The Mystery of the Hill

by Guy Vinik Belkin

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The Mystery of the Hill

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Chapter 1 – It’s only the start of the ride


I arrived at night after a long drive to a big castle. Surprisingly, with me arrived seven people that I knew. I will not tell you more about them, but I will tell you that at 7:00 pm someone called us to dinner.


When the host came to present himself, everybody was shocked. They were without words. “Yes” he said, “it’s me”. “But” someone said, “we all hate you!”. “Yeah”, somebody else said, “What do you want from us?”


“Yes! My plan worked!” thought the killer to himself. “Soon, the people who ruined my life will be dead! I just need to be quiet, so they will not suspect me…”


Chapter 2 – The plot becomes complicated


“Did you bring us all to this hole to kill us?!

“No” said the host, “I brought you all here to apologize for the terrible mistakes I have made in my life”.


Suddenly, the lights turned off, and when they came back on everyone was terrified.

Our host was lying dead on the floor with a knife stuck in his chest…


Because I was a doctor, I checked him. When I came back I told the others that he is dead. Everyone said

“Oh-no!” and cried. But then somebody said: “There’s something worse. The killer is one of us!”


“I killed one of them!” thought the killer to himself, “Enough for this hour, but if someone will find out, I will kill him too.”


Chapter 3 – No way out


We were all running away from the castle to escape the murderer, when lightening struck and broke the bridge heading down the hill. Everyone was terrified.


After a little while, we went back to the castle. When we arrived I thought to myself “the knife might hold clues that can help us somehow”.


“I think someone has found out that I am the killer” thought the killer to himself, “I need to think on a way to kill him when nobody sees me…”


When I look at our host’s body, I saw something strange. The knife has gone missing! I quickly called everybody. When everybody got there, we heard a scream from upstairs…



Chapter 4 – The fateful call


We all hurried to the source of the scream. When we arrived, we understood that we were late. The body was lying on the floor without moving.


“Let’s avoid other killings and call the police” I said. “Yeah” everybody said “this is a good idea!”


“I killed them both” thought the killer to himself, “Now, I just need to be quiet until the police arrives…”


Chapter 5 – The revelation


When the police arrived, we all packed our luggage. But then, I saw something suspicious. Someone packed a knife!


Then I exposed the killer, and here I am, helping your investigation.

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