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The Simpsons Stories: A New Student In G4EK

by Darcy May Partridge

One Tuesday morning, a new student called Samantha is going to join G4EK for the first time. “This is Samantha, our new student in our class.” said Mrs Krabappel, and she felt a bit shy.


“You sit at your tables all with your names on them!” said Mrs Krabappel. “I’m next to Milhouse and Sherri’s tables at the front of the classroom!” said Bart happily.


“It’s time for our intervention. Bart, Milhouse and Sherri, you’re at the front row, Nelson, Martin and Todd, you’re at the middle row, Kearney, Richard and Jaffee, you’re in the back row, and Lewis and Samantha, you’re both at the very back row.” said Mrs Krabappel.


All of the students showed Samantha where to put our bags away, where our lessons are, where our rooms are and who our teachers are. “I like having a new student in class.” said Todd.


“You have music for your first lesson, so I’ll walk you to the music room, G4EK.” said Mrs Krabappel, and she walked all of the students to Mrs Gildlock’s music room for their first lesson.


“Today, we are going to play two different tunes, James Bond 007 and Captain America. Which one of these tunes are you going to play today?” asked Mrs Gildlock.


Bart, Milhouse, Sherri, Todd, Kearney, Richard and Samantha chose the James Bond 007 tune and Martin, Nelson, Lewis and Jaffee chose the Captain America tune to play.


Bart played the James Bond 007 tune on the piano. “Can I work in a pair with you for this tune?” asked Milhouse. “We do not work in pairs today, Milhouse! We work on our own!” said Mrs Gildlock crossly.


Lewis played the Captain America tune on the guitar. “I’d rather you didn’t play that tune on the guitar. You can choose from the keyboard or the xylophone?” asked Mrs Gildlock.


It was break time on the playground. “What’s wrong, Jenny?” asked Taffy. “Well, Erik and Kyle were angry with me in ICT because they don’t like my pretty computer background.” sobbed Jenny.


“Would you change your computer background from the pretty stuff to Itchy and Scratchy?” asked Tyler. “No, I can’t. I love having this pretty computer background with the purple flowers and swirls on it.” sobbed Jenny.


G4EK have PE for their second lesson. “Today, we’re going to play cricket. You have to be in a team to play this game.” said Coach Krupt. “We have our new school PE uniforms on ourselves!” said Todd.


“Martin and Lewis, you are team captains! Let’s see if you have to be in Martin or Lewis’ teams!” said Coach Krupt. “I want to be in Martin’s team.” said Jaffee.


“Bart, Milhouse, Sherri, Richard and Jaffee, you are in Martin’s team and Nelson, Todd, Kearney and Samantha, you are in Lewis’ team!” said Coach Krupt.


“Are we batting first?” asked Sherri. “I don’t know.” said Jaffee. “Martin’s team, you are batting first, and Lewis’ team, you are supporters!” shouted Coach Krupt.


“Yes! We are batting first!” said Bart happily. “I love playing cricket!” said Sherri. “Where’s the teaching assistant?” asked Richard. “I think they don’t have one in PE.” said Jaffee.


“Yes! I hit the ball with the bat!” said Sherri. “My turn next!” said Milhouse. “Bart! You go after Milhouse, don’t you?!” shouted Lewis.


Lewis’ team were batting and Martin’s team were supporters. “Don’t snatch my bat! Use these bats that are in the bag!” said Nelson crossly, and Samantha began to cry loudly.


“Don’t cry, Samantha. You mustn’t snatch someone else’s bat without asking them first. You can use these bats that are in the red bag here.” said Todd, and Nelson fetched another bat for himself.


“Yes! My bat hit the ball!” said Kearney. “Well done, Kearney!” shouted Sherri. “That’s a brilliant shot, Kearney!” shouted Coach Krupt. “I love cricket.” said Todd.


“My team won the cricket match!” said Bart, and he, Milhouse, Sherri, Richard and Jaffee cheered for winning their team in the cricket match. “I wish I could win!” said Samantha, and she began to cry again.


It was lunch time in the school hall. “G3AMC, you come up first for your lunch!” shouted Mr Manns. “I think I have the main meal today.” said Bart.


“I’m so hungry for lunch!” said Milhouse. “G4EK, you come up second for your lunch!” shouted Mr Manns. “I think the main meal is the sausages, mash and gravy!” said Sherri.


Bart, Milhouse, Sherri, Lisa, Ralph, Brooke, Lucy and Richard sat with themselves at their own table. “I have the vegetarian sausages with the mash, veggies and gravy today.” she said.


“I have my own packed lunch today.” said Adrian. “I have a jacket potato with cheese and salad today!” said Tyler, and all of the students are eating their lunch.


G4EK have geography for their last lesson. “Okay, kids! We need to go to Mr Hindman’s ICT room to create a presentation about Africa and Asia!” said Mr Manns, and he took the students to Mr Hindman’s ICT room.


Mr Hindman said to Mr Manns that it was available for G4EK to create their presentations on their own computers. “I’m so happy to have my new login because I am new at Springfield Elementary School.” said Samantha.


“Do we need to have two slides, one for Africa and one for Asia?” asked Lewis. “I think that you can put a few slides for Africa and Asia!” said Mr Manns.


Milhouse was working very hard to create his presentation on his own computer login. “I need images of elephants, giraffes, zebras and maybe toucans.” he said.


“Mr Manns, I’m done! I need some free time on the computer!” shouted Jaffee, and Mr Manns checked his work. “Good work! Now you can have some free time.” he said.


Mrs Krabappel came in to Mr Hindman’s ICT room to take G4EK to the sensory room for their meditation time. “Meditation time in the sensory room!” she said excitedly.


Mrs Krabappel and the students went to the sensory room for their meditation time. “Meditation is so relaxing when we lie down on the big blue beanbags.” said Samantha.


“This is Samantha’s first meditation time with G4EK. We all have to be calm for her.” said Mrs Krabappel quietly. “I love meditation!” said Sherri.


Bart and Milhouse lay down with each other in their big blue beanbag. “This is nice when me and Bart lie down with each other in the same beanbag for meditation time.” he said.


It was home time for G4EK as the students and Mrs Krabappel went back to her classroom. “I’ve done the register already, and you all need to wait for your parents, taxi drivers and taxi escorts to come.” she said.


Bart and Lewis went into their taxi with their taxi driver Johnny and their taxi escort Gracie. “A new student called Samantha came to G4EK for the first time!” he said.


“Was it nice to have a new student in your class, Lewis?” asked Johnny. “Yes, it was! I like having new students in G4EK.” said Lewis, and Bart had a really good day at school, so they should give Samantha a welcome present and a card.


More in the next pages!

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