The Simpsons Stories: Class Changes by Darcy May Partridge -
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The Simpsons Stories: Class Changes

by Darcy May Partridge

One Friday afternoon, Bart and his friends are learning about gothic fiction in term 1 in English. “Will there be any clubs after the lesson?” asked Terri. “They will be. Clubs that you’ve chose will go to the correct room and clubs.” said Mrs Krabappel.


“In ICT, is Bart, Milhouse and Lewis, in colouring, is Sherri, Terri and Martin, in Lego, is Nelson, Richard and Jaffee and finally in music, is Wendell.” said Mrs Krabappel.


“I love gothic fiction in English!” said Wendell. “I want to get tired of doing it.” said Jaffee. “That’s good work there, kids!” said Mrs Krabappel, and the children finished their work.


“Alright, club time! ICT is in Mr Hindman’s ICT room, colouring is in my classroom, Lego is in Mr Manns’ classroom and music is in the music room.” said Mrs Krabappel.


“ICT is fun to go on!” said Bart excitedly, and he went on a computer next to Milhouse. “Do we have Education City at school?” asked Nina. “Yes, we do. You can play it if you want to.” said Mr Hindman.


Bart, Milhouse, Lewis, Sophie, Adrian, Nina and Ralph played Education City and Lisa, Rod and the little boy had some free time on the computers.


“I love ICT club.” said Bart. “I love ICT club too, because it’s fun!” said Milhouse. “What’s the matter, Sten? Have you lost anything?” said a character from Education City on Nina’s computer.


“Oh, no. He looks a bit sad on Education City’s Lost and Found.” said Nina. “It’s okay. Why don’t you go on another game?” asked Adrian. “No, I’m okay playing Lost and Found.” she said.


Wendell picked up Mrs Gildlock’s accordion and played a vintage tune on it. “Be careful with that accordion! That belongs to my dad!” said Mrs Gildlock.


Brooke played on the piano to make Wendell’s tune nice and vintage. “The piano and the accordion sounds go very well with that tune!” said Lucy.


“Okay, let’s listen to the class changes for term 2! In G4EK: Bart, Milhouse, Sherri, Terri, Nelson, Martin, Todd, Kearney, Lewis and Jessica! And in G4PM: Wendell, Richard, Jaffee, Uter, Nikki, Adrian, Sophie, Nina, Brooke and Lucy!” said Mrs Krabappel happily.


“Yes! I’m with Mrs Krabappel, Milhouse, Todd, Kearney and Jessica in this class!” said Bart. “Can I go to G4PM and then Wendell stays in G4EK?” asked Terri.


“I don’t know. Why?” asked Mrs Krabappel. “Because my favourite friend in that class is Nikki and I have her in the taxi with Sherri.” said Terri.


“Okay, I’ll speak to the school office staff about it, Terri, okay?” asked Mrs Krabappel. “Okay.” said Terri, and Bart will be very happy for the new kids to be in G4EK with him, and Jessica is his girlfriend.


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