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The Showgart Guest Book

  • Joined May 2020
  • Published Books 7

“Showgart is an interesting school and am very sure that the students benefited to study many good things and also how to fly from one place to another this is very good for the environment. My greetings to the teachers for a job well done!!!!”

Walter, FRANCE

“It’s awesome! I like the idea of the school a lot. Congratulations!”

Marzena Putyńska, POLAND


I just finished browsing the ” Welcome to Showguart” project and I find it really complete with the presentation of the school, lessons, teachers, fantastic animals, magic objects, school uniform … The drawings are very successful, you have imagination! The first page explaining how to use the Ebook is a very good initiative. I want to say that all the school logos were beautiful even if the winning logo is my favorite. I wanna taste the “Dragoon Blood Butterbeer” haha

Mélodi, FRANCE


This first book was very interesting and shows us a part of all the work that has been done thanks to the teachers. I love the Harry Potter saga, and I’m sure that the students loved working with this theme ! It’s awesome !!



Showgart seems to be a very good school. The activities are varied and interesting thereby students can’t get bored because they learn a lot of things while having fun. I love the designs and all the creativity of the project. The culture mix is also a very good point. However, the voice is too robotic and the concept is too inspired by harry potter. It was still a wonderful job, congrats!

Rayane, FRANCE


Great project ! You described every part of your school and it seems pretty cool

Alexandre, FRANCE

This school seems really interesting and different form the others, the students may really enjoy it, congratulations!

Gabrielle, FRANCE


This work is very interesting!!! I like 3D room and the characters that speaks on VOKI. I thank all who have collaborated for this work.


awesome !!

Néfissa, FRANCE


Congratulations! Great cooperation, creative ideas, interesting project results. Thank you for the invitation and the opportunity to view international cooperation. I am proud that our school could be part of such a wonderful project. I wish all participants of the project a successful holiday and inspiration in the next school year. See you in the next eTwinning project!

Jowita Królikowska, Headmistress of I LO High School in Sieradz, POLAND


The project is full of creative and engaging activities, features a wide variety of tools which support and encourage collaboration among students and an impressive amount of student and teacher commitment. It’s brilliantly designed and I’m sure that both students and teachers had a great time doing it. Congratulations!


Maria Rita, ITALY

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