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The Simpsons Stories: Cheer Up Allison

by Darcy May Partridge

One morning at Springfield Elementary School, G4EK’s first lesson is RE. “G4EK, you need to work in pairs because we are doing a Christian presentation with one and another.” said Mrs Krabappel.


“Bart, you work with Jessica, Milhouse, you work with Todd, Sherri, you work with Terri, Martin, you work with Nelson and Kearney, you work with Lewis.” said Mrs Krabappel. “Oh, no! Not Martin again!” said Nelson.


“I’m so happy to work with you, Jessica. Falling in love together.” said Bart. “All you have to do is write information about the Christians and cut out the pictures of them and glue them on the presentation!” said Mrs Krabappel.


“It’s so easy that I know Christians very well, but I wrote it! That’s so easy!” said Bart. “Well done, Bart and Jessica! You can cut and stick the pictures now.” said Mrs Krabappel.


“Let’s look at all of your presentations now, G4EK!” said Mrs Krabappel. “Me and Todd’s presentation might be brilliant!” said Milhouse happily.


“Your presentation is fantastic!” said Mrs Krabappel. “Thank you, Mrs Krabappel.” said the twins. “What about mine next?” asked Nelson.


“Nelson and Martin, your presentation looks brilliant! Well done.” said Mrs Krabappel. “Were you a good boy working with me, Nelson?” asked Martin.


It was break time on the playground. “Allison, what’s the matter?” asked Isabel. “Is anything upsetting you?” asked Eliza. “Michael and Alex made inappropriate jokes that have bad language and violence in.” sobbed Allison.


“Allison, it’s okay. Would you like a biscuit to make you feel better?” asked Lisa. “And guess what, Allison? G4EK is coming to join us with G2EH! That would be nice, wouldn’t it?” asked Becky excitedly.


G4EK and G2EH joined together as they have science for their second lesson. “Okay, kids! Today, we’re going to have a standard experiment with chemicals!” said Mrs Harrison. “Yay!” cheered the children.


“I don’t like wearing goggles for science!” said Nelson crossly. “What is making you sad, Allison?” asked Terri. “It’s the bad jokes that Michael and Alex made before break time started.” sobbed Allison.


“Can you try and cheer up for us, Allison?” asked Ralph. “Of course.” sobbed Allison. “That experiment is my favourite in science!” said Milhouse.


It was lunch time in the school hall. “G4PM, you come up first for your lunch!” shouted Mr Manns. “It’s Thursday today, but we’re on the week 2 menu, so the meals today are chicken battered fillets with skinny fries, Quorn sausages with mash and gravy and jacket potatoes with fillings.” said Terri.


“G2EH, you come up second for your lunch!” shouted Mr Manns. “That’s me!” shouted Ralph. “I’m so hungry! I need my chicken and fries!” said Bart.


“G4EK, you come up third for your lunch!” shouted Mr Manns. “Lisa doesn’t like the chicken fillets.” said Bart. “I’m so hungry for my lunch!”


Bart, Milhouse, Terri, Ralph, Todd, Rod, Janine and Eliza sat with themselves at their own table for lunch. “I’m not a meat eater anymore, and I’ve got Quorn sausages, mash and gravy for lunch today!” he said.


Lisa, Sherri, Allison, Becky, Kerry, Alex, Richard and Jaffee sat with themselves at their own table for lunch. “I’ve got Quorn sausages and mash for my lunch today.” she said.


The third lesson in G4EK and G2EH is Drama. “Today, we are doing puppetry. You will have to choose from puppet theatre or shadow puppets, it’s up to you and your friends.” said Miss Hoover.


Bart, Milhouse, Sherri, Kearney, Lewis, Lisa, Ralph, Janine, Isabel and Eliza are doing puppet theatre and Terri, Martin, Nelson, Todd, Jessica, Michael, Allison, Becky, Alex and Kerry are doing shadow puppets.


“Ben! You’re under arrested! Go to jail now!” said Kearney. “I love puppet theatre better than shadow puppets!” said Lisa. “I love acting and dancing in drama!” said Miss Hoover.


“G4EK, it’s meditation time!” called Mrs Krabappel, and she took G4EK to her classroom and had some meditation time. “Allison felt much better now.” said Terri.


“You find a space, and then relax.” said Mrs Krabappel, and Martin began to cry. “I don’t like meditation.” he sobbed. “It’s only after drama, Martin!” said Lewis.


“Meditation is nice. All people need to have it after they had fun and exercise, so you all need it, G4EK.” said Mrs Krabappel to Martin. “I love meditation!” said Sherri.


Bart gave Milhouse a massage on his back. “I love having a massage on my back, but it’s lovely, thank you.” he said. “I love massaging people on their shoulders.” said Martin, and he stopped crying.


“Are you feeling okay now, Martin?” asked Mrs Krabappel. “Yes, I am, thanks.” said Martin. “Sometimes, we have meditation in G4EK, and that’s okay, Martin!” said Terri.


It was home time for G4EK. “Johnny, you’re here to collect me from the school!” said Bart excitedly. “G4EK, go home right now!” said Mrs Krabappel.


“Who is that taxi escort, Johnny?” asked Lewis. “Her name is Alyssa. She is going to escort you for the afternoon and for tomorrow morning.” said Johnny, and Bart had a wonderful time at school, so Allison was cheered up after lunch.


More in the next pages!

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