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The Simpsons Stories: G4EK’s School Trip To The Fairground

by Darcy May Partridge

One Friday morning, the G4EK students got on the school bus with Mrs Krabappel, Mr Skinner and Miss Hoover. “I’m so excited to go the fairground today!” said Sherri excitedly.


“This is our very first school trip to the fairground. You must make sure that you’re all safe, so you must be very careful when you go on the attractions! Do you have any money for lunch, the ice creams and the gift shop?” asked Mrs Krabappel.


“Yes, we have, Mrs Krabappel!” shouted the children. “Where’s Samantha?” asked Todd. “I’m here, Todd!” said Samantha when she looked at Todd.


“We haven’t got Jaffee today, kids. He is off sick.” said Mrs Krabappel. “Why?” asked Martin. “Because Jaffee went home early with his dad at 1:30pm after he got sick in the boys toilets.” she said.


Mrs Krabappel started to drive the school bus. “I love going to the fairground!” asked Milhouse. “Miss Hoover, how much money do we have to spend at the fairground?” asked Lewis.


“The money spending for the school trip to the fairground is $20.00.” said Miss Hoover to Lewis. “I’ve got $25.00 in my purse for something happy!” whispered Bart.


At last, all of the students and the teachers reached to the fairground. “I’m so excited!” said Bart excitedly. “I am is well!” said Sherri, and they all came up to the ticket lady.


“Hello, Springfield Elementary School. Please could I have $30.00?” asked the ticket lady. “Sure!” said Mrs Krabappel, and they all went to choose an attraction.


“Shall we go on the carousel first?” asked Mrs Krabappel. “Yes!” shouted the children excitedly, as they went onto the carousel. “I don’t think they do the costs on all of the attractions anymore.” said Milhouse.


The carousel went round and round as the children are shouting and whooping. “The carousel is brilliant!” said Milhouse. “Yay! I love the seahorse on the carousel!” shouted Samantha.


The students and the teachers went to the bumper cars next. “I don’t like the bumper cars!” said Milhouse crossly. “I’ll stay with you, Milhouse, okay?” asked Miss Hoover.


Bart and Lewis went on their own bumper car together. “High five!” he said. “The bumper cars are one of my favourite attractions to go on!” said Samantha.


“Let’s go on the up and down ride now!” said Mrs Krabappel, and they went to go on the up and down ride. “The up and down ride only has eight seats.” said Martin.


Bart, Milhouse, Sherri, Nelson, Kearney, Lewis, Richard and Mrs Krabappel went on the up and down ride as Martin, Todd, Samantha, Mr Skinner and Miss Hoover didn’t want to go on it. “This will be fun!” she said excitedly.


The up and down ride went up and down as Nelson and Lewis were screaming very loudly. “It’s too scary for me!” he shouted. “The up and down ride is fun!” shouted Sherri.


“What is the time, Miss Hoover?” asked Richard. “It’s 11:45am, so we are getting up to lunch now.” said Miss Hoover. “Lunchtime, everybody!” shouted Mrs Krabappel.


All of the students and the teachers went to the bar to have some lunch. “Did we bring our own packed lunches there, Mrs Krabappel?” asked Martin as he has his own packed lunch in his backpack.


“No, Martin. We’re choosing from the bar for lunch.” said Mrs Krabappel, as Martin got out his packed lunch from his backpack. “I’m so excited to have my favourite meal!” said Bart excitedly.


“What did I just say about bringing your own packed lunch, Martin Prince?! I said not to bring your own packed lunch, didn’t I?!” shouted Mrs Krabappel crossly to Martin.


Bart and Milhouse both chose fish fingers with chips, beans and peas, Sherri chose a cheeseburger with chips and peas, Martin has his packed lunch, Nelson chose Quorn nuggets with chips and beans, Todd chose a haddock fishcake with chips and beans, Kearney chose a portion of large cheesy chips, Lewis chose a breaded chicken burger with chips and peas, Richard chose fish fingers with chips and peas and Samantha chose a ham and pineapple pizza with beans.


Mrs Krabappel chose a jacket potato with beans and cheese, Mr Skinner chose a cheeseburger with chips and peas and Miss Hoover chose chicken nuggets with chips and beans. “We have juice cartons for you, kids. Apple or orange?” she asked.


Bart, Milhouse, Sherri, Kearney, Lewis and Richard chose apple juice cartons and Nelson, Todd and Samantha chose orange juice cartons. “I have my own drink today.” said Martin.


“Your hot lunches will come very shortly, but do not drink your juice cartons yet!” said Mrs Krabappel. “I love apple juice.” said Bart. “Hey, Mrs Krabappel, I have an apple juice carton with myself! Can I have an orange juice carton as well?!” asked Milhouse with a shout.


“No, you can’t.” said Mrs Krabappel to Milhouse, and at last, all of the hot lunches are served to the students and the teachers. “Thank you!” they said. “You’re very welcome!” said the lady who works at the lunch bar.


Everyone ate their lunches. “Please can I have some of your orange juice from your carton, Todd?” asked Milhouse. “Milhouse, what did I just say about the orange juice carton?!” asked Mrs Krabappel crossly.


Everyone finished their lunch. “Let’s go on the Superstar ride now, everyone!” said Mrs Krabappel. “Yay!” said Martin and Todd together.


Everyone went on the Superstar ride. “The Superstar ride will go very fast, so please hold tight!” said Mrs Krabappel, and the Superstar ride started to go up in the air.


“The Superstar ride will now go upside down, so hold tight, everyone!” shouted Mrs Krabappel, and the Superstar ride went very fast.


“Yay! The Superstar ride is fun!” shouted Samantha. “I love it!” screamed Sherri. “Whoa! It’s upside down already!” said Lewis, and he got a bit scared. “It’s too scary for me!” shouted Nelson, and he began to cry.


“It’s okay, Nelson! It’s just lots of fun at the fairground, isn’t it?” asked Mrs Krabappel. “It’ll be okay.” said Samantha, and the Superstar ride slowed down.


“Can we play on the crane machine to win some prizes, Mrs Krabappel? Please?!” asked Martin. “Not today, Martin. Let’s go to the soft play area, near the up and down ride.” said Mrs Krabappel.


Everyone went to the soft play area as Martin found the crane machine on the right. “Is there one crane machine at the fairground, mister?” asked Lewis.


“Yes, there is only one crane machine at the fairground.” said the man to Lewis. “We do not speak to people you don’t know at the fairground.” said Milhouse.


Bart massaged a little child’s grandpa on the shoulders. “Does that feel nice, old grandpa?” he asked. “That’s good, thank you!” he said. “And your name is?” he asked again.


“My name is Graham, and this is my grandson, Jake.” said the grandpa. “Graham, you’re welcome for the massage I gave you.” said Bart.


Bart ran to the ball pool where Milhouse, Sherri and Kearney are. “Have you spoke to a stranger, Bart?” he asked. “Yes, I did, Kearney. I spoke to a old man called Graham who has a grandson called Jake.” he said.


“You do not speak to people you don’t know, Bart! That is bad!” said Milhouse. “I’m sorry, Milhouse. I didn’t mean to talk to him.” said Bart. “It’s okay, but do not speak to anymore unknown people, okay?” he asked.


Everyone went to the gift shop. “Oh, wow! I need to buy two yellow stretchy men for me and Johnny because I hadn’t had a yellow stretchy man before.” said Bart.


“I think I need to buy two earth foam stress balls for me and my taxi driver George.” said Milhouse. “Bart loves going to the gift shop, doesn’t he?” asked Kearney.


The students paid for their gifts and went back to the school bus. “I had $10 for lunch, $5 for the ice creams and $10 for the gift shop!” said Bart happily.


“I said to have $20 for everything, Bart Simpson!” said Mrs Krabappel crossly. “I think we forgot to buy some ice creams, Mrs Krabappel.” said Lewis.


“Oh, no! We forgot to buy some ice creams, didn’t we?! asked Mrs Krabappel. “Shall we buy them very quickly?” asked Sherri. “Go on, then!” she said, and they ran to the ice cream parlour.


Bart, Milhouse, Sherri, Kearney and Richard chose vanilla ice cream cones and Martin, Nelson, Todd, Lewis and Samantha chose slush drinks. “Let’s get back to the school bus now, okay?” asked Mrs Krabappel, and they all went back to the school bus.


Mrs Krabappel and Mr Skinner chose vanilla ice cream cones and Miss Hoover chose a strawberry slush drink. “It’s time to go back to school now.” said Nelson, and she started to drive the bus back to Springfield Elementary School.


Bart and Lewis came into their taxi with Johnny and Gracie. “Johnny, I got you a yellow stretchy man and an earth stress ball.” he said. “That’s so kind of you, Bart! Thank you!” he said. “You’re welcome.” he said, and he enjoyed going to the fairground, so his best favourite ride ever was the carousel.


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