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The Simpsons Stories: Brooke Is A Swapped Student in G4EK

by Darcy May Partridge

One Tuesday morning at Springfield Elementary School, Brooke comes to G4EK as a new swapped student. “Where’s Martin?” asked Todd.


“Martin got struggled with G4EK, so he is even better being in G4PM! G4PM was too hard for Brooke to be in, so she is even better being in G4EK!” said Mrs Krabappel.


Bart and Milhouse read a book together. “This book is about a boy who has a cat of his own, but it is missing.” he said. “I want to play on a school tablet instead of reading a book.” said Samantha.


“You can, but do not go on the internet on the school tablet! I mean it!” said Mrs Krabappel, and she gave Samantha the school tablet. “Thank you.” she said.


G4EK have science for their first lesson. “Okay, students! You need to work in pairs because we are doing a chemical experiment in twos!” said Mrs Harrison.


“Bart and Milhouse, Sherri and Richard, Nelson and Kearney, Todd and Lewis, and Jaffee and Samantha. Ah, Brooke! She hasn’t got a pair.” said Mrs Harrison.


“I don’t have a pair! Can I work with Bart and Milhouse please?” asked Brooke. “I think it’s a good idea! You can work with them.” said Mrs Harrison.


“I’ve put the water on my chemical tube, and so did Bart.” said Milhouse, and Brooke turned on the sink tap and filled up some water in her chemical tube.


“Let’s put some green in my chemical tube!” said Brooke, and she filled up some green chemical liquid in her chemical tube. “I’ve done mine with red chemical liquid.” said Milhouse.


“Well done, Bart, Milhouse and Brooke! That’s very good!” said Mrs Harrison. “Mine is getting a bit weird there, Jaffee.” said Samantha.


It was break time on the playground. “I think I can hear someone crying on the grass. Let’s see what’s wrong with it.” said Jaffee.


“What’s the matter, Taffy?” asked Rod. “A boy called Ashley just slap me in the cheek.” sobbed Taffy. “Let me take her to the first aid room.” said Mr Benzie.


G4EK have drama for their second lesson. “We are going to do some deep pressure today.” said Miss Hoover. “I don’t want that today.” said Samantha.


“Instead of deep pressure, would you like to do some drawing?” asked Miss Hoover. “No. I would like to join G4PM while these students have deep pressure.” said Samantha.


“Okay, I’ll tell Mrs Krabappel.” said Miss Hoover, and she rang Mrs Krabappel for Samantha to join G4PM for her. “I need a massage again!” said Kearney.


“Where’s Samantha gone?” asked Jaffee. “Jaffee, I’ll explain to you. Samantha had to join G4PM because she didn’t want any deep pressure. You can work with anyone you like.” said Miss Hoover.


Richard gave Kearney a massage on his back. “I love massage!” he said. “Is your back aching?” asked Brooke. “No, it isn’t.” he said.


It was lunch time in the school hall. “G2EH, you come up first for your lunch!” shouted Mr Manns. “I’m so happy to have the Quorn lasagne for my lunch today!” said Lisa excitedly.


“G4EK, you come up second for your lunch!” shouted Mr Manns. “Well, I’m going to have the chicken burger and fries for lunch today.” said Bart. “I chose a jacket potato with beans and cheese for my lunch!” said Milhouse.


Bart, Milhouse, Brooke, Ralph, Rod, Taffy, Melody and Neil sat with themselves in their own table. “I love the chicken burger.” he said. “I love it too!” she said.


“I think Todd has the vegetarian lasagne for lunch today.” said Rod. “Why is Todd a vegetarian?” asked Taffy. “Because he didn’t like eating meat and fish, so he is now a vegetarian.” he said, and all of the students are eating their lunch.


G4EK have music for their last lesson. “Today, we are going to play on the trumpets and saxophones!” said Mr Largo. “Can I play on the piano instead?” asked Brooke.


“Not today. You can choose from a trumpet or a saxophone.” said Mr Largo. “I think the trumpet is better!” said Brooke, and she chose to play one of the trumpets.


Samantha blew loudly on the saxophone directly at Lewis’ ears. “What the heck are you doing to that saxophone?!” he asked crossly. “That’s very rude!” said Nelson.


“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.” sobbed Samantha. “That’s okay, but don’t do that again, okay?” asked Lewis. “I love playing on the trumpet.” said Milhouse.


“I don’t like playing on the saxophone, so I decided to play on the trumpet instead.” said Sherri. “I’ve got a saxophone!” said Jaffee, and Mrs Krabappel came in to the music room to take G4EK to the sensory room for their meditation time.


Mrs Krabappel and the students went to the sensory room. “What’s the matter, Samantha?” asked Milhouse. “I’m just a bit sad, Milhouse. I really need my time alone.” sobbed Samantha.


“Is there anything I can talk about?” asked Mrs Krabappel. “Well, Lewis and Nelson got angry with me because I didn’t mean to blow very loudly on the saxophone.” sobbed Samantha.


“Martin doesn’t have G4EK’s meditation time anymore.” said Todd. “That’s because Martin went into G4PM, that’s why.” said Richard. “It’s okay now, Samantha.” said Mrs Krabappel.


Bart, Milhouse and Brooke lay down together in their giant beanbag. “That’s nice!” he said. “Brooke, can you not tickle Milhouse this time?” asked Nelson.


Mrs Krabappel and the students went back to her classroom. “Let’s do some reading, shall we?” she asked. “I love reading books that are for younger students.” said Bart.


“When you went into the library to change your book, you took a book from the K grade shelf. You need to read books from the 4th grade shelf.” said Brooke to Bart.


“I can’t wait to have that different taxi driver again.” said Lewis. “Well, your taxi drivers and escorts are not here yet.” said Mrs Krabappel, and Bart and Lewis’ taxi escort was here to collect them.


“I didn’t know where Johnny was today. Is he going to be back tomorrow?” asked Lewis. “We still have Louie. We had him in the morning, didn’t we?” asked Gracie, and Bart enjoyed having Brooke in G4EK, so he should like her a lot more.


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