Kingdom Of Legends
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The Kingdom of Legends

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The Kingdom Of Legends

Written By Sanskriti Mehta

Written as Paulina Mc’Cardiman


  A Call For Help


It was a cold morning in New Rodent City, which was weird because it had been very warm at night and dawn. Yes readers, you read me right, I didn’t sleep the whole night, so I knew what  the weather had been the whole time! Oops, I almost forgot to introduce myself! I’m Paulina Mc’Cardiman. I am a detective.  I am also a  secret agent and I work for an agency called L.F.W.D.A (Legends, Fantasies, More, We Do It All!) The director of L.F.W.D.A is Trevor Mystery. That is a very secret agency, so everyone had codenames, mine was OOV. Trevor’s was OOG, and everyone else I worked with had a code that started with a double ‘O’ or a double ‘A’. Today OOG A.K.A Trevor called me through a secret mouse-phone. He told me that one of the Fantasy lands, The Land Of Legends, was in danger! 

The Kingdom of Legends by Sanskriti Mehta -

A Windy Evening

After talking to Trevor, I thought, how would I get to L.F.W.D.A in time to help Trevor. L.F.W.D.A was way in Antarctica, the building was built underground. To avoid intruders, there is a hologram of an iceberg above the entrance to L.F.W.D.A. When I first joined, I had to past and iris test, DNA test, pawprints, etc. After all these tests, they gave a special bracelet which had all the information from my tests, so to go through a door, I had to pass the bracelet scanning. Anyway where was I, oh yes, the location L.F.W.D.A was a secret, only the pilots of the helicopters and Trevor knew the right entrance. Just them, I got a letter that read “A boat from the L.F.W.D.A will be waiting at the secret port, I will give you the location in a while. After reading this, eat the letter, it’s made of sugar. -OOG”


Soon, Trevor sent me the location of the port, it was near the northern port. It was evening by the time I reached the northern port. Everyone looked like a normal customer and sailor, so it was almost impossible to find the agent just by looking at the rodents. As I was instructed, I sat in a very small Blue boat. When I sat in the boat and not after long a rodent came up to me and said “Welcome to the boat dear rodent, may your journey be rich with happiness and rich with cheese” I giggled hearing that. Then all of a sudden I remembered something, those were the codewords I was instructed to hear!

I told the sailor that I was OOV A.K.A Paulina Mc’Cardiman, OOG A.K.A Trevor Mystery sent me. “I know” said the sailor “I’m OOM, I’ll drop you off at the helipad where you can take the special helicopter to the department of L.F.W.D.A”


Suddenly, it became windy. The wind cause many waves in the waters, so the boat kept going up and down making me feel queasy. It made me worried, OOM saw the worried look on my snout and told me that he was an expert sailor, that made me feel better. After a billion years on the boat (well, it wasn’t that long) we finally reached the helipad. I was puzzled, I was there but the helicopter wasn’t there yet. That was very weird because OOG was never late, in fact, he was always early! Just then, OOM said “Bad news OOV, the strong winds may delay the time for your helicopter to arrive” I sighed. Right after OOM gave me bad news, I felt some strange wind, it felt like something fast was spinning behind me, I turned around to see what it was, and to my surprise it was the special helicopter from L.F.W.D.A! OOM stood in awe, he couldn’t believe how a helicopter could fly through such strong winds.


After boarding the helicopter, I was still in a bit of shock that how a helicopter could be so silent. “How is the helicopter so silent?” I asked the pilot. “Pretty cool Huh” replied the pilot. I hoped for a precise answer, but something got my attention. I heard my own hear beat, ba-du-bum, ba-du-bum, ba-du-bum! The beating of my own heart was creepier than you think, don’t get me wrong, I like silence, but being able to hear my own hear beat was a whole other story. But then, something else caught my eye, I was a already in Antarctica, above the mountains. I was awestruck when I saw the view from the helicopter window, it was magnificent. After enjoying the view, I looked ahead and let out a loud scream “Aaaahhhhh” I screamed because we were about to crash into an iceberg!


Inside the department

Then all of a sudden, the iceberg opened up letting the helicopter inside! I was left perplexed about what had happened. After reaching the bottom of the hologram of the iceberg, there was a door, it was the entrance to the department of L.F.W.D.A! OOG was waiting for me at the door, he welcomed me and explained about the hologram of the iceberg ” We made a hologram on an iceberg to keep away intruders, when our department didn’t have this hologram, a few rodents came in and learned about our sensitive information” said OOG. I nodded, after all L.F.W.D.A was a very secret department. “So, what did you tell me about the Kingdom of Legends”? I asked OOG. OOG’s expression darkened “Follow me” he said, and I followed. OOG had brought me to the hall of the L.F.W.D.A.


Inside the hall, there were living maps of fantasy lands all around the ceiling, walls, and even the floor! Whenever there was something wrong with one of the lands or if one of the lands were in danger, the colour of the map and will turn from pink to black on the map. I spotted on land on the map which was black, “That’s the Kingdom of Legends right?” I asked. “Yes, we would have to go there ourselves because the portal to the Kingdom of Legends only allows 2 people to enter. The entrance to the portal is from the castle on the north-eastern port. Once we reach the the castle there will be an entrance to under the castle, where we will find the portal” replied OOG. I asked how he knows all those detail about the portal, he said he knew about those details because one of the researchers went to the Kingdom of Legends before, and the good news is, there are no bullies or bad people in the Kingdom of Legends. That fact made me feel confident.


                      The Portal

After telling me about the Kingdom of Legends, OOG led me to a room. Outside, the room was labeled SUPER COMPUTER ROOM, I was familiar of this room, all the information we collect from our researches and visiting the fantasy worlds are stored in the super computer. We entered that room, and OOG sat on the chair and typed “Kingdom of Legends” on the search bar. It took a few minutes for it to load. “It takes time” he begun ” We have collected a lot of information about the Kingdom of Legends and helped the queen a few times, so it might take a little long to load” I nodded. I was too excited to talk, so I didn’t, but I didn’t show my excitement. After waiting, a lot of information popped up. The palace of the queen was called the Palace of Legends. The name of the queen was queen Elise, there was a knight called Atlas (he was also the messenger), and many more people. After reading about the inhabitants of Kingdom of Legends, we took some maps and supplies and got ready to leave.


5 minutes later a helicopter came to pick us up, we boarded the helicopter. Then we discovered something, the helicopter was so fast that we reached our destination in just 7 minutes, and that was fascinating because if we had used a normal mouse-o-plane it would have taken 2 hours for us to get there! Once we got there, we took a boat to the castle it was still windy and the waters had become worse, and I was frightened. “OOG should we  wait for the waters to become better?” I asked OOG . “The wind is only getting worse, so the waters will become worse too, we have to go now” replied OOG, so I followed OOG to the water uncertainly. I wore a raincoat in case I get wet, I felt thankful that I kept a raincoat, because the waves 


in the water made us wetter than actually swimming in the ocean. Soon, we reached the ruins of the castle, we couldn’t see a way inside, so I suggested to go down the tunnel in front of the door. As we were going down, we were hoping that our flashlights wouldn’t go out because we couldn’t see as far as our own whiskers! Luckily our flashlights didn’t go out, but we had one problem, the tunnel led us to a cave. “I doubt that there is a portal here” I said. “Don’t worry OOV, I’ve been to that kingdom before, and the portal is here” OOG told me. Confident, we started looking for the portal, I felt a bit scared so I did some calming techniques. To my surprise, when I did, the ground beneath me opened up, it was the portal! OOG looked at me, surprised. “How did you do that?” He asked. “Nothing much, I just did my calming techniques, I just took deep breaths and clapped my hands 3 times”  I replied, still in shock from what had happened. I had been to fantasy lands before, but none of them had portal that included the ground under me to open up. After having that short conversation with OOG, we headed down the portal.


The Kingdom

I became a little anxious as we headed down the portal. The portal was very dark, and it seemed like there was no ending to it. What if there were traps? What if a monster would be standing by the the exit? I asked myself. To make myself feel a little better, I closed my eyes. Soon, I felt that we were at the exit, so I opened my eyes. There were happy animals running around, bright flowers and plants, pixies playing, we had arrived in the Kingdom of Legends! We had to go to the queen to find out about what was wrong in the Kingdom of Legends, so I asked the pixies. “Do you know where we can find queen Elise?” “We don’t know, the location is always changing” replied the pixie. “The castle is always floating, so we can’t tell the exact location” chimed in another pixie.


“Do you know where we are now?” Asked OOG. “Yes, this the is the Forest Of The Silver Trees” Replied the pixie. After having a conversation with the pixies I looked up in the sky, a lot of birds flew in front of us, they were flying to where we had come from, it was a magnificent sight. Just then, I had a great idea. “Let’s go to the place where the birds came from” I began “The birds probably came from a place with trees, and trees could probably lead us to a village where we can ask for help” I concluded. “Sure, that’s a brilliant idea” replied OOG. “The birds came from a valley, can you check the name of the valley OOG? You could check it on the map, just check the valleys near the Forest of The Silver Trees” I asked and told OOG. “Ok, give me a minute” replied OOG, staring at the map. “Got it” exclaimed OOG. “The valley is called the Valley of Hopes” he began “The great thing is that, 


if you have a pure heart and have good intentions, you can wish for 2 things and they will come true!” He concluded excitedly. That was good news, so we headed towards the valley happily. Then, I realized that we were feeling very light, that’s when I realized that we weren’t walking at all. We were flying! We were flying soo close to the ground that we couldn’t figure out that we were flying unless we looked down, or feel the lightness! I was pretty amazed that I was actually flying, I mean you don’t get to fly everyday. Soon, we made and disappointing discovery, the door to the valley was closed! 


A Flying Horse

Then I spotted a black horse. The horse looked beautiful, but we weren’t sure we could trust him as he looked a little mischievous. When the horse spotted us, it came towards us. I was puzzled, why was the horse staring at us? Were we not supposed to cross by? What was the horse about to do? I asked myself. I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself down. Suddenly, I heard a voice  “I am Rocket, why are you here? ” the voice asked me. was it myself? No, the black horse could talk and was talking to us! I was surprised, I had traveled to fantasy lands before, but I never met or saw a talking horse. Now I knew that the horse could talk, we thought of asking the horse some questions. “Hi Rocket, can you lead us to The Palace of Legends? ” I asked Rocket. “Yes, just hop on, I am a flying horse, I can bring you there” replied Rocket


I was a little afraid to hop on the horse because I was really scared of heights.  But when we took off, the view was magnificent even for someone super scared of heights like me.  Soon, we were at the palace and it was beautiful. The palace was humongous and it was made of crystal! At the gate 2 knights signaled us to follow them, and we did. While walking I heard on the night saying “Keep walking straight and follow the corridor to go to the room of the queen. While walking, I could hear the sound of my footsteps soo clear that it started to feel a little creepy. Then I realized 2 things, number 1, before we were flying close to the ground and feeling light, but now we were walking but we were still feeling light. Number 2, we didn’t tell the knights where we wanted to go, so where were they bringing us and how did they know we came there to meet the queen?!?


What really happened

Just when I looked at the knight, the night spoke. “We can read the thoughts and intentions of everyone, just like the queen” He said. I was a little surprised that the knight could read my thoughts because it had been a long time since I visited fantasy worlds or got assigned to research about fantasy lands, so it was taking me some time to get used to everything. Anyway, where was I, oh yes, after walking down the super long corridor (It was called The Corridor of a Billion Years) I was feeling a little tired. (Yes, that is a very long corridor) The corridor was probably 10 kilometres (km) long, but it was worth it because we had reached the hall where the queen was. 


The knights opened the door of the hall and let us in. Inside there was the queen, apparently she was a fairy. She was in a room surrounded by other fairies and all of them were completely blue. It was completely silent, everyone was staring at us. The queen broke the silence. “Welcome back Mr. OOG. How can we help you?” she asked. (If you’re puzzled about how queen Elise knows OOG, go to page 10) OOG and I were puzzled” How was the queen soo calm? In the hall of L.F.W.D.A, the map of The Kingdom of Legends was black which meant the kingdom was is danger, but now the queen didn’t seem to be worried, in fact it was the opposite. Didn’t she know about the Danger?  Was the cheese slipping of her cracker?” We thought. Then the queen said. “There is no danger in the kingdom, the problem has been solved. 


The crown of the queen of the witches, Lightning, had been stolen, so she terrorized the whole kingdom with her powers. But we found and returned it, the queen’s Black Dragon stole it for his own power and wealth. OOG and I were still in shock about what we just heard, we traveled all the way to the Kingdom of Legends for no reason. OOG saw the disappointed expression on my snout and said. “Snout up Paulin–” he stooped in the middle and started again. “I mean snout up OOV, we still had a great time here, and made some friends. ” He said. I felt better hearing that, even though my adventure wasn’t exactly and adventure, I had fun, and I was glad that the Kingdom of Legends wasn’t in danger.


A pleasant surprise

The queen offered us to visit the the Beach of Legends, we accepted. When we changed into our swimming costumes and hit the beach, that’s when we discovered that there was a party for us at the beach held by the queen! There many kinds of pixies, animals, fairies, etc. We had soo much fun, we played games, had fun in the water, made new friends, and told each other jokes and riddles too. It was a memorable evening, but soon we wanted to head home. “Let’s take the secret elevator, it will directly lead us to the hall of  L.F.W.D.A, the portal is in the queen’s palace” said OOG. “Your majesty, would you mind letting us inside your palace? The way for us to go back is there” I asked the queen. “Certainly, my knight can lead you to the palace” replied the queen.


Soon, we found the elevator in palace, and headed back. When we got in the elevator, OOG played a tune on his flute. After finishing he said, “Each place has it’s own tune with a particular frequency and pitch, I played the tune that will lead us back to the hall of L.F.W.D.A” I had never used the elevator because as researchers, we are only aloud to use portals other than the elevator. 


Finally back home

After the surprisingly short ride on the elevator, we were happy to be back home. I noticed that the map of the Kingdom of Legends was no longer black. A smile cracked on my snout, I was so happy about how well things went, I thought about writing a book about it. I decided to call it the Kingdom of Legends. Yes readers, it is the book you just finished reading . Did you like it? I hope so. Good bye until my next adventure, your friend,  Paulina Mc’Cardiman.

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