the flower garden by SEBA AWAD - Illustrated by by t.albret -
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the flower garden


Artwork: by t.albret

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the flower garden


here are two twin girls
Rosa and Violet are similar in every way
They wear the same clothes, behave the same way, and get the same grades in school
Today was their birthday





their mother shouted outside the door, “Come on, girls.”
“Time to open your gifts and me and your dad

You want to see how you love them. ”

Oh! Their overwhelming joy. They ran to the house
The girls saw two big boxes. Their enthusiasm grew as they are
I wondered what was inside her. Then they smiled at one

Another because both of them flocked to get a box.
“I want this,” Rose shouted. “I do not want it

One, “Violet shouted.

Their mother said. “You know it’s not like that
Any difference makes, they’re both the same. ”

Rose and Violet laughed when they realized how
They acted ridiculous and funny. Of course gifts

They will be identical, just like them.

All of them got an unwrapped box and opened and
Then he looked inside. Rose exclaimed happily, “Things to
Make a flower garden. This is great, something I am
Always want to do.

I can grow my own flower garden. ”

Violet said, “I love the flowers and the garden
It will be beautiful. But there are a lot of things in it
This square looks like it will be a lot of
Worked. ”Violet was right. There was a lot of

Things in the box.

It contained everything they needed to make a flower
The park, everything except water, sunshine and love.
Both girls thanked their mother and father for their greatness
They attended and pulled their heavy boxes outside

Each of them chose a plot of land to give their name to
The book “How To Garden” is out of the box and started at
Read. Rose said, “Violet, you were right. That would be it.”

A lot of work “.

They carefully removed the lawn, loosened
Ground, added and mixed in special flower soil,

And they planted flower seeds.

I found the violets some cute sticks and a pretty ribbon
We make a fence around her garden. She gave seeds
I watered them and said, “Rose, I’m going

Inside to watch TV. ”

Rose asked her father to help her make a stone

A fence around her garden.

“A very private garden needs a very special fence,”
She told him they gather and lay


After some time the construction of the wall was completed
Rose seeds gave their first watering.

“Well, maybe later. Now I want to eat
Breakfast, and then I think I’ll play a game. ”

Violet said.

Every morning Rose took care of her garden and
Every morning Violet had something else to do.
Every morning, Rose will remember Violet B.
She waters her garden and Violet replies,
“Let Mother Nature take care of her.”

One morning Rose examined her garden and
She could not believe what she saw. Her garden
It was covered with small flower plants.
She was so excited that she danced with joy. Then
I looked at Violet Garden. she did not have
Many plants, but there were some.

Rose opens her book “How To Garden”
Find out what to do next. “Hmmm,”
She said to herself. “I have to put plants.
I need to take some of it to make room for

Others have to grow. ”

Rose felt bad. She loved flowers and
Now I had to pull some off the ground.

Then I got an idea.

I will grow the ones I pull from my garden to
Violets. And that’s exactly what I did.
Then Rose gave both gardens a big drink
Water. She loved her garden and was not there
Why shouldn’t she love her sister equally.

Their mother was watching from the kitchen window. She was very

Proud of the way Rose has been helping her sister.

Rose was looking at her garden when she heard Violet was coming
outdoor. “wow!” Violet said when she saw her garden.

“Look at all those rose plants.

I have a lot like you. Our gardens are already growing. ”
Rose said “Violet.” “Did you know that I…” I paused
She talks for a second because she was angry. She continued.
“Did you know that I believe our gardens grow equally?”

“I think so too,” said Violet. “And from now on I am
I will take care of my garden every day, just like you.
For the next several weeks they watered their gardens,
Pull out unwanted weeds and grass, feed the plants,
And they even put some worms in their gardens
Keep the soil loose. Just like “How To Garden”


They were happy. Plants were growing and multiplying

We had sprouts and are ready to open.

Oh! No


this is the end of the story, I hope you like it
I advise you to read it because it is beautiful

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