway back to random opposites. Dragons like to kill humans and unicorns DEFINETLY DO NOT!!! Ooh I did two capitals one page yay😊!






I know this was a really short book but for me it took AGES to do but then for some people it was long so yeah

This free e-book was created with

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