The Simpsons Stories: Bart Is Not Very Well by Darcy May Partridge -
My name is Darcy. I am a grown up pretty girl. My birthday is 5/5/2004 and I am 14 years old. I have one pet lizard left called Rexy, a hamster called Clive and two rabbits called Thumper and Gizmo. I am Aimee's best friend and I have a trampoline in my…
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The Simpsons Stories: Bart Is Not Very Well

by Darcy May Partridge

One morning at 6am, Bart ate his cereal, brushed his teeth and did his deodorant. “I need a wee in the toilet.” he said, and he was about to get sick.


Bart got sick in the toilet and got the sickness out of his mouth. “Oh, no! I can’t go to school when I’m sick!” he said, and he wasn’t feeling very well.


“Oh, no! You got very sick. I will have to ring the school all about it.” said Marge, and she phoned Springfield Elementary School about Bart’s sickness.


“I rang the school and they said you need to stay home today. If you not feeling well again, come back to school on Wednesday or Thursday.” said Marge, and Bart sighed.


“I want to go back to school tomorrow.” said Bart. “I’m going to school without you today, Bart. I will see you soon, bye.” said Lisa, and she went downstairs.


“Mum, are you taking Lisa to school today?” asked Bart. “The school bus is going to take her to school today, Bart. If you want to eat some snacks, eat some light snacks when you’re not very well.” said Marge.


Bart went for two malted milk biscuits and some milk. “Just eat little bites of the biscuits, then you might get better.” said Marge. “Okay, Mum.” he said.


At 10am, Bart went to play a game on his Nintendo DS console. “For my birthday or for Christmas, I may get a Nintendo 3DS console and games. I am now playing Mario Kart DS.” he said.


Bart is still playing on his Nintendo DS console. “I’ve already got two light blue and black Nintendo DS consoles, one white Nintendo Wii console and two light blue and black Nintendo DSi consoles.” he said.


“What would you like for lunch, Bart?” asked Marge. “May I have spaghetti bolognese for lunch, Mum?” asked Bart. “You may, but it’s a light lunch. Beef or Quorn mince?” she asked.


Bart chose the meaty spaghetti bolognese for lunch. “The meaty one is very popular, isn’t it? That might make you feel better.” said Marge. “I love the meaty one better than the Quorn one!” he said.


Bart’s lunch was ready. “It’s a bit hot, so don’t burn your mouth!” said Marge, and he was about to eat the spaghetti first. “Mum cut the spaghetti small for me to eat, so that should be easier.” he said.


Bart went upstairs to his bedroom and watched a DVD on his TV. “I need to watch Itchy and Scratchy, then the Pink Panther and then finally Spiderman.” he said.


Marge came up to Bart watching his DVDs in his bedroom. “Are you feeling a bit better now?” she asked. “Yes, I am.” he said, and he enjoyed having his meaty spaghetti bolognese for lunch in the kitchen, so he should get better tomorrow.


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