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The Simpsons Stories: Happy Christmas

by Darcy May Partridge

One morning at 6am, Bart and Lisa got so excited as they went to Marge’s bedroom. “Wake up, Mum! It’s Christmas!” she shouted excitedly.


Marge stretched her body and yawned. “Can we open our Christmas presents now, Mum?” asked Bart. “Let me just go to the loo and then we can open our Christmas presents!” she said.


Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie went downstairs to the living room. “I’m so excited to open my Christmas presents, Mum!” he said excitedly.


Bart started to open two of his Christmas presents. “Wow, that’s the DS game that I wanted!” he said happily, and Lisa opened one of her Christmas presents.


“It’s a cuddly unicorn soft toy that I wanted! I love unicorns!” said Lisa happily. “Dad got you that cuddly unicorn, didn’t he?” asked Marge.


“Maybe we took our Christmas presents home when we had Dad last weekend.” said Lisa. “Oh, my! I wanted a royal blue iPhone 4c that Dad got for me! I’m so happy!” said Bart happily.


“You can get me and Dad’s phone numbers if you want to, but do not get anyone else’s phone numbers! Do you understand?” asked Marge.


“I do understand, Mum. Can I get Milhouse’s phone number as he has a phone too?” asked Bart. “You may, but no more phone numbers for now, okay?” asked Marge.


“Are we going to Springfield Palace Hotel to meet Santa there, Mum?” asked Lisa. “I think we are, Lisa.” said Marge. “Dad will be happy if he sees me, Lisa and Mum!” said Bart.


Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie got in her car. “Maggie sits in the front mostly, Lisa. You can on the way back.” she said. “I’m so excited to see Santa at the hotel!” he said excitedly.


“Oh, no. There’s lots of traffic. We’re going to be late for Dad and Santa.” said Lisa. “It’s alright, Lisa. It’s just some traffic. We will get to the hotel on time.” said Marge.


At last, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie reached to Springfield Palace Hotel and got inside. “Oh, hello! Are you going to see Santa?” asked a manager.


“Yes, we are.” said Marge. “I’m so excited to see Dad and Santa at Springfield Palace Hotel!” said Lisa excitedly. “Lisa, calm down! You’re getting too much excitement going on there!” she said crossly.


Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie found Homer near one of the restaurants at Springfield Palace Hotel. “Dad, I’m so happy to see you there! Are you going to see Santa?” she asked.


“Everyone is going to see Santa, Lisa! He’ll be there in one minute!” said Homer, and suddenly, Santa walked to all of the Simpsons. “Hello, there! How are you doing?” he asked.


“I’m so excited for Christmas, Santa!” said Bart. “Well, we’re going to Grampa’s house for our Christmas lunch so the kids can open their Christmas presents after.” said Marge.


A photographer came to take a photo of Santa and the visitors. “I don’t want to be in the photo!” cried a little boy. “Get in position, everyone!” he said.


The photographer took a photo of Santa and everyone who visited Springfield Palace Hotel. “That was a very lovely photo!” said Lisa.


“Thank you!” said Marge to the manager. “That’s okay. See you another time!” he said, and she, Bart, Lisa and Maggie got out of Springfield Palace Hotel and went back to her car.


“Hey, can I sit in the front?” asked Lisa. “Yes, you can!” said Marge, and she placed Maggie and her baby seat in the back behind the driver’s front seat.


“The hotel visit was fun! I would like to go there again for another visit on a regular day.” said Bart, and Marge stopped her car as Lisa didn’t close the passenger’s front door properly.


“Oh, no! I wasn’t very good at closing this door properly!” said Lisa. “It’s okay, Lisa. Maybe next time, when you sit in the front, I’ll close the door properly for you, okay?” asked Marge.


It was now 12pm and Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie went to Grampa’s house for their Christmas lunch. “Oh, hello, Marge Simpson! How are you doing?” he asked.


“I’m doing very well with myself and the kids, but now, I’m all left alone.” said Marge. “Hey, hey. Was Homer divorced?” asked Grampa. “Is lunch ready, Grampa?” asked Lisa.


“Well, me and Homer are not married anymore. We had several arguments before he moved to 90 Farrow Close in Springfield at Rangefield Homes, so I’m not going to get a boyfriend.” said Marge, and she began to cry.


“It’s going to be okay, Marge. I’ll be always right here for you!” said Grampa. “Hey, Grampa, is lunch ready now?” asked Lisa. “In 8 minutes, lunch will be ready.” he said.


At last, lunch is ready. “Are we all going to sit at the living room table, Mum?” asked Lisa. “Yes, we are. Do you remember Patty and Selma, my twin sisters? They’re your aunts!” asked Marge.


Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Grampa, Mona, Patty and Selma all sat on the table for their Christmas lunch. “Eww! Roast turkey and the sausages in bacon are disgusting!” she said crossly.


“Well, you and Patty have the vegetarian lentil pie with the roasties, veggies, the stuffing and the gravy!” said Marge. “I love my Christmas lunch.” said Bart.


It was time for everyone to open their Christmas presents. “Oh my gosh! I’m so excited to open all of my Christmas presents!” said Lisa, and Maggie opened one of her Christmas presents.


“This present is for Patty.” said Marge, and she gave Patty one of her Christmas presents. “Thank you very much, Marge!” she said delightedly.


Bart and Lisa both opened two of their Christmas presents. “Wow! A new Spiderman phone case for my new iPhone 4c!” he said happily. “I’ve got a box of painting my very own unicorn!” said Lisa.


“I’ve got a bottle of white grape wine!” said Patty. “Oh, wow! I’ve got a tin of Oreo biscuits from Grampa!” said Bart. “Maggie’s got her baby doll from us!” said Selma.


“I’ve got pretty pink fake nails from Patty and Selma!” said Lisa. “Are they round shaped fake nails, Lisa?” asked Bart. “No, they’re coffin shaped.” she said.


“Thank you so much for everything!” said Marge, and she gave Grampa a hug and Patty and Selma a hug. “That’s okay. See you another time.” she said.


Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie went back to her car. “I think Maggie needs to sit in the front now. You can next time, okay?” she asked.


At last, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie went straight home. “This was the best Christmas ever!” he said. “That’s good. Maybe, it’s time for a new year now.” she said, and they all enjoyed seeing Homer and Santa at Springfield Palace Hotel and going to Grampa’s house to have Christmas lunch, so they said it was the best Christmas ever.


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