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My name is Darcy. I am a grown up pretty girl. My birthday is 5/5/2004 and I am 14 years old. I have one pet lizard left called Rexy, a hamster called Clive and two rabbits called Thumper and Gizmo. I am Aimee's best friend and I have a trampoline in my…
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The Simpsons Stories: Lisa’s Pink Fake Nails

by Darcy May Partridge

One Wednesday morning at Springfield Elementary School, it was break time on the playground. “I brought two apple juices and three slices of burger cheese for my break time snack.” said Bart.


“Your nails look pretty, Lisa. Did you paint them?” asked Sherri. “No, I didn’t. They are fake nails. I’ve done them myself.” said Lisa. “Do your fake nails have a nail glue there?” asked Allison.


“Patty and Selma gave them to me as a Christmas present. It said 24 coffin shaped false nails with glue.” said Lisa. “You’re so independent, aren’t you, Lisa?” asked Melody.


G4EK and G2EH have English for their second lesson. “The projector stopped working yesterday afternoon, but as it’s your time, why don’t you go on the school tablets or go to Mr Hindman’s ICT room? What do you think of that?” asked Mrs Krabappel.


Bart, Milhouse, Sherri, Nelson, Kearney, Lewis, Richard, Lisa, Ralph, Michael, Janine, Isabel, Alex and Eliza went to Mr Hindman’s ICT room and Martin, Todd, Jaffee, Samantha, Allison, Becky and Cherri stayed in Mrs Krabappel’s classroom to play on the school tablets.


“I love Krusty Burger! I want to have it when I have Mum this weekend.” said Bart. “Bart, do you have your mum this weekend?” asked Isabel.


“Yes, I do, and then next weekend, I have Dad.” said Bart. “Were your parents divorced?” asked Michael. “Yes, they are. They had lots of arguments before Dad moved house.” he said.


“My parents got divorced too, but I’m going to have my dad this weekend.” said Janine. “That is so sad to hear that Bart’s parents and Janine’s parents are divorced.” said Alex.


“I want a Krusty Burger meal too, Bart!” said Milhouse when he was looking at Bart’s computer. “I love Krusty Burger.” said Sherri. “These nails are pretty!” said Lisa.


It was lunchtime in the school hall. “G2EH, you come up first for your lunch!” shouted Mr Manns. “I’m so excited to have my Quorn roast dinner!” said Lisa.


“G4EK, you come up second for your lunch!” shouted Mr Manns. “I want my roast chicken dinner with cheese on the side.” said Bart. “The cheese will melt!” said Lewis.


Bart, Milhouse, Richard, Jaffee, Lisa, Allison, Janine and Isabel sat with themselves at their own table. “I wanted cheese on the side and the dinner lady said yes!” he said happily. “Your nails look nice, Lisa, don’t they?” she asked.


“I don’t like roast chicken.” said Allison. “Well, you have your own packed lunch, so don’t eat any meat you don’t like.” said Isabel, and all of the students are eating their lunch.


G4EK and G2EH have PE for their third lesson. “I think the letters from last week said that we can bring our own PE kits and PE uniforms that are not from the school!” said Becky.


“Today in PE, we’re going to do some parkour!” said Coach Krupt. “I don’t like parkour! It’s too scary for me!” said Allison crossly. “I love parkour!” said Michael.


The students started to go on the parkour equipment as Allison was the only student who sat on the beach all by herself. “Come on, Allison! You need to get lots of exercises!” said Janine, and she began to cry.


“Parkour helps me to do lots of exercises, doesn’t it?” asked Cherri. “I don’t want to cheer up Allison! I need to do my parkour!” said Bart. “Don’t be rude, Bart!” said Jaffee.


Martin, Nelson, Todd, Jaffee, Samantha, Lisa, Janine, Becky and Cherri came up to Allison and Coach Krupt to cheer her up. “When you have PE, you must do lots of exercises. Do you understand?” he asked.


“I understand, Todd. My favourite sport is cricket.” sobbed Allison. “It’ll be okay, Allison. It’s just parkour. It will help you get lots of exercise.” said Samantha.


“Parkour is fun!” shouted Milhouse. “Calm down, Milhouse!” shouted Richard. “Richard, my shoulders are aching! Can you give me a massage on them, please?” asked Kearney.


Kearney sat on the bench with Allison and Coach Krupt as Richard gave him a massage on his aching shoulders. “Are you okay, Kearney?” asked Janine.


“My shoulders are aching, just go away.” said Kearney, and Janine left him alone. “You’ve got 10 minutes left, and then it’s time for yoga in the hall!” shouted Coach Krupt.


“My back might hurt now.” said Becky. “Come on, Becky! You need more exercise!” said Eliza. “Parkour is cool!” shouted Bart. “I got lots of exercise now!” said Nelson.


“Okay, kids! Yoga time!” shouted Coach Krupt, and Mrs Krabappel came in to the hall to take G4EK to the sensory room for their meditation time.


“I don’t want meditation! I want yoga in the hall!” said Lewis. “Well, tough! You need to join your own class for meditation time, Lewis Clark!” said Mrs Krabappel crossly.


G4EK went to the sensory room with Mrs Krabappel. “Meditation is nice, isn’t it?” asked Jaffee. “Yes, it is, Jaffee. It is very nice indeed.” said Martin, and he gave him a lying down hug.


Lewis began to cry. “It’s okay, Lewis. When you have PE with Coach Krupt next time, you can do yoga then, okay?” asked Mrs Krabappel. “Okay.” he said.


G4EK and Mrs Krabappel went back to her classroom for registration time. “Bart Simpson?” she asked. “Here!” said Bart. “Milhouse Van Houten?” she asked again.


“Here!” said Milhouse. “Sherri Mackleberry?” asked Mrs Krabappel. “Here, Mrs Krabappel!” said Sherri. “Martin Prince?” she asked again.


“Here.” said Martin. “Nelson Muntz?” asked Mrs Krabappel. “Here!” shouted Nelson. “Todd Flanders?” she asked again. “Here, Miss.” said Todd.


“Kearney Zzyzwicz?” asked Mrs Krabappel. “Here, Mrs Krabappel.” said Kearney. “Lewis Clark?” she asked again. “Here, Mrs Krabappel.” said Lewis.


“Richard Balworth?” asked Mrs Krabappel. “Here.” said Richard. “Jaffee Ziswhisky?” she asked again. “I’m here, Mrs Krabappel!” said Jaffee.


Bart and Milhouse’s taxi escorts are here in Mrs Krabappel’s classroom. “And Samantha Stanky?” she asked. “Here, Miss.” said Samantha. “Bart and Milhouse, you may go!” she said.


“G2EH joined us all day!” said Lewis. “Did they?” asked Johnny. “That’s because G2EH had organised to join in our class, and guess what? Lisa worn her pink fake nails!” said Bart.


“Me and my sister wear fake nails, don’t we, Bart?” asked Gracie. “Yes, you do.” said Bart, and he really enjoyed G2EH joining in G4EK, so he enjoyed going to Mr Hindman’s ICT room the most.


More in the next pages!

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