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Once upon a time there was a boy called jack well jack was mean and a bully nobody liked him just his mom and dad well one day something happened to jack he turned invisible and he said wow I’m ,invisible he said he’s mom came down and she didn’t see him she said it feels cold but I bet it’s just the wind she said he felt sad but he didn’t care about it now it’s been 6 years now he’s mom and dad died and a new family moved in to his old house and he is still at his house the family heared a voice, and they went up to the basement and nothing was there they went to bed and the girl named misty misty heared something she went to see what it is but nothing she went to bed and it’s morning there son is named josh. Josh was at school telling his self to the whole class  he sat down well the whole class heared something the teacher said that it was the wind well it was time to go home and then there was a storm starting they got in the house and the power went out they got scared but something happened to be counted ……..

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