The picture of Dorian Gray by Or - Illustrated by Oscar Wilde -
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The picture of Dorian Gray


Artwork: Oscar Wilde

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                   The picture of Dorian Gray

by Oscar Wiled

genre romance

4. I chose this cover because it reflects the central idea of ​​the

story – the more vicious Dorian gets, the uglier the portrait becomes.



  1. The book tells the story of the life of a handsome young man named Dorian Gray, who connects with the painter Basil Hallward who sees Dorian as a source of inspiration for his art.

Basil paints the portrait of Dorian Gray.

In Basil’s workshop, Gray meets Lord Henry, a man of high society, who becomes his best friend and accompanies him throughout the work.

Lord Henry gets excited and amazed at Grey’s amazing beauty and tells him about it, Gray is influenced by Henry’s words and expresses a wish that he will always continue to look as young and beautiful as in the picture and that the portrait in the picture will become old and ugly instead of him.

Dorian falls in love with an actress named Sybil Wayne and breaks her heart. Her heartbreak is so great that she commits suicide.

When Gray looks at the portrait hanging on the wall, he notices a cruel facial expression that appears in it and realizes that his wish has indeed come true – the picture is the one that is ugly instead of him.

Lord Henry gives Dorian a book that greatly influences him and makes him live a life full of pleasure and do obscene and inappropriate things.

On Dorian’s birthday the painter comes to Dorian’s house and wishes him a happy birthday. Dorian shows the painter the portrait that is getting ugly. The painter turns to Dorian and tells him to apologize to God for a wrong act he did in his opinion.  Gray is unwilling to hear the painter’s words and kills him.

After a few years Sybil Wayne’s brother wants revenge for the murder of his sister and on the way to Grey’s apartment he is killed in a car accident.

Gray decides to change his life and be good he looks at the picture and sees that the picture is uglier than ever takes a knife and tries to destroy it.

As his servants enter the room they see Dorian lying on the floor with a knife stuck in his chest.

His face became ugly and old while the portrait became beautifu



The main character is Dorian Gray, he is portrayed as a handsome young man, perfect by all descriptions.

In terms of personality he is egotistical, arrogant, hedonistic and narcissistic.

At the beginning of the book he is described as an innocent guy whose emotions can be influenced and indeed as the story progresses he becomes an unscrupulous person who is not interested in anyone.

The secondary figure I have chosen is the figure of Lord Henry, apparently an older man, belonging to the aristocratic class.

Lord Henry is a man possessed of “wrong, fascinating, poisonous, delightful theories.”

He is a charming talker, a famous wit, and a brilliant intellect.

I did not like the character of Lord Henry, to me he is a bad person who exploits Dorian’s naivety and causes Dorian to develop negative emotions.These feelings cause Dorian to commit dishonest and shocking acts.The climax comes after Dorian’s girlfriend commits suicide, the lord tells Dorian that it’s not his fault and he must move on with his life and he continues to encourage Dorian’s narcissistic feelings.





7.Book recommendation:

I recommend reading the book because it is fascinating and suspenseful and it is nice to see how Dorian’s character undergoes a change during the course of the book.The writer develops a suspenseful plot that makes the reader curious what will happen to the main character and the tragic ending is a very surprising ending.







Hello everyone today I want to talk to you about the story of Dorian Gray.

Dorian Gray was a handsome young man who was a friend of the painter Basil hallward who sees Dorian as an amazing beauty. Basil paints a portrait for Dorian

In Basil’s workshop Dorian meets with Lord Henry.

Lord Henry tells many things to Dorian that greatly affect him.

Dorian decides to express a wish to be as young and beautiful as the portrait and the portrait will become over the years ugly and old.

Dorian develops an excessive love for himself and starts doing wrong things such as: killing the talented painter and harming his girlfriend who caused her to commit suicide…

Finally, Dorian decides to destroy the picture without success and when his servants enter his room, they see Dorian with a knife in his heart , Ugly and horrible and the picture is beautiful.

I highly recommend the book because I think it is a fascinating and suspenseful book that a lot of people will love.

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