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The Simpsons Stories: Bart Joins G4PM

by Darcy May Partridge

One Thursday morning at Springfield Elementary School, after registration, Bart went to join G4PM while G4EK go out for a school trip all day. “Mum said to me that she didn’t want me to go there.” he said.


“Why are you joining our class, Bart?” asked Terri. “It’s because I’m not going on the school trip, so Mum said that she didn’t want me to go there.” said Bart.


“Hey, Bart! I’m reading a book about love!” said Jessica, and Bart went to sit next to her. “It’s all about love, isn’t it, Jessica?” he asked.


G4PM went to the music room with Mr Largo. “Has Mrs Gildlock left Springfield Elementary School?” asked Nina. “Yes, she has. Uter Zorker left is well.” he said.


“Today, we’re going to work in pairs and playing Hannah Montana on the piano or on the xylophone!” said Mr Largo. “Should I work with Jessica?” asked Bart.


“Bart and Brooke, you work together, Terri and Jessica, you work together, Wendell and Adrian, you work together, Nikki and Nina, you work together and Sophie and Lucy, you work together.” said Mr Largo.


“Me and Bart are playing on the piano!” said Brooke. “I didn’t want to work with Lucy. I wanted to work with Nina.” sobbed Sophie. “What’s wrong?” asked Mr Largo.


“Sophie’s just a bit upset because she didn’t want to work with me.” said Lucy. “Maybe next time, you can work with Nina then, okay?” asked Mr Largo to Sophie.


“You really like Nina, don’t you?” asked Lucy. “Yes, I do.” said Sophie. “It’ll be okay, Sophie. You will work with Nina next time, okay? So don’t be upset about it.” asked Jessica.


It was break time on the playground. “The G5MB end of term show was brilliant!” said Tyler. “Well, I wanted to be in it, but Mr Benzie said no.” said Sophie.


Bart and Jessica went on the swings together. “Hey, Nikki, would you push us?” he asked. “No, I can’t. Push yourself.” said Nikki, and she walked away.


“Whee! I’m flying high on the swings! I can see the whole sky!” shouted Jessica. “Hey, can I have a go on the swings please?” asked Ralph.


G4PM have ICT for their second lesson. “Unfortunately, there is no more work for you to do yet, so you can have free time on the computers!” said Mr Hindman.


“This is cool!” said Adrian. “Sophie, do you have a picture of a classmate on your Jigplay account?” asked Jessica. “Yes, I do. I have a picture of Dakota on the account which I set up with his full name on.” said Sophie.


“Sophie, you’re not supposed to put someone else’s pictures on your real and pretend accounts! That’s bad! You’ll get into serious trouble for putting pictures of your friends on the internet!” said Jessica crossly to Sophie.


“Jessica, don’t be cross to Sophie. One thing to do. Can you tell Mr Skinner that Sophie put a picture of Dakota on the Jigplay website? Please can you do that thing?” asked Mr Hindman.


Jessica came to Mr Hindman’s ICT room with Mr Skinner. “Sophie, would you come to my office please?” he asked. “Yes.” said Sophie, and she walked with Mr Skinner to his office.


“Now, Sophie, you mustn’t put any pictures of our students on the Jigplay website. You could get into serious trouble for doing that. Now do not put anymore pictures of our students on any other websites. Do you hear me?” asked Mr Skinner.


“Yes, I do. I’m sorry.” sobbed Sophie. “That’s okay, but don’t do this again, okay?” asked Mr Skinner. “Okay. I promise I won’t do it again.” she sobbed, and she walked back to Mr Hindman’s ICT room and cried.


“I would love a Krusty Burger after school today or tomorrow! I wish I could!” said Bart. “Me and my twin sister Sherri love the chicken strips at Krusty Burger.” said Terri.


It was lunchtime in the school hall. “G5MB, you come up first for your lunch!” shouted Mr Manns. “I’m having a jacket potato with cheese and tuna for lunch!” said Erik.


“G4PM, you come up second for your lunch!” shouted Mr Manns. “I chose the chicken and mixed bean wrap with couscous for lunch today.” said Bart.


Bart, Jessica, Nina, Sophie, Brooke, Lisa, Ralph and Melody sat in their own table. “This table is so girly! I want to move in a boys table instead!” he said.


“Come on, Bart! You’ll love it when you sit with me at lunchtime!” said Jessica. “Sophie got into trouble, didn’t she?” asked Ralph.


“The thing is Ralph, Sophie put a picture of Dakota on the Jigplay website, logging on to her pretend account with his name on. So she shouldn’t do it again now.” said Jessica, and all of the students are eating their lunch.


G4PM have drama for their last lesson. “Today, we’re going to sing some songs for G3AMC’s talent show.” said Miss Hoover. “I don’t like one of the songs.” said Adrian.


“Do you want to look at the song list for G3AMC’s talent show?” asked Miss Hoover. “Yes, please.” said Adrian, and she gave him the song list.


“Now, which song don’t you like from the song list, Adrian?” asked Wendell. “I don’t like Groove My Heart, by Jon Murkin.” said Adrian.


“The first song we’re going to sing is Groove My Heart.” said Miss Hoover. “I don’t like that song!” said Adrian. “If you don’t like that song, you can go for a walk if you like.” she said.


“Groove my heart, the flowers are growing in the plant box. You know my heart, the stones are on the bushes.” sang the students expect Adrian went for a walk around the corridors.


“The song’s finished now, Adrian.” said Miss Hoover after Adrian went back to the drama room. “Do we have meditation time after singing the songs?” asked Nikki.


“Yes, we do, Nikki.” said Miss Hoover. “Are all of the students from G3AMC singing 10 of their own songs?” asked Lucy. “Yes, Lucy.” she said again.


“Turkey in the straw, turkey in the straw, turkey in the straw, turkey in the straw, hats on, boots on, yee-ha let’s sing about the farmy turkey in the straw.” sang the students.


“Well done, students! You’ve been fantastic! So, it’s time for you to have meditation.” said Miss Hoover, and she turned on the colourful lights and put the beanbags on the floor.


“Can I wander round in the drama room?” asked Wendell. “No, we only do meditation. Lie down please, Wendell.” said Miss Hoover, and he began to cry.


“What’s the matter, Wendell?” asked Adrian. “Adrian, would you lie down with Wendell? He’s just a bit upset.” asked Miss Hoover, and he went to lie down with Wendell.


Jessica rubbed Wendell’s back. “It’ll be okay, Wendell.” she said. “Jessica, would you leave Wendell alone, he’s just a bit upset, okay?” asked Miss Hoover.


Mrs Krabappel and the G4EK students saw Bart at the reception. “Let’s get back to my classroom, kids.” she said, and she took all of the G4EK students back to her classroom.


“Did you enjoy being in G4PM while we were out all day, Bart?” asked Mrs Krabappel. “Yes, I did.” said Bart. “My taxi driver’s here, Mrs Krabappel.” said Lewis.


Bart and Lewis went into their taxi with Johnny and Gracie. “Bart joined G4PM while we were out.” he said. “Was it nice to join a different class, Bart?” he asked.


“Yes, it was.” said Bart. “That’s good, isn’t it?” asked Gracie. “Yes, Gracie.” he said, and he enjoyed being in G4PM all day, so he said that it was nice to join a different class while G4EK went out all day.


More in the next pages!

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