The Simpsons Stories: Homer And Bart Vacuum The Car by Darcy May Partridge -
My name is Darcy. I am a grown up pretty girl. My birthday is 5/5/2004 and I am 14 years old. I have one pet lizard left called Rexy, a hamster called Clive and two rabbits called Thumper and Gizmo. I am Aimee's best friend and I have a trampoline in my…
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The Simpsons Stories: Homer And Bart Vacuum The Car

by Darcy May Partridge

One morning, Homer and Bart are going to vacuum the Simpsons car at his house. “Are we vacuuming the car here, Dad?” he asked. “Yes, we are. We have our black silent cylinder vacuum cleaner that we can use to vacuum the car!” he said.


Maggie came up to Homer and Bart. “I’d rather you didn’t join us, Maggie. Maybe next time you will join us for the car vacuuming!” he said.


Homer turned on the vacuum cleaner and started vacuuming the front seats. “I love vacuuming!” he said. “Can I vacuum the back seats and the boot, Dad?” asked Bart.


“Sure! I’ll do the front seats first, and then you can do the back seats.” said Homer. “Okay, Dad.” said Bart. “Let me do the passenger’s seat now.” he said.


Homer vacuumed the passenger’s front seat of the Simpsons car. “Vacuuming is fun!” he chuckled. “I’m so bored of waiting.” said Bart.


Bart vacuumed the back seats of the Simpsons car. “I love vacuuming the back seats in the car.” he said. “Are you alright, Bart?” asked Homer.


“Yes, I am, Dad!” said Bart, and he sucked up his top with Homer’s vacuum cleaner. “Playing with the vacuum cleaner is fun!”


Lisa came up and vacuumed the boot of the Simpsons car. “Lisa, you’re not supposed to join us for our car vacuuming! Can you just go back inside the house with Maggie?” asked Homer crossly.


“I can’t! I have to vacuum the boot, Dad!” shouted Lisa, and Bart nicked off the vacuum hose from her hands. “Let me vacuum the boot, Lisa!” he said crossly.


Bart started to vacuum the boot of the Simpsons car. “We don’t think Lisa and Maggie would join us for our car vacuuming today. Maybe next time they will come and join us.” he said.


“Is the car clean and vacuumed now, Bart?” asked Homer. “Yes, it is! We can see it!” said Bart. “Well done!” whooped Homer.


Homer and Bart came in to the house. “Vacuuming the car was fun here! I think we should do it again.” he said, and he enjoyed vacuuming the Simpsons car with him, so he thinks that they should do it again.


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