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The Simpsons Stories: A New Term At School

by Darcy May Partridge

One Wednesday morning at Springfield Elementary School, it was time for the students to come back to school on their first day of term 3. “We have a swapped student in G4EK now.” said Mrs Krabappel.


“The student over there is Jaffee Ziswhisky. He got very struggled with G4PM, so he is even better being in G4EK!” said Mrs Krabappel. “Where’s Jessica?” asked Todd.


“Well, Jessica came back to G4PM because she was angry and bratty in G4EK, saying things that are not very nice to them.” said Mrs Krabappel. “I miss Jessica.” said Bart, and he was sad.


The students already chose their dinner in the dinner register and Martin took the register back to the school office. “Let’s do some reading because from now on, lessons start at 9:30am.” said Mrs Krabappel.


“I wish I can read books that are for the kids who are in grades K, 1 and 2.” said Bart. “You’re not in these three grade classes, Bart! You’re in 4th grade!” said Todd.


At 9:30am, it was drama in the drama room with Miss Hoover for G4EK. “Well, you all need to be supporting characters for G5MB’s end of term show.” she said.


“What’s the show called, Miss Hoover?” asked Jaffee. “The show is called Dominic’s Adventures in Kentucky.” said Miss Hoover. “I don’t like that show.” said Martin.


“If you don’t like Dominic’s Adventures in Kentucky, why don’t you tell Mrs Krabappel and then you can stay at home instead.” said Miss Hoover to Martin.


“Are all of the students going to watch G5MB’s end of term show, Miss Hoover?” asked Sherri. “Yes, they all are!” said Miss Hoover. “Oh, yes!” said Bart excitedly.


It was break time on the playground. “I’m so excited to be in our 5th grade show!” said Taffy. “Wait til the end of term, Taffy!” said Tyler.


Sophie fell over and scraped her leg after Uter pushed her extremely hard on the swing. “Are you okay?” asked Mr Benzie. “Sophie fell over and scraped her leg after I pushed her extremely hard on the swing, Mr Benzie! I didn’t mean to!” he said.


“Go to Mr Skinner’s office, and I’ll take Sophie to the first aid room!” shouted Mr Benzie to Uter, and he walked away. “Let some of the G4EK or G4PM students go with you to the first aid room.”


Terri, Martin, Lewis, Jaffee, Jessica, Nina and Brooke went with Sophie and Mr Benzie to the first aid room. “Now, where does your leg hurt?” he asked.


“Down here near my shoe on my foot.” sobbed Sophie. “It’ll be okay, Sophie.” said Jessica. “It’s okay, Sophie. Let me get you an ice pack and a big plaster to make it feel better.” said Mr Benzie.


“Is it your left leg that is hurting?” asked Lewis. “It’s the right leg, Lewis. It’s really painful.” sobbed Sophie. “I’ll put the plaster on your leg now, Sophie.” said Mr Benzie.


G4EK’s second lesson was PSHE. “You need to work in pairs because we are writing down feelings on a sheet of A3 paper.” said Mrs Krabappel. “I’m not sure who I’m working with.” said Todd.


“Bart, you work with Milhouse, Sherri, you work with Todd, Nelson, you work with Lewis, Martin, you work with Kearney and Richard, you work with Jaffee.” said Mrs Krabappel. “Yes! I’m working with Lewis Clark again!” said Nelson happily.


“Can you write down any feelings that you know?” asked Sherri. “Happy, sad, angry, calm, tired and maybe upset.” said Todd. “Do you know any of the feelings, Richard?” asked Jaffee.


“That’s great work there, G4EK.” said Mrs Krabappel. “Can I go to the toilet please?” asked Lewis. “Very quickly!” she said to Lewis. “The phrase that Mrs Krabappel said made me jump.” said Milhouse, and he began to cry.


It was lunchtime in the school hall. “I’m very excited to have my main meal!” said Nikki. “G4EK, you come up first for your lunch!” shouted Mr Manns.


Bart, Milhouse, Brooke, Melody, Rod, Jenny, Taffy and Eliza sat with themselves in their own table. “I have my main meal with baked beans today!” she said.


“Why do you have baked beans with your main meal, Jenny?” asked Melody. “Because I just want to feel like having baked beans with main meals at school!” said Jenny, and all of the students are eating their lunch.


Before G4EK go to their third lesson, they went to see Sophie and her mum at the school reception and office. “I hope your leg gets better soon.” said Jaffee.


“Probably, I won’t go to school tomorrow, Friday and Monday, Jaffee. I’ll be back to school on Tuesday.” said Sophie to Jaffee, and all of G4EK said goodbye to her and her mum.


All of G4EK went to Mrs Gildlock’s music room. “The piece that you’re playing is the Spiderman theme song. You can play it on the piano, the xylophone or the keyboard. Do you all want to choose?” she asked.


Richard and Jaffee both went to play the Spiderman theme song on the piano. “Richard and Jaffee, you’re supposed to work on your own, not in pairs!” said Mrs Gildlock crossly.


“I don’t think we’re allowed to work in pairs today.” said Bart. Richard played the Spiderman theme tune on the piano all by himself and he began to cry.


“Richard, it’s okay. I know that you’re not supposed to work in pairs while you play the Spiderman theme tune on the piano. Just play confidently on your own and see how you feel now.” said Mrs Gildlock to Richard.


Lewis rubbed Richard’s back while he is crying. “It’s going to be okay, Richard. I think you can be very good at playing the whole Spiderman theme song on the piano.” he said.


Mrs Krabappel came to see G4EK in Mrs Gildlock’s music room. “It’s meditation time now!” she called. “Is meditation time in the sensory room now?” asked Lewis. “Yes, it is!” she said.


Mrs Krabappel took G4EK to the sensory room for their meditation time. “What’s the matter, Richard?” she asked. “He is crying because he wanted to work with Jaffee on the piano.” said Lewis.


Martin gave Jaffee a massage on his back. “My mum loves having a massage anywhere on her body!” he said. “I’m very good at massaging people, aren’t I, Jaffee?” he asked.


“I really like the sensory room at Springfield Elementary School.” said Bart. “I really like the sensory room too, Bart!” said Milhouse. “The sensory room is even better than our classroom when we have meditation time.” said Sherri.


All of G4EK and Mrs Krabappel went back to their classroom. “Let’s do the afternoon register now before your taxi people come. Bart Simpson?” she asked.


“Here.” said Bart. “Milhouse Van Houten?” asked Mrs Krabappel. “Here!” said Milhouse. “Sherri Mackleberry?” she asked again. “Here, Mrs Krabappel!” shouted Sherri.


“Nelson Muntz?” asked Mrs Krabappel. “Here, teacher!” said Nelson. “Martin Prince?” she asked again. “Here, Mrs Krabappel!” said Martin.


“Todd Flanders?” asked Mrs Krabappel. “Here, Mrs Krabappel.” said Todd. “Kearney Zzyzwicz?” she asked again. “Here.” said Kearney. “Lewis Clark?” she asked once more.


“Here.” said Lewis. “Richard Balworth?” asked Mrs Krabappel. “Here, Mrs Krabappel.” said Richard. “And Jaffee Ziswhisky?” she asked again. “Here, Mrs Krabappel.” said Jaffee.


“Okay, Bart Simpson and Milhouse Van Houten’s taxi drivers are both here, so off you go, both of you!” said Mrs Krabappel. “Oh, Sherri’s taxi escort is here! Off you go, Sherri!”


All of the students from G4EK, expect Jaffee, is late for his taxi escort to come. “There’s no need to cry about it, Jaffee. It’s just a bit of traffic at Springfield, okay?” asked Mrs Krabappel.


“Did you have a good time at school, Bart and Lewis?” asked Johnny. “Yes, I did, Johnny! Where’s Gracie?” asked Bart. “Gracie isn’t with us, so there is no taxi escort just for the afternoon.” he said, and Lewis began to cry.


“It’s going to be okay, Lewis. Gracie just had to go for a dentist appointment, so she should be back for us tomorrow.” said Johnny. “I miss Gracie.” said Bart.


Bart went straight home from his taxi. “Did you have a good day at school, Bart?” asked Marge. “Yes, I did! Where’s Lisa?” he asked. “Lisa is just walking home, so she should be back any time now.” she said, and Bart had a good day at school, so he enjoyed going there for the first day back.


More in the next pages!

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