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The Simpsons Stories: Bart On The Phone

by Darcy May Partridge

One Saturday afternoon, Bart wants to phone Homer and any other people. “You can only phone Dad, me or Milhouse, but not anybody else please!” said Marge.


“Can I phone them on your phone, Mum?” asked Bart. “No. You can only phone people on our house phone if you want to.” said Marge, and Bart is still eating his lunch.


Bart phoned Homer first. “Hello, Bart! How are you doing with your mum?” he asked on the home phone. “I’m doing good.” said Bart, and he loves to phone people.


“Are you getting a new phone for Christmas or anything?” asked Homer on the home phone. “I think so. I’m going to get an iPhone 4c in royal blue.” said Bart.


“That’s nice, but I’ve got to go out with my girlfriend now, Bart, so goodbye!” said Homer on the home phone. “Bye, Dad!” said Bart, and he was about to phone Milhouse next.


“Let’s phone Milhouse now!” said Bart, and he was about to phone Milhouse. “Grrr! He’s not answering me! Let me try again.” he said crossly. “Are you okay, Bart?” asked Marge.


“Yes, I am, thank you.” said Bart. “Don’t phone Mrs Krabappel or anybody else please!” said Marge, and she went back upstairs. “Let’s try Milhouse again, shall I?” asked Bart.


Bart tried to phone Milhouse, but he didn’t answer him. “Oh, no! I think he might be out with his family.” he said. “Let’s phone Carl next.”


Bart tried to phone Carl, but he answered him. “Hello, there! Who are you?” he asked on the home phone. “I’m Bart Simpson, nice to meet you.” he said.


“How are you doing, Bart?” asked Carl on the home phone. “I’m doing good. I never talked to you on the phone for a long time!” said Bart.


“Do you have Mum or Dad at the weekend?” asked Carl on the home phone. “I have Mum this weekend.” said Bart. “Oh, nice! I’ve got to cook lunch for me and my wife now, so bye bye!” he said on the home phone. “Bye, Carl.” said Bart, and he was about to phone Mr Burns next.


“The last person on our house phone will be Mr Burns!” said Bart, and he tried to phone Mr Burns, so he answered him. “Hi, Mr Burns. How are you doing?” he asked happily.


“I’m doing fine. How are you, Bart Simpson?” asked Mr Burns on the home phone. “I’m doing good, Mr Burns.” said Bart. “That’s good, so how is your new house going?” he asked on the home phone.


“My dad’s house is doing great, so I’ve got him next weekend.” said Bart. “Okay, so shall I say bye bye to you?” asked Mr Burns on the home phone. “Bye, Mr Burns.” he said, and he put the home phone away and went upstairs to his bedroom.


“Bart? I’ve heard you talking to two people you don’t know on our house phone! Who were they on the phone?” asked Marge. “I phoned Dad first, then I phoned Carl and finally I phoned Mr Burns.” said Bart.


“That is so naughty that you phoned two people you don’t know, called Carl Carlson and Mr Burns! Do not phone them again!” said Marge crossly. “Okay, Mum.” said Bart.


“Sorry, Mum.” said Bart. “That’s okay, but you shouldn’t phone them because they are both your dad’s friends, but if you phone other people again, you can get you and Dad into serious trouble!” said Marge crossly. “Okay, Mum. I promise.” he said, and he has been a naughty boy phoning two people he doesn’t know, so he should not do it again.


More in the next pages!

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