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After WWI:World War 1, on ship in the midle of the ocean going to Yokohama,Japan were this story happen.

The narrator judged on Mr. kelada even before meet him, he did not like his name and because of that he did not like him.

He see his items and he didn’t like that, the narrator made his way into the deck and he started playing cards.

Mr. kelada  met the narrator in the smoking room, and he didn’t like him.

Ramsy was great navy, he left his wife one year alone in New York.

One evening aconversation by chance drifted to the subject of preals, then Ramsy and Kelada made a bet about acollar mden from preals thier bet was about if those preals was real or fake.

Fortunately Kelada was preal expert and he chicked the preals they were real but Mrs. ramsy was terfied because she was cheating on Ramsy while he was out of home and maby her boy friend send this real preals as a gift for her.

Kelada Secrecy about Mrs. ramsys’ secret and lose the bet.

And for the first time the narrator liked Mr. kelada  because his noble act.

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