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The humen robbot


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In 2070 in a remote town in russia was a  genius scientist.

His name was Dima, Dima loved to invent things. He was 70 year old and he feel like someone that his time gonna finish soon and in a few year he will not getting along alone. He started to think and he concluded to invent robot who’s gonna help him with the house chores ,  take care of him. He was poor so he didnt got the best tools but he was so genius so he succeeded to work with everything . Its took him 1 year but finally in 2071 his robot was ready. He was so scared to activate him cause he didnt knew if he’s gonna work well.

Finally after more improvements he Turn him on!!!

He programmed the robot to act like his son, so the first word that the robot said is: “Dad every thing is good? whats happend ?” Dima shouted:” yes i did it, it work , it work!!!!

Dima was so excited so he was adjacent to the robot for consecutive days. After few days he relaized that the robot behave little be strange, Dima  saw that he  behave like a regular human !!!.

Dima and the robot:

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After a few month that Dima lived with the robot and hanging around the village with him people started to ask qouistion on the robot. Nobody could belive that this old crazy man really invent robot whos behave and laborer like a regular humen .

Dima and the robbot made every thing togeter, the eat togeter sleep, watch TV, walk outside. The were very close to each other like dad and son. In one day Dima and the robot decided to get published, and to showed the world the robot and to get riched. They decide to go to the newpaper with the invention so the  drive 3 hour to Moscow. In there way the robot ask Dima:” dad, where we going? Dima told him: “we going to the big city, to show you to the world”. After long driving they finally come to the newspaper building. Dima wear old and dirty clothes. He stand in the building’s entrance, and the security personnel didnt let him in! Dima said: “what happend ? why i can’t get in? i have invantion that gonna chance the world!!!.

They told him: you old and crazy you’re imagine, go home.

Dima started to shout you’re crazy ! the invantion that gonna chance the wholl humanity stand right here next to you and you told that im crazy? the security personnel really saw the robot but still the didnt let him in.




Dima and the robot drive all the long way back, Dima was very disappointed and restless. He thought with himself :”why he didnt let me in?, what wrong with them? its all becouse im look old?. After few days with a lot of questions who have risen to Dima he completed with the fact that he’s not going to be published from his invention. It’s been many years, Dima was very old, so the robot help him with all of the things in the house. The rumor on the robot who’s behave like a human kept moving and come to Moscow! pepole come all the long way from Moscow to remote town to see Dima and to see his invantion. This invantion was so good and amazing that its come to the TV !!! Dima was very old and he didnt had power to all of this publicity. He undrestand that to be famouse and rich is doesnt matter what that’s really metter is to live happy and good life. After 2 years Dima passed  away and the robot kept live like a regular human!!!. This robot chance all of the humanity and people create more robot’s like him! we can said that Dima the “crazy old man” upgrade all of the humanity!!!.

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