Plastic Horse by lian Werner - Illustrated by   (the pictures are by me) -
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Plastic Horse


Artwork: (the pictures are by me)

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The summer vacation just began in a big city in Austria. It was such a wonderful weather outside‚ warm when the sun shines and a little cool once it goes down. This kind of weather is great for creating plans with family and friends. Some people tend to enjoy nature hiking while others prefer staying indoors the whole vacation. Let’s not forget about the restaurants, interesting shops and also amusement parks!!.


 Amusement parks can be found almost in every country,  they’re fun, entertaining too! especially if you enjoy crazy roller coaster rides!. This information leads us to a big and famous amusement park called “The Prater”. you might have heard of it before, it has many unique facilities that never fail to amaze visitors from all across the world. In fact, one of the most classic and colorful devices you can find there is the horse carousel.


 It’s hard to hate this device, honestly, it’s loved by everyone I know. Of course, the horses aren’t real and made out of plastic, but they’re truly beautiful. Each horse has its own painted pattern that makes it different from the other horses on the carousel. They all have their own pose too! sometimes they look friendly or strong and fast, sometimes they’re just pretty or short and small. I’ve been to this place before and I saw visitors choosing their favorite horse.


 As I mentioned before, the horses were chosen by people who liked their designs. all of them were chosen, instead of one little plastic horse at the back of the carousel. The reason for that was obvious, its face lost color, and it faded away. It wasn’t pretty like the other horses any- more, visitors even complained they find it disgusting to look at. because of what happened the horse decided to run away and never return back to the carousel. Once I heard what was the matter I couldn’t help but feel bad for the little plastic horse.


Two years have passed since the horrible incident, I thought that ill never see the little plastic horse again. It appears a surprise was waiting for me as I took my leave of the nearby soup store. I walked down the street and noticed a horse statue someone placed in his private garden. It was the little horse standing there in front of my eyes! and people stopped by to look at it. It still lacked its color, so even though it wasn’t perfect there were people who loved it. From this day the little plastic horse learned to except the people who loved it for who it was.

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